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7 Authentic Estonian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

For Estonians, traditional food plays a significant role, and it takes many years for their cuisine to take shape and become what it is today. Estonian traditional cuisine is inextricably linked with the history of the Baltic States. Many of these Estonian dishes may have originated from the middle ages, not to mention the influence of Estonia’s Nordic neighboring and the unrelenting rhythm of the Baltic Se.

However, Estonian’s cuisine is not really known by many countries in the world. Therefore, in this post, we carefully collect and select 7 impressive and excellent traditional Estonian cookbooks from experienced authors to help readers who are passionate about cooking approach more easily with Estonian cuisine

Baltic: New and Old Recipes from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

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“Arrived in perfect condition and it’s a great collection of Baltic recipes.” – Lauren Sics

This fascinating cookbook by Simon Bajada is inspired by spices from the Byzantine trade as well as traditional Soviet cuisine. Each recipe clearly represents the culture and landscape as these unique countries reconnect with the past and accept new promises for the future.

“Baltic: New and Old Recipes from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania” displays unique culinary landscapes of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Readers will find nearly seventy recipes celebrating intensely seasonal, creative, and whole cuisine. At the same time, readers will also quickly get an overview of the dish after finishing through beautiful photos that record the color and vibrancy of the actual product.

About the author: Simon Bajada is a famous and talented Australian travel and food photographer. He worked as a chef for about nine years before turning his hand to recipe development, food styling, and photography. This is considered space where Bajada is able to apply and develop many of his inherent talents, especially travel and food photography.

With extensive culinary knowledge, he published two books on Nordic food and has worked in the creative ability of more than twenty cookbooks, including the photographer for Phaidon’s Naples and Amalfi Coast and Basque Country by Marti Buckley. Recently he moved to Sweden with his wife and two sons, where he has nurtured his love for food and landscape photography.

The New Nordic: Recipes from a Scandinavian Kitchen

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“These recipes are well-explained. I like the sequence of the book. It makes it clear that Nordic countries appreciate pickled foods, etc.” – MusicMommy

“The New Nordic: Recipes from a Scandinavian Kitchen” takes its influence from the traditional ingredients which can be found from Sweden to Finland, Denmark, to Norway. Simon relied on these traditional ingredients to turn them into modern everyday recipes that are common throughout Nordic homes.

Be split into 9 chapters; the book includes a chapter that guides how new Norwegians choose typical seasonal ingredients and a chapter showing Scandinavian classic cooking techniques.

Suitable for all kinds of stunning photography locations, this comprehensive and gorgeous cookbook will bring a feast to all your senses.

About the Author: Simon Bajada is known as a chef, food stylist, and photographer, and also, the author is the aforementioned “Baltic: New and Old Recipes from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania” cookbook. The New Nordic is the first cookbook and a perfect combination of his passion for his culinary and creative passions.

Estonian Tastes & Traditions

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“I loved this book. Very descriptive and interesting and surprisingly gorgeously designed. Highly recommended!” – CookBookWorm

Estonian cuisine, the northernmost of the Baltic States, is less known to the countries outside the border. Estonian cuisine is based on staples such as pork, preserved fish potatoes, and dark bread with satisfying and straightforward elements. Recognizing the tremendous culinary features, Karin Annus Kärner completed this book with the desire to spread the cuisine of Estonia more widely to other countries.

This “Estonian Tastes & Traditions” cookbook introduces readers to over 150 recipes, both traditional and modern, with readily available ingredients. In addition, this comprehensive book also includes extensive historical and cultural information as well as an Estonian-English and English-Estonian glossary of culinary terms that might interest you.

About the author: Karin Annus Kärner is a New York resident and first-generation Estonian American.

Here she worked as a business television producer and also taught music at New York Estonian School. She also excelled as a board member of the US-Estonia Congress (Rahvuskomitee), a member of the New York Estonian Theater group, a member of the Estonian New York Theater group, and an organizer of Miss USA in the Miss ESTO ’84 pageant and the worldwide ESTO ’92 festival in New York City.

The Rye Baker: Classic Breads from Europe and America

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“A must-have for all serious bread bakers; an instant classic.”―Peter Reinhart, author of Bread Revolution

True rye bread has been considered a staple of Northern and Eastern European culinary culture. So it is understandable that it became an inspiration for the authors to write impressive cookbooks about it, including author Stanley Ginsberg.

Containing over 70 classic recipes, The Rye Baker introduces readers to abundant rye bread recipes from both the old and new worlds. You will have the opportunity to explore culinary features via this book, such as:

  • Orange and molasses-infused Swedish Gotländ Rye
  • Dark, sour classic Russian Borodinsky
  • Nearly black Westphalian Pumpernickel, which gets its musky sweetness from a 24-hour bake
  • Old Milwaukee Rye tradition
  • And Boule of Austria shines

You will learn more about rye history, unique chemistry, and centuries-old baking methods included in this impressive book. This book is for not only beginning bakers but also for advanced bakers. If you’re an advanced baker, you can relish Stanley’s methods, recipes, and ingredients. While if you are a beginning baker, you will delight in his clear description of baking fundamentals. Rye Baker is rated as a resource that should be owned by home bakers and experts.

About the author: Stanley Ginsberg is a native New Yorker who grew up in post-World War II Brooklyn, where he learned how to make cakes from his grandmothers. During the 1960s, he pursued baking as a hobby and continued to broaden his baking horizons and perfect his skills. Stanley received the IACP Jane Grigson Award for his first book (Inside the Jewish Bakery).

In addition to writing, Stanley owns and operates The New York Bakers – an electronic business that sells a wide range of ingredients, supplies, and equipment to home bakers. He and his wife, Sylvia Spieler Ginsberg, have three adult children, three beautiful granddaughters. They currently live in San Diego, California.

The Food and Cooking of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes and Techniques in 60 Classic Recipes

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“A combination of cooking and history book that I found great. Excellent for fans of mushrooms and new ideas for winter food. Worth the buy.” – Shabier

Silvena Johen wants to convey to those who love to cook traditional recipes of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and help these dishes become more accessible via this extraordinary cookbook.

More than 60 delicious recipes in this book are divided into different chapters such as Soups; Appetizers, Dumplings and Side Dishes; Fish and Shellfish; Meat Dishes; and Desserts.

This book contains over 300 specially commissioned photos, and readers can absorb a variety of influences and relish the rustic taste of these little-known cuisines.

About the author: Silvena Johenis the author of this book and has extensive experience in processing and displaying traditional dishes of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. This is the only book, so it contains all the essence of Silvena Johen’s culinary art.

A Taste of Latvia (Hippocrene International Cookbooks)

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“Nice looking cookbook… I was pleasantly surprised, nice solid book with lots of recipes; there are very few Latvian cookbooks to find in the U.S.” – Estar

“A Taste of Latvia (Hippocrene International Cookbooks)” is a book inspired by traditional Latvian dishes that rely on staples such as dairy products, pork, porridge, rye bread, potatoes, and cheese.

The author presented more than 100 easy-to-follow recipes in this cookbook, all of which can adapt to the North American kitchen. Readers will find classic Latvian dishes like dumplings, piragi, and potato pancakes, along with specialties such as “Sauerkraut Soup,” “Courland Sour Porridge,” “Pike-Perch with Green Butter,” and “Gooseberry Dessert.”

This cookbook is not just about recipes, and it is also interspersed with poetry, mythology, Latvian folk songs (dainas), local customs, and photographs. In particular, the photos will illustrate readers a unique perspective on Latvia’s rich cultural history and traditions.

About the Author: Siri Lise Doubis currently a contributing editor of International Living, where provides monthly publications for travelers interested in living and working overseas. Her books can be referred to as the Official Handbook for International Correspondents and Spain: The Owner’s Manual. Besides, during her career, she has contributed feature articles for many other magazines.

Siri Lise Doub has had the opportunity to live in many countries around the world, including Norway, Marianas Islands, France, China, Poland, and Latvia. Until now, she resides in Washington, D.C.

Latvian Style Recipes: An Extravagant Cookbook of Baltic Dish Ideas!

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“I was amazed to see how beautiful the photos were and see so many of the recipes and foods I loved most. I love it.” – Amazon customer

What’s remarkable about Latvian cuisine? What are the most intriguing and attractive dishes that you can find in Latvian cuisine? Those are the questions that are always present in Julia Chiles’s mind and a strong motivation to write this book.

You can easily find yourself some delicious and innovative recipes in this cookbook. Primary foods like dark and dense rye bread and gray peas are always preferred because they are vital to the lives of the Latvian people. Some popular classic dishes, including many parts of the animal, will also be mentioned.

About the author: Julia Chiles is a writer with a great passion for gastronomy. It was a great source of inspiration for her to publish many recipes every year. Typically some of her other cookbooks are:

  • Perfectly Pleasing Pastry Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of Sweet & Savory Pastry Ideas!
  • Flaming HOT Sauce Recipes: The BEST Ideas for Appetizers and Meals with HOT Sauce!
  • Exotic Colombia Recipes: The Fully Illustrated Cookbook of Colombian Dish Ideas!
  • Ramen Cookbook: 50 Ramen Recipes for the Home Chef
  • Pierogi Cookbook: Pierogi’s: 50 Great Recipes
  • Perfect Pasta Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of Delectable Dish Ideas!
  • New Mexico Style Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Southwestern Dish Ideas!

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Estonian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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