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10 Best Lithuanian Cookbooks: The Most Delicious And Healthy Lithuanian Recipes Revealed!

Food plays an important role in the perfection of a good holiday. No visit to any country is complete without trying out their traditional and iconic dishes.

Lithuanian cuisine is a reflection of its culture with hearty vegetables and grains, coupled with dairy products that can keep you warm during your trip. However, you don’t need to worry if you can’t take a trip to Lithuanian to enjoy their cuisine right now. Check out our list of 10 best Lithuanian cookbooks below so you can bring their cuisine and in your kitchen in no time.

Taste Lithuania

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“Clearly-written recipes. Have enjoyed everything I have made from the book so far. Also, beautiful pictures of Lithuania throughout the book.”- lithfuller

“Taste Lithuania” is a collection of the most straightforward and most authentic Lithuania recipes from Ms. Nicholson. With the style, formatting and overall presentation from the author are so authentic and approachable, it will give you an insight into making traditional methods easier and faster with delicious taste and please everyone.

About the author: Beata Nicholson is the author of this book. There are also two other books by her that you can choose to read:

  • Beatos virtuve: Kepiniu knyga
  • Metai Beatos virtuveje

Baltic: New and Old Recipes from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

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 “Arrived in perfect condition, and it’s a great collection of Baltic recipes.” – Lauren Sics

This fascinating cookbook by Simon Bajada is inspired by spices from the Byzantine trade as well as traditional Soviet cuisine. Each recipe represents the culture and landscape as these unique countries reconnect with the past and accept new promises for the future.

“Baltic: New and Old Recipes from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania” displays the unique culinary landscapes of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Readers will find nearly seventy recipes celebrating intensely seasonal, creative, and whole cuisine. At the same time, readers will also quickly get an overview of the dish after finishing through beautiful photos that record the color and vibrancy of the actual product.

About the author: Simon Bajada is a famous and talented Australian travel and food photographer. He worked as a chef for about nine years before turning his hand to recipe development, food styling, and photography. This is considered a space where Bajada can apply and develop many of his inherent talents, especially travel and food photography.

Recently he moved to Sweden with his wife and two sons, where he has nurtured his love for food and landscape photography.

In this post, we also mention two other books of Simon Bajada, namely “The New Nordic: Recipes from a Scandinavian Kitchen” and “Nordic Light: Lighter, Everyday Eating from a Scandinavian Kitchen.”

My Food Odyssey – Lithuanian Cooking: Nine of my favourite traditional Lithuanian dishes

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“This book should be subtitled: The best of Lithuanian cuisine for the complete idiot and for anyone who loves food that tastes good.”- surlyc

This book takes you into a love story and a series of favorite traditional Lithuanian recipes. The author also includes a short introduction to her life in Lithuania and how the recipe was developed. Additionally, alternative ingredients are suggested to match where certain ingredients may be difficult to find.

In particular, the book also contains some stunning pictures of Lithuania’s landscape and wildlife. The author provides detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions with illustrated pictures as needed, making this book ideal for anyone even for beginners.

About the author: June Molloy Vladicka is an Irish writer living in Lithuania. In 2013, Vladicka and her husband bought a small homestead in Lithuania to grow vegetables and utilize the foods from local ingredients. You can follow more of June’s adventures and shares on her website,

The Food and Cooking of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Traditions, Ingredients, Tastes and Techniques in 60 Classic Recipes

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“A combination of cooking and history book that I found great. Worth the buy.” – Amazon Customer

Silvena Johen wants to present the traditional recipes of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania to help these dishes become accessible through this extraordinary cookbook.

Over 60 delicious recipes are divided into different chapters such as Soups; Appetizers, Dumplings and Side Dishes; Fish and Shellfish; Meat Dishes; and Desserts.  

This book contains more than 300 specially commissioned photos, and you can absorb a variety of influences as well as relish the rustic taste of these little-known cuisines.

About the author: Silvena Johenis the author of this book and has extensive experience in processing and displaying traditional dishes of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. This is the only book, so it contains all the essence of Silvena Johen’s culinary art.

A Lithuanian Cookbook for My Irish Wife (Cookbooks for my Irish Wife) (Volume 1)

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“The book advocates for the preservation of ethnic recipes and the joy of actually preparing them.”- Robert a. cruess

This book will bring you back to the fond memories of lovely family lunches. You will find recipes for biscuits as well as ethnic dishes like Kapusta (cabbage) Soup or Kugela (are) (potato pudding). Humorous and touching elements are also interwoven in each recipe.

About the author: Mike Sills used to be an environmental engineer but his true love for ethnic food is what inspires him the most. After his wife got into a serious car accident ten years ago, he took over the cooking for both of them. Mike received engineering degrees and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the University of Connecticut. He and his wife Claire live in Bedford, NH.

Art of Lithuanian Cooking

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“Love it the book reminds me of being a kid with my family and all the old dishes we ate as a kid!”- colter

This longtime favorite cookbook contains over 150 authentic Lithuanian recipes. Among the chapters included, you will be given a recipe for Vegetables & Salads, Appetizers & Breads, Noodle Dishes, Soups, Meat Dishes, Poultry & Game Dishes, Aspics, Dumplings & Egg Dishes, Pancakes, Garnishes & Sauces, Fish, Cakes & Desserts, and Drinks & Cocktails.

In particular, the book includes nearly 50 recipes for cakes and desserts to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. Besides, you’ll also find recipes for the traditional desserts served at Christmas and Easter. Easy step-by-step instructions are included to ensure that even beginners can create delicious, authentic Lithuanian meals.

About the author: Maria Gieysztor de Gorgey was born into a prominent Polish-Lithuanian family and is a travel specialist living in New York City. She wrote a bilingual Polish cookbook and also translated Podhale: A Guide to the Polish Highlands by Jan Gutt-Mostowy from the Polish.

Omaha Lithuanian Women’s Club Family Favorite Recipes

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“Loved the recipes.”- lat

In this book, you’ll find dozens of popular ethnic recipes that can last a few months without too much time and effort to collect. Recipes in “Omaha Lithuanian Women’s Club Family Favorite Recipes” have been meticulously selected and edited to make sure they are simple enough to prepare at home.

About the author: This cookbook is the first and only book by Omaha Lithuanian Women’s Club Members. The book is the crystallization of the author’s exquisite and expert insights on cuisine in general and the Lithuanian kitchen in particular.

Lithuanian Traditional Foods

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“Nice recipes, easy to make, a thumb up from Lithuanian people, all great and the food taste awesome, highly recommended”- Daniele Pellegata

This cookbook introduces unique traditional Lithuanian recipes. This book is suitable for those interested in traditional Lithuanian cooking or who simply want to broaden their culinary horizons. 23 color photos are also included to inspire your kitchen.

About the author: “Lithuanian Traditional Foods” cookbook is the combination of the talented authors B. Imbrasiene and Birute Imbrasiene. This is the first book with their contributions.

A Taste of Lithuanian Cooking by Raimonda Braddock (2007-08-02)

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“Wonderful cookbook”- Edward Mertz

This Lithuanian cookbook will bring recipes tailored to fit the busy American lifestyle while preserving the traditional Lithuanian flavors.

This is the book for everyone looking for something new in cuisine and interested in Lithuanian cooking. The author includes lots of pictures and techniques that prepare each step to inspire you.

About the author: Raimonda Braddock has a love for cooking since childhood and has extensive experience in processing traditional dishes of Lithuanian. This is the first and only book containing all the essence of the author’s culinary art.

The Best of Lithuanian Cooking: The Most Popular Recipes from the Hearty Baltic Cuisine

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“It’s a fabulous cookbook with authentic Lithuanian recipes made the way my mother used to make them. I love this cookbook and anyone wanting to experience Lithuanian cuisine needs to buy this book.”- Roma Kachinas

Coming to this book, the author will share the traditional comfort food and take you into an authentic Lithuanian kitchen. Classic recipes, including potato zeppelins, minced meat cutlets, yeast-risen pancakes, curd cheesecake, will bring the taste of this unpretentious, comforting, and wholesome cuisine to your table.

The book is also complete with clear instructions and attractive colorful food photos. With the most popular breakfast food, main courses, appetizer, and dessert recipes inside, you can quickly and easily prepare a full traditional Lithuanian meal at home.

About the author: Milda Brighton is a cooking aficionado and loves ethnic cuisine. She also manages a blog dedicated to Lithuanian cuisine ( This is where she shares useful information about local ingredients, food culture, culinary heritage, and new recipes.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Lithuanian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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