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10 Authentic Slovak Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Slovakia is surrounded by Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine, famous for being a beautiful, intriguing country with excellent gastronomy. If you are preparing to visit this country or want to experience unique, hearty Slovak cuisine at home, you have definitely come to the right place. This post introduces you to 10 best Slovak cookbooks provided by renowned culinary experts. No matter what level you are at, a beginner or a seasoned cook, these cookbooks will give a great experience in your family’s kitchen.

The Anniversary Slovak-American Cook Book

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“Have wanted this cookbook for ages. Many of my great aunts had original edition copies, but those are either in family collections or lost to time. This is such a nostalgic find. LOVE IT! Thank you!”- Sofie

The Slovak American cookbook offers a classic collection of the best Slovak-American recipes that generations have devoted. You’ll find delicious food that can please everyone, from salads, savory soups, and sandwiches to cakes, sweet cookies, and candies

Besides traditional recipes, the author also offers tips on cooking, entertaining, and maintaining your home. With the help of this cookbook, you can quickly bring Slovakia’s culinary traditions to your table.

About the author: “The Anniversary Slovak-American Cook Book” is a great cookbook written by The First Catholic Ladies Union. As of now, this is their first and only cookbook.

Czech & Slovak Food & Cooking

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“Excellent cookbook and photos. Our Czech friend was impressed by the selection and authenticity of the recipes. We made Svíčková with bread dumplings, and it turned out fantastic.”- Lori

“Czech & Slovak Food & Cooking” offers beautiful dishes with more than 340 photos showing both practical steps and complete nutritional information for every recipe. This comprehensive cookbook will be an informative and inspirational guide to traditional Czech & Slovak cooking.

About the author: Ivana Veruzabova was born in the Czech Republic and moved with her family to the UK at the age of 11. Her parents ran a Slovak Czech restaurant in West Hampstead, northwest London. Ivana completed her law degree and worked in her parents’ restaurant for more than five years.

Slovak Recipes

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“If you are Slovak, you are always searching for recipes that speak to your ethnicity. This will not disappoint you, and the recipes are very doable. Your family will be pleased with the outcome!”- D. Nelson

After a lifetime of preparing Slovak ethnic dishes, the author generously agreed to share the well-respected Slovak recipes and original illustrations.

The recipes in this book will make you and your family happy and happy. The detailed, easy-to-follow instructions explained by the author will help you succeed with any dish with as little effort as possible.

About the author: Toni Brendel and Sidonka Wadina are the two authors of this book. Besides the recipes, they are also the people in charge of the illustrations for the dishes they have provided. In particular, “Slovak Recipes” has been perfected with the contributions of many other editors.

Slovak Cuisine: The Best of Slovak Republic

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“Love it. Slovak cooking is great. Recipes like my grandmother used to make.”- Melissa Thompson

Unlike Italian or Chinese dishes, there is no real “Slovak cuisine” known and popularly used around the world. However, Slovakia people are also often served with meals that are no less delicious than those typical of other world-famous cuisines. This cookbook is for sharing with those who want to prepare traditional Slovak dishes at home on their own.

About the author: Lukas Prochazka is a culinary expert in ethnic cuisines, and the author of cookbooks mainly focused on Europe. He spent nearly a decade visiting most European countries.

In 2012, after his first cookbook went on sale internationally, he continuously provided other cookbooks based on his various regional culinary experiences.

Traditional Czech and Slovak Cuisine

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“I am delighted with this book. The recipes are effortless to make and incredibly elegant. The pictures of each recipe help you a lot to get a good idea of ​​how your finished recipes will look.”- Kindle Customer

This cookbook will help you to discover dozens of different traditional Czech and Slovak recipes. Besides, you can find a detailed description of their eating habits, as well as the best of what the food has to offer.

“Traditional Czech and Slovak Cuisine” contains:

  • More than 40 easy to follow, yet delicious recipes
  • Useful tips and tricks
  • Illustration images (optimized for e-ink displays as well)
  • Measurements in both metric and imperial units
  • Temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit

About the author: Martin Vadlejch was born in the Czech Republic. From an early age, he was able to help his parents in the kitchen and had a strong desire to cook. For more than ten years, his culinary skills have improved, from studying all aspects of cooking to working in a few different restaurants.

“Traditional Czech cookbook” is his first cookbook published in 2012. Since then, he began to focus on improving his writing skills and is now dedicated to sharing his culinary knowledge with everyone. “Traditional Czech and Slovak Cuisine B/W” is another book by the author that will be mentioned shortly.

Traditional Czech and Slovak Cuisine B/W

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“This has some delicious Slovak Meals in it.”- Dianne

“Traditional Czech and Slovak Cuisine B / W” is the Black and White edition of the Czech and Slovak Traditional Cuisine cookbook. This book will have access to and learn how to cook great food from the Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia, and Slovakia. Dozens of recipes inherited for generations will be explored, along with charts featuring ingredients in both imperial and metric.

Czech & Slovak Kolache Recipes & Sweet Treats

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“…the book is well designed, with excellent directions for each recipe…”- OmaOmaOma

With over 100 recipes, you will find traditional kolache in its many variations along with other Eastern European sweets. In addition, a variety of other favorites will also be included, such as deep-fried pastries, sweetbreads, cookies, cakes, bars, puddings, and even flavored popcorn, and poppy seed cake

About the author: The Czech & Slovak National Library & Museum Association in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the author of this book. They have collected kolache recipes and sweets to share with culinary enthusiasts to save them time and effort.

The Best of Slovak Cooking (New Hippocrene Original Cookbooks)

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“This is a good cookbook, with very easy to understand recipes with different variations of recipes like goulash, potato soup, etc.”- Bob Montgomery

This cookbook presents nearly 100 easy-to-follow Slovak recipes. You will find a wide variety of favorites, including stuffed peppers, braided bread, caraway seed soup, and Christmas dumplings. All recipes are tailored to suit the North American kitchen.

About the author: “The Best of Slovak Cooking (New Hippocrene Original Cookbooks)” is the perfect combination of deep culinary insights from three talented authors, Sylvia Galova-Lorinc, John Lorinc, Sylvia Lorinc. This is also their first book.

My Slovak Kitchen

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“So easy to follow and delicious.”-Amazon Customer

My Slovak Kitchen is a cookbook that memorizes how to cook Slovak dishes. Recipes are collected from different members of the family. In addition, every recipe in this book comes with beautiful high-resolution images.

About the author: Peter Petrzala is a self-taught chef and graphic designer. After having success with his dishes since he was a college student, he started experimenting with many different fares.

A career in graphic design has given him the experience and knowledge to incorporate into cooking by writing his own cookbook. It took the author almost three years to complete; it brought him closer to his roots and brought him great lessons.

Baba’s Kitchen: Slovak & Rusyn Family Recipes & Traditions

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“Yes, this book certainly met my expectations. I love the stories and the recipes. Reminded me of my Slovak grandmother, who we called Baba. She was the best cook in the world.”-Patricia Casimiro

“Baba’s Kitchen: Slovak & Rusyn Family Recipes & Communication” contains a collection of Slovak and Rusyn recipes and traditions handed down from generations. This book is not only for sharing recipes but also tributing to her grandmothers as well as the Slovak women, who continue to preserve and share their cooking, rituals, and traditions.

About the author: Lisa Alzo was born and raised in Duquesne, Pennsylvania, and currently lives in Ithaca, New York. In 1997, she obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree in Nonfiction Writing from the University of Pittsburgh.

Lisa also spent six years researching her family history for her book “Three Slovak Women” (her first book). Lisa is a lecturer and freelance published writer. In addition, she also received the Mary Zirin Award 2002 by the Association for Women in Slavic Studies.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Slovak cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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