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7 Authentic Spanish-French Mediterranean Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Spain and France are each other neighborhoods located in the Mediterranean Sea. Each nation boasts widely about its diverse regional cuisines. However, we can find numerous common points that both countries share from the general Mediterranean cuisine as olive oil. Besides, French and Spanish cooks also use many of the same ingredients in a variety of classic dishes like tomatoes, artichokes, potatoes, canned fish, cheese&fresh bread, and seasonings. If all these cuisines are your crave, let’s check out now 7 Spanish French Mediterranean cookbooks listed below.

Mediterranean Cookbook: Fresh, Fast, and Easy Recipes from Spain, Provence, and Tuscany to North Africa

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“Big, beautiful, inspirational” – Lisa Eight

This Mediterranean cookbook brings together authentic recipes from Italy, Greece, Provence, northern Africa, and the Middle East into the only one collection. Through this book, the author provides cooks with the necessary tools to recreate the Mediterranean’s flavors in their own homes.

Readers will find more than 300 fresh, healthy, and easy to make recipes. Besides several parts of methods, the regional index showing the origin of the food from the Mediterranean nations is also presented. 

About the Author: The three authors of this cookbook are Marie-Pierre Moine, Elisabeth Luard, and Ghillie Basan.

Marie-Pierre Moine is a food and travel writer, a cooking demonstrator with over 20 years of experience in the food and wine media. She ever worked as the editor of Taste magazine in the UK and wrote a monthly food column for House & Garden since 1995. Now she is still active in those roles and becomes a consultant and a member of the UK Guild of Food Writers and on the committee of the Academy of Chocolate.

Elisabeth Luard is a writer, journalist, and broadcaster specializing in culinary. She is the current trustee director of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery and contributes articles to The Oldie and Zester Daily. She also is the author of many cookbooks as The Latin American Kitchen, The Food of Spain and Portugal, A Cook’s Year in a Welsh Kitchen, and many more. 

Ghillie Basan is a food writer, author, and broadcaster. Grew up in East Africa, she gets a degree in social anthropology and a Cordon Bleu diploma by combining the culinary cultures of Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa. Basan is the author of more than 30 cookbooks, numerous food&travel articles, and is an expert on spice. Now she lives in the Scottish Highlands, where she runs internationally recognized cooking classes.

315 Best Ever Mediterranean Recipes: Sun-drenched dishes from Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Greece, France and Italy, with more than 315 photographs

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“My new favorite cookbook of the moment” – Katie D

Along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the cuisine is so diverse that gourmet needs significant time to explore all of them. In this cookbook, the author brings up 315 vibrant dishes from the kitchens of southern Europe and northern Africa. Home cooks can find here sun-drenched recipes for every meal, from a special occasion or dining al fresco to a quick weekday supper.

About the author: The author of this cookbook is Beverly Jollands. She is the author of several cookbooks such as The Ultimate Barbecue Bile, 500 Best-Ever Recipes: the Mediterranean, 300 Best-Ever Hot & Spicy Recipes, Bouquets, and Posies (Gifts from Nature Series) and some more.

Jamie Does…

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“Highly recommended. Another beauty from Jamie Oliver. Easy to understand recipes and lots of fabulous pictures of food and locations.” – NicoleH

In modern society, it is not new for many people to have a weekend getaway with cheap and short-haul flights for discovering the new land out of the current residence. If you have not prepared for this yet, you can experience the dishes from this book first through what Jamie has found out in his journey.

Each chapter concentrates on a different city or region as Marrakesh, Athens, Venice, Andalucia, Stockholm, and the Midi Pyrenees region of France. In this book, readers will find classic recipes that sit alongside new dishes learned along the way. Beautiful photographs of the finished dish and incredible reported shots of Jamie’s experiences in each country are accompanied by each recipe.

About the author: The author of this cookbook is Jamie Oliver. Started cooking at his parents’ pub at the age of eight, Jamie has gone up to work with some of the world’s top chefs. He is the founder of the Fifteen restaurant in London, which has three branches worldwide and the same-name associated charity, which helps to train disadvantaged young people to become chefs.

Besides, Jamie also contributes articles for publications in the UK and around the world, including his own magazine, Jamie Magazine. He lives in London and Essex with his wife and their daughters.

Mediterranean: Food of the Sun: Over 400 Vibrant Step-By-Step Recipes From The Shores Of Italy, Greece, France, Spain, North Africa And The Middle East With Over 1400 Stunning Photographs

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“Great recipes. Borrowed it from the library. Had to have my own copy.” – Ron

Whenever cooking Mediterranean food at home, people will feel like being at sea with rich sun-drenched tastes and aromas to your kitchen. Carrying those features, this cookbook includes recipes for dishes from all over the Mediterranean region – Italy, Greece, France, Spain, North Africa, and the Middle East. 

With step-by-step photographs and over 400 easy-to-follow recipes from the shores of several coastal countries, cooks of all skill levels can bring Mediterranean cuisine to their own kitchens.

About the author: Jacqueline Clark and Joanna Farrow are the two authors of this cookbook. Other books of them are Mediterranean: food of the Sun by Jacqueline Clark; Joanna Farrow (2003) Paperback, Mediterranean A Taste of the Sun in Over 150 Recipes, Mediterranean: Over 300 Sun-drenched Recipes (Cookery), The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook, Country Mediterranean Cooking. Besides the cooperation in those books, each author has their own writings.

Coastline: The Food of Mediterranean Italy, France, and Spain

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“Not only are there a variety of great and authentic recipes from Spain, France and Italy there are beautiful pictures and interesting text.” – T. Hyde

Among three cuisine symbols as pesto, bouillabaisse, and Paella, olive oil is the link that connects western Italy, southern France, and eastern Spain. Along with olive oil are a love of garlic, seafood, peppers, fresh herbs, and seasonal vegetables reflected in each dish.

With stories, recipes, and beautiful location photographs, the author takes readers into a journey to explore the legacy of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Vikings. All of these regimes have left the gift of a cuisine of the sun flavored with generosity. 

Inspired by traditional dishes derived from Mediterranean towns and communities, over 100 recipes are an absolute essential for any home cook who enjoys the flavorsome dishes of the Mediterranean.

About the Author: The authors of this cookbook are Lucio Galletto and David Dale. Grew up on the Italian Riviera, Lucio now runs the acclaimed Sydney restaurant Lucio’s. David Dale is the author of The 100 Things Everyone Needs to Know about Italy, and Anatolia: Adventures in Turkish cooking.

Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Mediterranean Cooking: Authentic recipes from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, The Middle East, North Africa

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“I bought this book after a trip to the Mediterranean and a chance to taste lots of authentic cooking. This is a great sampling of the cooking styles and dishes of the area. Simple and easy to follow. No exotic techniques or hard to find ingredients.” – S. Hill

Made up of sumptuous historical region cuisines with the blend of ingredients emphasis on vegetables, grains, and seafood, Mediterranean food is considered one of the world’s first and best fusion cuisines. 

In this book, the author divides 130 recipes drawn from more than one dozen countries into five chapters. People will find detailed instructions along with step-by-step photographs that explain basic techniques.

Moreover, the supremely photographed dishes from earthy Spanish gazpacho, Moroccan chicken bisteeya, pistachio-laced gelato from Italy to lemon-and-lavender-scented granité from France are also included. Wrapping up the book is an informative glossary with culinary terms and ingredients for the reader’s further reference.

About the Author: The two authors of this cookbook are Charity Ferreira and Dana Jacobi. Both of them are cookbook authors with a significant number of cookbooks mostly on healthy food and vegetarian cuisine.

Some of Charity Ferreira books are Healthy in a Hurry (Williams-Sonoma), The Baby and Toddler Cookbook, Perfect Pops: The 50 Best Classic & Cool Treats, and so on. Dana Jacobi is the author of Everyday Healthy Cookbook, The Power Greens Cookbook, The Superfoods Cookbook: Nutritious Meals For Any Time of Day Using Nature’s Healthiest Foods and other more.

Floyd Around the Med

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“I owe my love of cooking (and wine) to this man” – gary welsby

As a television star with many cooking shows, Floyd Around the Med is one of the Keith’s best-selling books accompanied by the same-name programs. In his tours around the Mediterranean countries, Floyd visits are Greece, France, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt, looking at the different cuisines, lifestyles, and cooking.

In this book, Keith Floyd shares his experiences of traveling around the Mediterranean, exploring the food, drink, and people of each region. Being in each place, Floyd attempts to cook up delicious dishes using local produce and shares those tips with home cooks.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Keith Floyd, who is an English celebrity cook, restaurateur, television personality. Besides, Floyd is the host of many cooking shows for the BBC and publishes many books combining cookery and travel. Besides Floyd Around the Med, his other cookbooks are Floyd’s India, Floyd’s Thai Food, Floyd’s China, Out of the Frying Pan: Scenes from My Life. 

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Spanish-French Mediterranean cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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