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7 Authentic Slovenian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Compared to neighboring countries, Slovenia’s cuisine is still little known outside the country, but the people of Slovenia are still very proud of their food. Slovenia has a diverse culinary landscape due to the strong influence of the cuisine of neighboring countries in the region. Italian, Croatian, Austrian, and Hungarian flavors blend here to create delightful and novel delicacies.

It will not take too long for you to enjoy the typical Slovenian dishes. All you need to do is visit our article to choose your favorite cookbooks out of the 7 best Slovenian cookbooks below and bring them to your family’s dining table.

The Food and Cooking of Slovenia: Traditions, ingredients, tastes & techniques in over 60 classic recipes

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“The book is beautiful, there’s more than just recipes in here and it a bit of Slovenian history and other neat tidbits. It’s almost like a travel book.”- Coley

This comprehensive cookbook will reveal to you the potential of a culinary blend that captures European and Slavic tastes. With 60 classic recipes on offer, you can freely choose dishes from Bean hotpot and sweet and sour pickles from the Primorska region near the Adriatic Sea or the celebrated multi-layered Prekmurje Gibanica Pie from the northeast. Besides, the author also includes in the book the best practice instructions as well as cooking techniques.

About the author: “The Food and Cooking of Slovenia: Traditions, ingredients, tastes & techniques in over 60 classic recipes” written by the author Janez Bogataj. Bogataj also has in-depth knowledge of Slovenian cuisine. “Recipes From A Slovenian Kitchen: Explore The Authentic Taste Of An Undiscovered Cuisine In Over 60 Traditional Dishes” is another author’s Slovenian cookbook, which will be introduced next.

Recipes From A Slovenian Kitchen: Explore The Authentic Taste Of An Undiscovered Cuisine In Over 60 Traditional Dishes

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“Quite helpful. Nice variety.”- crayguns

This book introduces you to a collection of 60 traditional Slovenian recipes. The author will offer delicious dishes of this tiny country from hearty hot pot and dumplings to spiced breads. In particular, the beautiful illustrations will be the indispensable highlights in this book.

Slovenian Cuisine: Cookbook of Southern Slavs

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“Very helpful”- Amazon Customer

You will not be able to have the most perfect Slovenian experience without tasting some of the signature Slovenian dishes. If you are not planning on traveling to Slovenia, you still have a lot of options to create authentic Slovenian meals at home through the list of recipes in this book.

About the author: Lukas Prochazka was born in a small town in Central Europe. He is a European chef, an expert in ethnic cuisines, and author of European cookbooks. In 2012, his first cookbook was sold internationally, and since then, numerous regional culinary books based on his experience has been encountered.

TRADITIONAL SLOVENIAN COOKERY (Culinary Riches Of The Regions Of Slovenia)

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Excellent cookbook with all imaginable items”- Ladybug

This interesting cookbook is divided into separate sections with an introduction to Slovenia. Next, you’ll easily find recipes selected by a chef, a section on Vineyards, and wine selection. In particular, the beautiful pictures of food, land, and people here also contribute to making the book more accessible and attractive.

About the author: This book has been completely edited by Slavko Adamlje. In this article, we will also mention another book by Slavko Adamlje called “Slovenian Cookery.”

Slovenian Cookery

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“I was very happy to find this Slovenian Cookery cookbook on Amazon. Specialty items can be hard to find. This was a nice purchase as it includes some history of Slovenia too, not just recipes.”- Mindful Musings

If you are looking for a book containing full of nutritious and hearty recipes with a wide variety of flavors, this inspirational and informative cookbook will fulfill your needs. The author also introduces surprising and impressive new methods for those who have already enjoyed the richness of Slovenia’s classic cuisine.

Flavors of Slovenia: Food And Wine from Central Europe’s Hidden Gem (Hippocrene Cookbook Library)

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“Great book. Thanks, Heike for your contribution to Slovenian cuisine.”- Dr. Sylvia, Ph.D., CNS, LDN

Slovenia is a beautiful land in Central Europe and its sustainable culture and rich arts have made tourism a lot easier. The author will also interweave interesting stories to bring this book to life.

It’s not hard to find delicious treats, from longtime favorites such as zlinkrofi (Meat Dumplings), Bakala (Dried Salt Cod Pate), Friko (hearty Potato Pancake), and Kostanjeva Juha (Chestnut Soup) to more unusual preparations like Crni Rizoto (Black Risotto with Squid, ink included) and Mezerli (Baked Encrusted Pig or Veal Lung-a version of Haggis).

About the author: Heike Milhench is of German descent, and has lived in many countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, France, Poland, and Croatia.

She attended culinary schools in Boston and Thailand. At the same time, the author also publishes many articles about Slovenia in International Living, Rhode Island. Heike Mihench runs the industrial supply business and currently lives in Providence.

Slovenian Grandma’s Kitchen: Children of Slovenian elementary schools revive their culinary – cultural heritage

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“This is an amazing book! It has so many dishes, and they are authentic” – Amazon Customer

The book now offers stories about Slovenian heritage, the culinary diversity of villages and towns, and their former food culture.

In front of you is a journey to discover tasty dishes between Slovene regions. The author will guide you to explore regions, cultural history, their culinary features occasions of dining, and anecdotes from human traditions, which were raised by children through intergenerational communication.

About the author: Anka Peljhan is the author of this book and a person who has a lot of experience in the preparation of Slovenian’s traditional dishes. Through this book, you can collect some of the author’s unique cooking techniques.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Slovenian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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