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10 Romanian Cookbooks: Discover The Best Romanian Food With These Top Notch Recipe Books

Romanian food has a special flavor that once you try it, you will never forget. But have you ever wondered that if you can create authentic Romanian food at home? It seems like it would be difficult to replicate dishes from such delicate culinary cooking. However, with the help of cookbooks, making Romanian food right in your kitchen whenever you want is not an impossible scenario anymore.

In this post, we are delighted to introduce to you these 10 best Romanian cookbooks that will bring you mind-blowing cooking experiences as well as fantastic recipes for your friends and families. 

Carpathia: Food from the Heart of Romania

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“Love this book to pieces! It inspires me to try new recipes. Its story-telling recipes, layout, pictures, as well as the high quality of paper, are just a few things to highlight”- Amazon Customer

This is not only a cookbook that offers you incredible recipes from Romania but also a great stories-teller, a bridge that pulls you closer to the heritage and culture of an amazing country. In the very first pages, the author informs you of a lot of useful and interesting knowledge about Romanian cuisine, history, and tradition. And about the recipes, all of them are explained in detailed instructions with clear measurements for ingredients. Each recipe also comes with gorgeous color pictures.

About the author: Irina Georgescu was born in Romania. That can explain her love and passion for the cuisine of her hometown. As a food writer and also cooking instructor, her writings about Romanian cuisine have made a lot of people know about this wonderful country with fantastic traditional dishes.

Romanian Cookbook

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“This book has excellent recipes for me to cook some surprise dishes for my Romanian wife”- Amazon Customer

The book is a collection of many authentic Romanian recipes that have been passed from generation to generation in Romanian families. Although the book doesn’t have any picture to illustrate for the dishes, clear and detailed instructions as well as information about ingredients are enough for anyone to cook these recipes successfully.

About the author: Community Center Romanian is a nonprofit organization. It is established to preserve and popularize the Romanian culture and traditions. This book is one of the organization’s attempts in promoting Romanian cuisine to people all over the world.

Taste of Romania

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“The book is excellent, the author has another book about Romania very interesting, very well documented. Highly recommended both”- Lyria

The book is full of 140 traditional Romanian recipes including classic dishes for main dishes and desserts. The layout of the book is beautiful and well-organized with the guidance section and the ingredients section is presented separately. Each recipe also comes with an illustration for the dish which helps you to follow the book easier.

About the author: Nicolae Klepper was born in Romania. He used to be a businessman but then he decided to spent his career in writing and studying more his homeland’s cuisine and culture. He has published some books about Romania as a beautiful country with rich culinary cooking and history.

The Art of Romanian Cooking

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“An excellent cookbook, with recipes that I can make at home and that my Romanian friends tell me, is true to traditions of Romania”- Amazon Customer

The book covers more than 200 recipes of Romania from appetizers to desserts. All the recipes are for home-cooking style so you don’t have to worry about your level when following this book. These recipes are recalled and collected form the author’s memories about her childhood dishes that her grandma cooked for her.

About the author: Galia Sperber is a food writer who has a strong passion for Romanian food and cooking. That’s why in her book, we can see not only helpful information for cooking but also her enthusiasm that she put into her work.

The Ultimate Romanian Cookbook: 111 tasty dishes from Romania to cook right now

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“I love this cookbook. The recipes are, for the most part, fairly simple and have been delicious so far”- Amazon Customer

The book has few introductory chapters on Romania’s culture and traditions that help readers understand deeper about the origin of the food they are going to make. After that, 111 delicious Romanian recipes are introduced to you in a nicely organized layout with vivid pictures of the food. You don’t have to worry about the level of this cookbook because it is for everyone, even beginners.

About the author: Slavka Bodic is a cookbook author. She has a lot of famous books that have been published and bought by many people.

Other cookbooks by Slavka Bodic:

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  • Ultimate Balkan cookbook: TOP 35 Balkan dishes that you can cook right now
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The Romanian Cook Book

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“Great book! Would definitely recommend for anyone interested in learning to cook foods from different cultures!”- Amazon Customer

The book offers you classic recipes from Romania. All recipes are simple but the results come out taste very delicious. Each cooking step is explained clearly and directly in each recipe, the information about ingredients and servings will help you adjust the measurements to fit your eating demand.

About the author: Anisoara Stan is a writer. Although she is not outstanding in this writing field, her first cookbook about Romanian cuisine is still a big success in her career.

Sanda Marin’s Traditional Romanian Cooking

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“As for the information inside the book, it is nothing less than perfect–EXACTLY what I was hoping it would be”- Amazon Customer

This book is a collection of traditional Romanian recipes for all types of foods and meals. It has high-quality color pictures of the food and bilingual titles for each recipe. Besides, the recipes introduced in this book are all easy to follow thanks to clear steps of cooking and easy to find ingredients.

About the author: Alina Deutsch was born in Romania. She used to be an electrical engineer but then retired from this job to become a cookbook translator and a crossword creator. She has written a series of crossword books including 3 books in total for children and even adults.

Scrumptious Romanian Inspired Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Romanian Dish Ideas!

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“Some recipes look great and I’ll give them a try, others require ingredients not easily found”- Amazon Customer

The book is full of various types of Romanian dishes that can be made right in your kitchen without any challenge. Each recipe comes with a beautiful color photo and a summary of the dish.

You are also provided with a list of ingredients, serving information, and detailed cooking instructions. Especially, it also offers you possible alternatives for ingredients to fit your diet and ingredients accessibility.

About the author: Anthony Boundy is a cookbook author. She devoted her career to do research on different cuisines all over the world and create her own recipes. She has published a lot of books about food and cooking which are quite popular among foodie and cookbook-lovers.

Vegan Romania

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“Fresh and enticing, easy to make recipes with an introductory history to the dishes. A lot of the recipes remind me of dishes that my Grandmother from Italy and Welsh Mother taught me to make”- Laura Altimari

The book is a collection of 101 traditional Romanian vegan recipes. If you think that Romanian is “meat-eaters” because there’s always meat in their meal, you will have to think of that differently after reading this book. All the recipes in this book are made from plant-based ingredients that don’t make the dishes less savory or delicious but make it taste fresher and healthier.

About the author: Mihaela Lica Butler is a travel journalist. Besides that, She also spends time writing cookbooks and books for children.

Other books of the author:

  • Valentine’s Day in the Garden
  • Your First Book of Travel Writing Prompts

From Dill to Dracula: A Romanian Food & Folklore Cookbook

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“Can’t wait to try all of the recipes in this cookbook”- Amazon Customer

In this book, you can find a lot of classic Romanian recipes that are made from local ingredients and using the traditional cooking method. Each recipe is clearly explained about cooking steps and the ingredients needed. The level of the book is for everyone.

About the author: A.M. Ruggirello is a food writer who has a special love for Romania cuisine. That’s why this is the first country he chose to write a cookbook about traditional recipes to share with the reader.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Romanian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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