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10 Authentic Serbian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

In this day and age, people are no longer merely satisfied with the local food. The technology’s development has taken the world by storm, and like many other fields, the cuisine has also become globalized. Likewise, people tend to prefer being updated and going with the flow.

It will not be too surprising to experience international cuisine now becoming a habit. A very popular and underrated yet exciting and engaging cuisine is Serbian cuisine. With this list of 10 best Serbian cookbooks, you can quickly bring all the authentic flavors of traditional Serbian dishes into your kitchen.

Serbian Cooking: Popular Recipes from the Balkan Region

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“I’m well on my way to make every single recipe in this book. It is representative of Serbian cuisine and has a killer graphic design as well. Well made!”- Luka Krstic

The traditional Serbian cuisine is mostly intertwined with the cultures of the neighboring countries. Besides, in Serbia, lunch is considered the biggest meal of the day, while dinner is the lightest. You will also find a variety of vegetarian recipes, but you can still choose to add meat to whatever you like.

Fifty-three delicious recipes make up this unique Eastern European cookbook. Digging into each page, you can come across all kinds of traditional Serbian fare, including lentil soup, potato salad, an assortment of pita dishes, sauces, and a multitude of delectable desserts such as baklava, crème puffs, and crepes.

About the author: Danijela Kracun was born in Serbia and moved to New York when she was ten years old. The recipes in this book are all the culinary secrets passed down by Danijela’s Serbian and Romanian ancestors.

Taste of Serbian Cuisine (Balkan Cuisine Book 2)

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“Nice selection of recipes.”- AshGray

Serbian cuisine, as a different cuisine, actually originates from mixed cuisines, mainly influenced by Mediterranean (especially Greek), Turkish, Hungarian, and Austrian cuisines. All people in this country will usually serve three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner; lunch is a consistent meal. This will consist of three courses: soup, the second course, and a dessert (usually a baked cake).

Discovering this book, you will have access to a collection of 129 All-Time Best Traditional Serbian dishes. With these recipes, you can delight everyone on any occasion.

About the author: Goce Nikolovski is a food writer and the author of “Taste of Serbian Cuisine (Balkan Cuisine Book 2)” He has a deep love for traditional cuisine of any country in the world, which is the motivation to devote wholeheartedly to this cookbook. He also is the author of the other cookbooks will be mentioned shortly. Those are:

  • Taste of Uruguayan Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 11)
  • Taste of Bosnian Cuisine (Balkan Cuisine Book 6)
  • Taste of Salvadoran Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 14)
  • Taste of Ecuadorian Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 10)
  • Taste of Chilean Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 4)
  • Taste of Panamanian Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 16)

Cook Book Circle of Serbian Sisters

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“Love Serbian FOOD…great recipe book!!!”- Suzan Nikolich

This collection of recipes is compiled by members of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI). The book includes a section “Traditions” to describe Serbian traditions for Christmas, Christmas Eve, Krsna Slava (Patron Saint’s Day), and related recipes. There will be categories of recipe groups such as:

  • Beverages
  • Salads
  • Hot Dishes
  • Cakes & Tortes
  • Cookies
  • Miscellaneous Pastries

About the author: Midred Radjenovic is an impressive culinary writer. The author experienced in collecting, evaluating, and creating signature dishes. Radjenovic is also the author of the “Serbian Cookbook,” which will be mentioned below.

Serbian Cookbook

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“I love this cookbook. Recipes I remember from my childhood. Cannot wait to start making them.”- Yo Yo D

In this book, you will be introduced to the cooking methods dedicated to a wide range of specialized products and Barbeques (a popular dish in Serbia). Furthermore, the book also provides recipes for fast food, including:

  • Pljeskavica (hamburger)
  • Ćevapi (small kebabs)
  • Vešalica, Mućkalica (mixed meat)
  • And other various sausages

Traditional Serbian Food and Recipes

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“I like the history along with the recipes. I will try the recipes before my Serbian fiance gets home from overseas service…The recipes look interesting, and some are beautiful.”- Pam Conard

“Traditional Serbian Food and Recipes” not only present traditional Serbian dishes but also introduce them into your daily diet to spread the aroma of traditional dishes into your kitchen.

This book presents a collection of traditional Serbian dishes with delicious, healthy, and easy-to-make recipes for everyday use.

This authentic cookbook is intended for both beginners and intermediate users, and you will definitely love it. Enjoy this book and let bring unique, new flavors to your home table.

About the author: Miodrag Ilic is a culinary writer and founder and chief editor of the “Recepti i Kuvar online” portal. After two years of operation, this online portal has received the prestigious TOP 50 award, according to the jury of PC Press magazine. Besides, she is also a director of the company “Linkom-PC” Ltd.

Serbian Cookbook – Pies and Pastry

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“Lovely pictures and clear descriptions of procedures to follow.”- Lee Bennett

In this book “Serbian Cookbook – Pies and Pastry,” you will know more recipes for wonderful pies and pastries from Serbia. In particular, each method will be fully illustrated and explained in detail, to make the process easier. You will be provided with all the famous Serbian gibanica dishes such as:

  • Zeljanica
  • Pogacice
  • Kiflice
  • And many more

About the author: Zivojin Aleksic is known for the magnificent cookbook, which offers the best cultural dishes for everyone. Here are some other cookbooks by the author:

  • Fish Dish Cookbook
  • Serbian Cookbook
  • 15 Best Diets in the World
  • Serbian Cookbook Soups and Salads (This cookbook will be presented shortly)

Serbian Cookbook Soups and Salads

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“Used a few recipes here, and they all tasted great. Try some new dishes, you’ll not be disappointed. try it.”- griffiths212t

“Serbian Cookbook Soups and Salads” is the second in the Serbian cookbook series – an e-book in which you’ll find great recipes on how to make original Serbian soups and salads. You will be provided with well-illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions. The book will show you how to make the best soups and salads that will enrich your daily meals. In particular, all the correct procedures are clearly explained and documented for easy access to you.

Ultimate Serbian Cookbook: TOP 111 Serbian dishes that you can cook right now (Balkan Food Book 5)

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“This cultural cookbook is concise, wonderfully short, and full of tasty & delicious meals, desserts, soups, etc. from Serbia. Very well presented in a simple & easy to follow format!”- Kozzak01

This cookbook will provide you with 111 of the best, most traditional dishes from Serbian cuisine. The book’s meals are delicious, balanced, and nutritious in every day and every occasion cooking. Besides meat and poultry options, you’ll also find simple recipes with easy to access ingredients. From succulent sarma, soups, hot and cold salads to delicious desserts, countless delightful language flavors are sure to please even the most demanding culinary devotees.

Whether you are an experienced chef or a beginner, with thorough, detailed, and complete instructions on the recipes, you can still confidently master these dishes.

About the author: Slavka Bodic was born in the Balkans, and lives in the former Yugoslavia. The author has tried to present only recipes that mothers have been making for decades, without adding “modern food”. Visit so you can continue to see traditional Balkan recipes from Slavka Bodic.

Serbian Recipes: Discover the taste of Serbia

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“Outstanding and tasty! The recipes are easy to make, and they taste great.” – Kindle Customer

“Serbian Recipes: Discover the taste of Serbia” will feature a range of signature Serbian recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions to minimize the maximum effort you make. Additionally, you will also gain access to an insight into the flavorful meal plan of Siberian cuisine.

About the author: Stephanie Sharp was born in New Germantown, Pennsylvania. She received a Master’s degree from Penn State in English Literature. Her passion for culinary masterpieces motivated Stephanie Sharp to apply for and be accepted into The International Culinary School of the Art Institute. She combined her culinary skills with an entrepreneurial talent to open a small cooking school for all ages

She is also known as an author with over 400 e-books on the arts of cooking and baking. Stephanie Sharp and her husband and children now live in Pennsylvania.

Traditional Serbian Food: Mirjana’s Complete Cookbook of Traditional Serbian Recipes

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“This book is a great recipe book containing recipes with a lot of different influences, making for some tasty and unique dishes. It’s written in a straight forward way, with easy-to-follow recipes.”- Nelson Boll

Serbian cuisine reflects a real melting pot with a collision of different influences – European, Mediterranean, and local Balkan, which has resulted in a diversity of flavors and textures. In this “Traditional Serbian Food” cookbook, the author presents the best Serbian recipes, including:

  • Warm comforting soups
  • Invigorating crunchy salads
  • Flavorful appetizers
  • Finger foods
  • Crispy pastries
  • Savory hearty main dishes
  • Deep nutty-flavored desserts

About the author: The author of this comprehensive cookbook is Mirjana Ilic, who spent a lot of effort to create this only great cookbook. Although she does not publish many books, this presents the quintessence of the traditional Serbian cuisine she has acquired.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Serbian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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