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10 Authentic Croatian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

As with some other cuisines in the world, traditional Croatian cuisine is also influenced by the tastes of neighboring countries (Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Turkey), and by different countries that ruled Croatian territory throughout history. So Croatian traditional foods are varied and plentiful, but it’s also amazing. To give you a quick and convenient taste of Croatian cuisine, we have collected 10 best Croatian cookbooks for your reference.

Dalmatia: Recipes from Croatia’s Mediterranean Coast

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“These are the best Croatian recipes. The pictures are wonderful. Beautiful hardcover book. This was shipped quickly & Wonderful price.”- Nancy

Dalmatia is a cookbook in honor of the rustic, casual culinary cuisine of Croatia’s Mediterranean Coast. You will find over 80 recipes that are divided into different parts like Salads & Vegetables; Meat; Seafood; Desserts and Drinks. In addition, the book also offers stories along with beautiful local photos of the whole beautiful region and the culinary experiences it offers.

About the author: Ino Kuvacic is the owner of a Croatian restaurant in Melbourne. For a long time, the author has cherished the desire to be able to share the dishes of the coastal homeland with everyone.

The Best of Croatian Cooking

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“This book is very complete, easy to use, and has wonderful recipes.”- Laura M Estes

Croatia has breathtaking landscapes, sunny Adriatic coastlines, as well as a distinctive culinary tradition that combines Mediterranean, Central European, and Near Eastern influences. This book presents more than 200 recipes suitable for American kitchens, including classic dishes such as Strudel with Sauteed Risotto or Turkey with Pasta Tatters.

About the author: Not only is she an elementary school teacher, but Liliana Pavicic is also very passionate about food, travel, and writing. She has one of the award-winning recipes published in Prevention magazine. Now, Liliana Pavicic lives in Burlington, Ontario with her husband and two sons.

Gordana Pirker-Mosher was born in Sisak, Croatia, and is a sales representative for a U.S.-based car rental agency. Her work involves travel so it allows her to explore new dishes and pursue a career as a freelance writer. Gordana lives in Grimsby, Ontario with her husband and two daughters.

Croatian Recipes: Croatian Food from a Real Croatian Grandma: Real Croatian Cuisine

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“This book is beautiful and has so many recipes I want to try.”- Kerry Stringari

The “Croatian Recipes” book was formulated with the help of the author’s 90-year-old grandma, who has been cooking since the early days of the Soviet Union. You will find almost everything here, from Croatian Main courses to delicious Croatian desserts. Start your own fascinating Croatian adventure with 50 recipes provided.

About the author: Ivana Novak is a food writer who contributed to the creation of the recipes in this cookbook. “Lubitsch Can’t Wait: A Collection of Ten Philosophical Discussions on Ernst Lubitsch’s Film Comedy” is the other book of the author.

Journey Through Croatia Cookbook: Deliciously Traditional Croatian Recipes for All Generations

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“The recipes are easy to make, and they taste great.” — Kindle Customer

Croatia Cookbook is a very special cookbook because it offers recipes from Croatia that have been around for generations. This book introduces local dishes that are popular only in certain regions of Croatia. With 30 outstanding recipes in this book, you will have a journey of discovering everything about Croatian cuisine, from delicious appetizers and main courses to delectable but rare Croatian desserts.

About the author: Stephanie Sharp was born in New Germantown, Pennsylvania. She received a Master’s degree from Penn State in English Literature. Her passion for culinary masterpieces motivated Stephanie Sharp to apply for and be accepted into The International Culinary School of the Art Institute. She combined her culinary skills with an entrepreneurial talent to open a small cooking school for all ages

She is also known as an author with over 400 e-books on the arts of cooking and baking. Stephanie Sharp and her husband and children now live in Pennsylvania.

The Adriatic Kitchen: Recipes inspired by the abundance of seasonal ingredients flourishing on the Croatian island of Korčula

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“Absolutely love this unique culinary compilation!”- Elle G.

Barbara Unković has always been fascinated by the sun-soaked Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. She spent many years living in the coastal village of Račišće and immersed herself in its history, lifestyle, culture, and cuisine. Inspired by culinary traditions and an abundance of fresh seasonal ingredients, this rustic cookbook filled with delicious recipes and beautiful memories has been published.

The book contains more than 70 simple yet delicious recipes such as Dalmatian Shepherd’s Lamb with Potatoes and Broad Beans; Croatian Sweet Easter Bread; Fresh Fig Crumble; Sugared Almonds; Croatian Pepper Biscuits; Black Risotto; Roast Chicken with Pomegranate and Spinach; Carrot and Mint Salad. Bringing in the vitality and warmth of this beloved island, “The Adriatic Kitchen” promises to bring you the best traditional food experiences.

About the authors: The author of this cookbook is Barbara Unković, who is of Croatian and English descent and is a cousin to D.H. Lawrence. She is also the author of six published books: ‘Weeds in the Garden of Eden’, ‘Furry Blur’, ‘Adriatic Blue’, ‘A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’, ‘Moon Walking’, and ‘Naughty Noosa Meets the Neighbors’. She writes in a variety of genres, in which her specialty is flash fiction.

Barbara has received more than thirty writing awards in the UK and US, including one USA Best Book Award for her books ‘Weeds in the Garden of Eden’, ‘A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’, and ‘Moon Walking’ and three International Book Awards.

70 Classic Recipes From Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia & Slovenia

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“Fantastic would recommend”- David Lucas

Through 70 enticing recipes on offer, you can explore the best of Eastern Europe’s recipes from Pork Schnitzel and Veal Escalopes to Torte Varadzan. All recipes are clearly explained step by step through 270 stunning photos.

About the author: This book is the combination of 2 talented authors Lesley Chamberlain and Trish Davies. They all share a common interest in collecting and developing recipes from several countries around the world, including Croatia. This is their first cookbook showing the culinary background of many countries around the world.

A Taste of Croatia

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“Wonderful easy to follow recipes.”- Patricia A. Ballard

“A Taste of Croatia” is a cookbook based on the three-year adventure of the author and her husband on the Adriatic coast. Packed with straightforward recipes, food facts, clear anecdotes, and beautiful visuals, the author has created a wonderful publication that helps her convey the spirit of the culture, country, and cuisine.

About the author: Karen Evenden is a foodie, a fair-weather sailor, and a tireless traveler, with an intense passion for its history, cuisine, and preparation ever since childhood. At the age of 17, she was awarded a Betty Crocker scholarship to study Home Economics at Cornell University. Karen Evenden has started pursuing a variety of vocations and avocations in several countries across the US and abroad since then.

Flavors of the World — Croatia: Over 25 Recipes to Guide You Through Croatian Cooking

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“Gorgeous book. All the recipes in it are wonderful.”- Penny Azar

If you love meaty foreign dishes, this is the perfect cookbook for you. Croatian food uses a lot of meat and is incredibly delicious, which gives a great taste to any dish you plan to make. This book offers easy-to-follow instructions and cooking tips for over 25 recipes that will help you master the dishes for your next dinner party.

About the author: Nancy Silverman is a cookbook author from Essex, Vermont, and a great cook. She attended Essex High School and received her degrees in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Vermont. She then studied at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont.

Recipes from the Croatian cuisine

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“Very good recipes. Easy to follow instructions and a good variety of recipes.”- Gerard Moeller

In this book, in addition to delicious authentic recipes, you will learn more about the history and influence of Croatian cuisine that has left a mark on their traditional menus. All the formulas in this book are designed with simple detailed instructions that will suit everyone even the beginners.

About the author: This collection of the most popular Croatian recipes is curated by Blue Oleander’s Kasia Ryniak. Besides, Kasia is also the author of the book “Traditional Recipes for the Mediterranean Diet: Side dishes & starters.”

Croatian Culinary Delights

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“I am so glad I found this book. So many recipes I had forgotten about and could no longer find.”- Mary Ann Hagans

“Croatia Culinary Delights” is a collection of recipes and information on Croatian heritage collected by the author for many years. The book allows you to enjoy unique and attractive dishes dating back to the 1800s.

This will be a gift from the author to many Croats around the world who are looking for delicious, authentic food, and those who love traditional Croatian cooking.

About the author: Tracie Dirricq has a love for cooking since childhood and has extensive experience in processing traditional dishes of Croatian. This is the first and only book containing all the essence of the author’s culinary art.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Croatian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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