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9 Azerbaijan Cookbooks To Explore Azerbaijan Cuisine: The Caspian Sea’s Gift To The World

Standing on the junk of West Asia and Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan’s lavish cuisine is the blend of regional influences from Iran, Turkey, and the Mediterranean. Besides similar diverse types of vegetable, spices and meat ingredients, Azerbaijan is also known for unique seafood as sturgeon fish and black caviar gifted from the Caspian Sea or national rice-based dishes and flour-product. In this article, we will introduce you to 9 Azerbaijan cookbooks that are sure to be helpful even you have visited this country or not.

The Azerbaijani Kitchen: A Cookbook

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“A very nice cookbook about Azerbaijani cuisine by a well-known chef. Recommended collection of various recipes with photos and description, great to try” – MMM

Being influenced by Eastern European and Western Asian and delights thousands of tourists each year, Azerbaijani cuisine is considered one of the most ancient and varied in the world. Therefore, in this book authored by an acclaimed chef and cookbook author, it is promised to transfer your kitchen to an Azerbaijan kitchen once you apply its recipes. 

Over one hundred mouth-watering recipes cover all Azerbaijan food from pilafs with apricots, dates and plums, aubergine kebab, and baked fish with walnuts to halva and sweet crescent pastries. With beautiful recipes and gorgeous images, The Azerbaijani Kitchen is a treat for food lovers and an excellent gateway to this exotic and delicious cuisine.

About the Author: The authors of this cookbook are Tahir Amiraslanov and Leyla Rahmanova. Tahir Amiraslanov is a chef sitting on the president chair of the National Culinary Association in Azerbaijan. He is also the Head of the Traditional Food Committee of the International Popular Art Organization under UNESCO and Vice-President of the Russian Culinary Association.

Leyla Rahmanova is an author working for the Golden Books publishing house in Baku. It is also the place where her family runs a local restaurant. In 2003, she graduated with a Master’s degree from the University of Languages, Azerbaijan.

Taste of Persia: A Cook’s Travels Through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan

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“Great cookbook AND travel book” – Zora O’Neill

Persia is a region located in the southwest of modern Iran, and its ethnic groups have significantly contributed to Iran’s culinary culture. Though the countries in the Persian culinary region are home to diverse religions, cultures, languages, and politics, they are connected by the common share in food traditions and a love of fresh and tart food.

It could be color from ripe red pomegranates, golden saffron threads, and the fresh herbs served at every meal or everyday fares such as grilled kebabs, barbari bread, pilafs, rich soup-stews, and alluring sweets like rose water pudding and date-nut halvah.

As an ambassador to this tasty world with more than 20 years of attempt, Naomi Duguid has been bringing us more than 125 exceptional recipes and captivated stories and photographs of people and places from regions that are seemingly beyond our reach. Those are the points making this a compelling book for cooks to explore culinary traditions and travelers to experience the food from the outside.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Naomi Duguid. She works as a writer, photographer, teacher, cook, and world traveler. Her own and co-author cookbooks have gained numerous prestigious awards as the 2013 IACP Cookbook Award for Culinary Travel and the Taste Canada Food Writing Award for “Burma” or a James Beard Award for Cookbook of the Year for “Flatbreads & Flavors: A Baker’s Atlas” with Jeffrey Alford.

Moreover, Duguid’s articles and photographs are regularly featured in Lucky Peach, Food & Wine, and other publications. Besides frequently appearing at food conferences as a guest speaker and presenter, she also is the host of Toronto’s Food on Film series. Now she lives in Toronto, owning a stock photo agency, Asia Access.

Kaukasis: A Culinary Journey through Georgia, Azerbaijan & Beyond

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“I enjoy authentic cuisines from around the world, and this book appears to be a great compilation of delicious dishes from the Caucasus region (Georgia, Azerbaidjan and beyond).” – crodica

Olia Hercules is an award-winning cookbook author recognized internationally based on her culinary mastery. In this book, she invites readers to a culinary trip through the Caucasus, the vibrant region that bridges Europe and Asia, including Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Russian, and Turkey. 

By sharing more than 100 dishes, stories, and striking images of this vibrant region, Kaukasis outlines Olia’s exploration of this unfamiliar area and presents its magnificent cuisine mixing European and Middle Eastern ingredients in fresh and new ways. From that, readers can celebrate the food, flavors, and unique culinary heritage of the Caucasus. 

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Olia Hercules. She is recognized as a highly regarded chef, food stylist, and writer. Born in Ukraine and lived in Cyprus for five years, Olia later moved to London to study BA and MA but ended up in training as a chef at Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

Before becoming a chef for Ottolenghi’s, Olia started working at London’s Union Market. Besides being the author of critically acclaimed cookbooks Mamushka, she also features The Food Network and launches an online startup named The Recipe Kit. Learn more about Olia at

Culinaria Russia: Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan

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“Fantastic book. I did not know much about food from this area, but now I do. Will certainly try to make some of these dishes!” – Siv Myrseth

Mentioning the area of Russia, Ukraine, and the Caucasus in general, people have already been familiar with blini, caviar, and borscht. However, you might be mistaken if stating that all of them are full of this cuisine. They offer a wealth of culinary delicacies that are hardly known to us and far from imagination when we try ukha, khinkali, khachapuri, lahmadjo, or plov.

With a deep understanding of the countries from selected experts, this is an informative, explorative book in foods and flavors fed by the most diverse influences and cultures at the intersection of Orient and Occident. Besides providing background information and typical food of various lands, the book also brings up a generous selection of authentic recipes paired with impressive photography.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Marion Trutter. She has ever studied communication in Munich, Germany. This book is her collection from seven authors’ work who are expertized at conveying their understanding of the countries and cultures at hand.

Azerbaijan: Culture & Cuisine

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“Wonderful book and insight into Azerbaijani culture and cuisine.” – Lisa Deutsch

As part of the South Caucasus locating between the Mountains and Asia Minor as well as the Black and Caspian Seas, Azerbaijan is dubbed as the “land of fire” with infinite beauty, treasures, and a wide variety of cultural attractions. Similarly, Azerbaijani cuisine is as diverse as the landscape with a never-ending world for gourmet to explore.

Capturing the atmospheric images like the country’s heart and soul on the way traveling, Barbara Lutterbeck takes readers on a discovery tour through her enticing recipes. 

About the Author: The editor of this cookbook is Barbara Lutterbeck. She has worked as a freelance photographer in Cologne for 17 years and specialized in still life, food, and lifestyle. Her works as pictures appear in 30 cookbooks.

Mamushka: Recipes from Ukraine and Eastern Europe

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“This is a well written and beautifully photographed cookbook” – ELLEZEE

Born in Ukraine and lived in Cyprus for several years, Olia Hercules has brought her home country’s favorite recipes with engaging stories about her culinary childhood and family traditions into this gorgeous, profoundly personal cookbook. 

In this book, the cuisine from Ukraine and beyond are showcased as vibrant food with descriptive stories and stunning lifestyle photography featuring the author’s personality and charisma. Readers will find here 100 recipes from popular fresh, delicious dishes to new, unexpected flavor combinations, vibrant colors, seasonal ingredients, and straightforward cooking techniques.

This book is a celebration of Eastern European heritage in food and flavors from the dynamic yet underappreciated region like the Black Sea to Baku, Kiev to Kazakhstan.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Olia Hercules. She is recognized as a highly regarded chef, food stylist, and writer. Born in Ukraine and lived in Cyprus for five years, Olia later moved to London to study BA and MA but ended up in training as a chef at Leith’s School of Food and Wine.

Before becoming a chef for Ottolenghi’s, Olia started working at London’s Union Market. Besides the success of this cookbook, she is the author of a comparable book, Kaukasis: A Culinary Journey through Georgia, Azerbaijan & Beyond.

Flavours of Azerbaijan: The Family Cooking Collection

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“Enough for my Azerbaijan looking” – Samie

For many centuries, Azerbaijani cuisine is widely cherished by its people due to the rich cultural heritage. Therefore, to fully convey this wealth, the author brings up this elegant Flavours of Azerbaijan collection. 

Splitting into six volumes, this series contains all the recipes that you need to make a wide array of wholesome Azerbaijani dishes for your entire family. Together with the recipes are cooking tips and serving suggestions and specially commissioned photography for each recipe.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Khabiba Kashkay. Besides this cookbook, he is the author of The Food and Art of Azerbaijan and has published books in Azerbaijan and Russia.

Shola’s Heirloom Cuisine: 101 Recipes from Azerbaijan and Around The World

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“Interesting book with nice recipes and presentation” – Joe

As a member of a multi-culture family with Turkish grandmother and Talysh grandfather, Shola Akhundova always dreams of writing a cookbook containing all the recipes from her wealthy traditional family apart from other hobbies and goals. 

Intending to pass the recipes to the future generations, Shola Akhundova collected and personalized 101 recipes from Soups, Salads, Appetizers, Main dishes, Sweet to Simple sides into Shola’s Heirloom Cuisine. Readers are ensured to quickly understand and apply with the excellent presented recipes as well as beautiful photos.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Shola Akhundova. Born in Azerbaijan, and to be a member of a culturally rich family, her love and talent for cooking arouse from a very young age. She also creates her own website, as you can find more about at 

Russian, German & Polish Food & Cooking: With Over 185 Traditional Recipes From The Baltic To The Black Sea, Shown Step By Step In Over 750 Clear And Tempting Photographs

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“Full of recipes that remind me of dishes made when growing up in our ethnic neighborhood. Great photos that describe the dishes before you make them.” – Paul Novak

For some people, Russian, German & Polish cuisine is still new and strange. However, if you want to explore, let this cookbook open your eyes with an authentic and inspiring collection of Eastern European recipes. 

With over 185 recipes from The Baltic to The Black Sea, such as Russian Borshch and Salmon Julebyaka, Stollen, Lebkuchen, and Apple Strudel, readers can comfortably pick dishes to enjoy this unique cuisine with taste buds and family.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Lesley Chamberlain. His other cookbooks are Classic German Cookbook, 70 Classic Recipes From Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia & Slovenia, Russian, Polish & German Cooking. He also is the author of some books about history.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Azerbaijan cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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