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How To Cook Like A Scot: 10 Best Scottish Cookbooks Of All Time

Scottish dishes have distinctive flavors that cannot be confused for any other food from other countries. If you have ever had a chance to try out the authentic food of Scotland, you would not forget the deliciousness and wholesomeness that the combination of ingredients in the food brings you. You will want to keep eating more and trying more dishes from the amazing cuisine of this country.

Lucky for you, it will not take you a lot of time or effort to enjoy the taste of Scotland from time to time when you can have for yourself a proper Scottish cookbook. In this post, we will give you 10 best Scottish cookbooks that have been recommended to anyone who has a passion for Scottish cuisine and wants to make original dishes at home.

Recipes of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland: A Classic Scottish Cookbook

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“The thing I was looking for most, authentic and old, tried and true recipes, was what I found contained here. I loved it and have mentioned so frequently to my family and friends” Grizz

The book is full of Scottish recipes that have been passed through generations in Scottish families for centuries. The special feature of the book is that the contents are presented in the older style. The layout will amaze history-loving people by its facsimile edition. All the traditional recipes in this book can be hard to cook or prepare the ingredients but the taste of the result is worth your trying.

About the author: An Comunn Gaidhealach a Scottish organization that was founded in Oban in 1891. This organization aims are to preserve and develop the Scottish Gaelic language and culture.

The Best of Traditional Scottish Cooking

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“Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my brother (we are of Scottish descent). Lovely photos, recipes that would appeal to an American family, and ingredients that can be found in the U.S”- Amazon Customer

The book is a collection of over 60 authentic recipes of Scotland. It covers not only original and delicious recipes but also the various information about the cuisine and culture of this country. Besides, the layout of this book is so stunning with beautiful color photos and clear explanations of ingredients cooking steps.

About the authors: Carol Wilson and Christopher Trotter are cookbook authors. They have written several cookbooks about Scottish cuisine together. Besides that, they also have many other books in their own name which are the favorite editions of many people. Other editions by these authors

  • Gypsy Feast: Recipes and Culinary Traditions of the Romany People
  • The Whole Hog: recipes and lore for everything but the oink

The book we are going to introduce to you below is another work that has been done by these two authors.

Scottish Traditional Recipes: A Heritage of Food & Cooking

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“Extremely thorough, comprehensive book with easy to follow recipes. A great addition to my shelf!”- Amazon Customer

This is a beautiful cookbook of 150 Scottish recipes that can be followed by anyone who wants to replicate the authentic flavors of food from this country. The book presents the culinary heritage of Scottland in the simplest way so that readers can understand what is introduced in the book easier. All the classic recipes are easy-to-follow with detailed instructions step-by-step as well as the exact amount of ingredients needed.

The Scottish-Irish Pub and Hearth Cookbook

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“The recipes are affordable, easy, and quick to make. A perfect way to add some diversity in your everyday menu”- Amazon Customer

This book is a collection of 170 Scottish and Irish pub recipes as well as recipes for home cooking. Each recipe comes with useful historical & geographic information about the origin of the recipe and the area where it originated. The book not only helps you to cook delicious Scottish food but also provides interesting knowledge about the traditions and cuisine of this country.

About the author: Kay Nelson is a writer and researcher. She is also a culinary historian and has an important role in contributing to Washington Woman. She has written 19 cookbooks in total. Other books by Kay Nelson:

  • The Art of Scottish-American Cooking
  • All Along the Rhine: Recipes, Wines, and Lore from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Holland

The Ultimate Scottish Cookbook: Recipes as Fierce as a Scottish Clan

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“This book is awesome! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about Scottish cooking”- Amazon Customer

The book is full of 35 savory recipes from Scotland which make use of the best typical ingredients of this country. The cooking steps for each recipe are clear and direct which helps you save time in following the instructions. The book also has vivid images for each dish as well as detailed information about ingredients measurements.

About the author: Dennis Carter is a cookbook author who has a strong passion for creating and replicating new recipes to make cooking become a more interesting experience for everyone.

Other cookbooks by Dennis Carter:

  • The Savory German Cookbook: Celebrate with Food
  • Clever Kawaii Treats Recipes: A FUN Cookbook of Japan’s CUTEST Dish Ideas!
  • OF BUTTERBEERS AND TREACLE TARTS:: THE HARRY POTTER COOKBOOK A Magical Collection of Fancy Harry Potter-inspired Recipes

The Ultimate Scottish Cookbook: Delicious Scottish Recipes!

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“A great selection of Scottish recipes. I love all the photos in this cookbook”- Amazon Customer

In this book, you are introduced to various types of delicious and authentic Scottish recipes. The book offers you Scottish-style of cooking for appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. There are even recipes for vegetarians. Especially, the instructions are clear and direct with serving information for each recipe.

About the author: Valeria Ray is a chef and author from India. She found her passion for cooking while she was in University. After Graduated, she became the head chef at one of the 5-star establishments in the area.

Other cookbooks by Valeria Ray:

  • The Ultimate Pretzel Recipe Book: Delicious Pretzel Recipes for You to Make at Home!
  • STEAK-A-LICIOUS: Juicy and Flavorful Steak Recipes for You to Make at Home!
  • Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy!: Delicious Vegetarian Recipes to Try Out at Home!

The Wee Scottish Recipe Book: 25 Scottish Dishes to Cook at Home

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“Haven’t made anything yet but this book was exactly what I wanted. Good home-style Scottish recipes ”- Amazon Customer

The book is a selection of 25 simple but delicious Scottish recipes. This is not only a helpful cookbook for teaching cooking food in Scottish style but also an informative edition with a lot of information behind the food. Most recipes are easy to make and suitable for anyone on any occasion.

About the author: Margaret Mochrie. She has 2 cookbooks about Scottish cuisine under her name so far. Most recipes in her books are made as simple as possible for home-cooking style.

The other book by Margaret Mochrie that we will give a detailed review hereon: The Wee Scottish Puddings, Desserts and Sweet Treats Recipe Book

The Wee Scottish Puddings, Desserts and Sweet Treats Recipe Book

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“I really like the way the methods are explained. They are easy to follow”- Amazon Customer

The book offers you 20 original Scottish recipes for sweet treats, puddings, and desserts. All the instructions and information about ingredients are given clearly and directly. It also provides you some tips for decoration and serving the dishes most beautifully and appropriately.

The Scottish Vegan Cookbook: Plant Based Recipes for Everyday Eating

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“This is a well-researched and constructed cookbook and the recipes are delicious. She has paid attention to nutrition and healthy eating”- Amazon Customer

The book offers foodie, especially vegetarians wide range of recipes for vegan versions of classic Scottish dishes. All the recipes make use of healthy ingredients including many types of fruits and vegetables as well as wholesome cooking techniques. Besides, the book also comes with gorgeous photographs of dishes and helpful tips for the cooking process.

About the author: Jackie Jones is an author who has worked at the Edinburgh University Press for such a long time. She is also a cook who has a passion for developing healthy and delicious vegan recipes. The Demuths Cookery School, Bath has offered her a Vegan Diploma and Advanced Vegan Diploma.

A Wee Scottish Cookbook

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“Every recipe I’ve tried so far is delicious”- Margaret Konkol

The book contains 20 great and easy-to-make Scottish recipes. The measurements of ingredients are given in US and UK scales to make it easier for readers to follow. Especially, the cover pages of the book are well-designed with the aesthetic layout and beautiful red color. This could make the book be a must-have item for cookbook lovers.

About the author: Cristine Eastin is a psychotherapist for over thirty years. She also loves writing short stories or fiction that encourage people to have faith and hope in life.

Other books by Cristine Eastin:

  • Love Inherited (A Highland Romance)
  • Fifty Days to Sunrise

 We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Scottish cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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