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10 Best Eastern European Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Each country has its own customs and habits, especially in its culinary culture. Set foot in the country of Eastern Europe, visit magnificent works, beautiful landscapes … but do not forget to enjoy the best dishes, because each dish has its own characteristics and traditional regional flavors.

If you have chosen Eastern European countries as a destination for your adventure, do not forget to treat your stomach with the most typical breakfast dishes of each Eastern European country. On the other hand, you can refer to the 10 Eastern European cookbooks that we recommend below for the most authentic experience without going far.

Beyond Borscht: Old-World Recipes from Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Poland & More

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“Easy to follow instructions, good range of recipes.”- M.G.

Coming to this beautiful collection of recipes you can bring warm, fresh, and savory flavors of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and beyond into your kitchen. The simple instructions together with the treasure trove of old dishes that the author has provided will help you to recreate the perfect dish.

Wherever you are, the classic Eastern European dishes will be easily captured thanks to the convenient cooking tips that the author has revealed. With this book, you can dive into:

  • Timeless recipes: Smoked Salmon and Caviar Blini, Beef and Cheese Piroshki (hand pies), and Classic Beef Borscht.
  • Epic main dishes: Plov (Beef and Garlic Rice Pilaf), Shashliki (Shish Kebabs), and Potato Latkes with Chicken.
  • Desserts: Russian Tea Cookies, Sweet Cherry Pierogi, and Poppy Seed Roll.

About the author: Tatyana Nesteruk was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and raised in the United States. She is the cookbook author and creator of Tatyana’s Everyday Food. The author has appeared on Today and Good Day Sacramento. She currently lives in Sacramento, California.

Mamushka: Recipes from Ukraine and Eastern Europe

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“This is a well written and beautifully photographed cookbook”- ELLEZEE

Celebrations of Eastern Europe’s culinary, flavor and heritage – from the Black Sea to Baku, Kiev to Kazakhstan will be featured in more than 100 recipes of fresh, delicious dishes from this dynamic region. This great cookbook includes beloved recipes, stunning photography, and fascinating culinary stories.

You will be instructed to make broths and soups to bread and pastries, vegetables and salads to meat and fish, dumplings and pastas to mixes and jams. In addition, the author also suggests some of her favorite dishes like a Moldovan giant cheese twist and garlicky poussins, to sublime desserts like apricot and sour cherry pie, a birthday sponge cake with ice cream, strawberries, and meringue.

Simple cooking techniques and a unique combination of new flavors, vibrant colors, seasonal ingredients, this captivating cookbook promise to take you on a diverse culinary tour and Eastern European deliciousness.

About the author: Olia Hercules was born in Ukraine, lived in Cyprus for 5 years, then moved to London to study for a bachelor’s degree in Italian and to become a master of Russian and English. She is a highly regarded chef, food stylist, and writer.

Olia appeared on The Food Network, started an online startup (The Recipe Kit), and contributed articles and videos to the Guardian. She was named the Rising Star of 2015. 

Chef Baba Cookbook: Eastern European Cuisine

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“Great cookbook with many familiar delicious family recipes.”- Lois Lane Jane

This masterful version of the cookbook contains a variety of recipes by an 85-year-old Eastern European grandmother living in America. Popular demand from Chef Baba fans has prompted the author’s son to leave his smartphone to help her announce this legendary cooking secret.

You can begin to explore chef Baba’s authentic recipes that have been passed down for generations. You can find tips for preparing classic Eastern European dishes including Sarma, Meat Crepes, Gibanica, Lepinjice, Keks Torta, Krofne, and more!

About the author: Miroslava Perge was born in Yugoslavia, immigrated to the United States in 1974 with her husband and three children. The author’s Chef Baba contains more than 600 recipes from Old Country, so the sharing and dissemination of the author’s amazing secret recipes continue.

The Eastern and Central European Kitchen: Contemporary & Classic Recipes

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“The recipes are authentic, with the same wonderful flavors we enjoyed in that part of the world.”- Damazinah

“The Eastern and Central European Kitchen” is a collection of recipes with fresh ingredients and exotic flavors of Central and Eastern Europe. These recipes are gaining traction in today’s Western gourmet shops and restaurants.

You can experience a culinary tradition spanning generations and indulge in some typical dishes such as goulash, stroganoff, pierogi, and borscht. Aside from great recipes, the book is also attached to photos of food farms, markets, homes, large cafes, and restaurants in Eastern and Central Europe.

About the author: Silvena Rowe is a cookbook author and leading expert on Central and Eastern European cuisine. Silvena does not publish many cookbooks, but each of the author’s works has received high praise from customers. “Purple Citrus and Sweet Perfume: Cuisine of the Eastern Mediterranean” is another author’s cookbook.

Hello! 365 Eastern European Recipes: Best Eastern European Cookbook Ever For Beginners

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“Well- written and easy instructions for interesting recipes”-Amazon Customer

Coming to this cookbook, the author will introduce a range of the best Eastern European dishes and give you freedom in the kitchen. The book is divided into separate chapters with healthy and easy-to-follow recipes.

  • Chapter 1: Czech Recipes
  • Chapter 2: Hungarian Recipes
  • Chapter 3: Polish Recipes
  • Chapter 4: Russian Recipes
  • Chapter 5: Amazing Eastern European Recipes

Unique cooking techniques and authentic ingredients have been incorporated into recipes to create an authentic local dish. In particular, you’ll enjoy the fact that the ingredients you need are easy to find and can be found almost anywhere. The recipes provided by the author will amaze you from your kitchen to your dining table.

About the author: Mr. Walls and Mr. World are two culinary book authors who combined to create this cookbook. In addition, they have contributed together to publish several cookbooks from many other countries around the world such as:

  • Hello! 365 Greek Recipes: Best Greek Cookbook Ever For Beginners [Slow-Cooker Greek Recipes, Greek Desserts Cookbook, Greek Yogurt Cookbook, Mediterranean Fish Cookbook, Salmon Salad Recipe] [Book 1]
  • Hello! 365 Thai Recipes: Best Thai Cookbook Ever For Beginners [Thai Vegetarian Cookbook, Thai Dessert Cookbook, Thai Slow Cooker Cookbook, Grilling Seafood Cookbook, Thai Curry Recipe] [Book 1]
  • Hello! 365 Japanese Recipes: Best Japanese Cookbook Ever For Beginners [Ramen Noodle Cookbook, Japanese Dessert Cookbook, Japanese Curry Cookbook, Rice Ball Cookbook, Sushi Roll Cookbook] [Book 1]
  • Hello! 365 Italian Recipes: Best Italian Cookbook Ever For Beginners [Lasagna Recipe, Italian Vegetable Cookbook, Italia Bread Cookbook, Italian Pastry … Italian Slow Cooker Cookbook] [Book 1]

The Eastern European Cookbook

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“Wonderful history and a nice variety of recipes that have not been modernized like many ethnic cookbooks. Great reading and salad recipes.”-Lori

“The Eastern European Cookbook” is divided into nine parts with recipes spread across many countries such as Russia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Yugoslavia, and Albania. You can embark on an exciting culinary journey while traveling from country to country right inside the book.

You will encounter a lot of familiar dishes but cooked in the style of other countries as well as novel dishes that stimulate your curiosity. Ingredients and spices are also tailored to the taste of most of us.

About the author: Kay Shaw Nelson is a freelance culinary writer. As an experienced and knowledgeable person in world cuisine, Kay has written many other great cookbooks such as:

  • The Scottish-Irish Pub and Hearth Cookbook: Recipes and Lore from Celtic Kitchens
  • All Along the Rhine: Recipes, Wines and Lore from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Holland: Recipes, Wines and Lore from Germany, … Austria, Liechtenstein, and Holland
  • Cuisines of the Alps: Recipes, Drinks, and Lore From France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia (Hippocrene Cookbook Library)
  • Cuisines of the Caucasus Mountains: Recipes, Drinks, and Lore from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia: Recipes, Drinks, and Lore from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia

Generations: A Collection of Polish and Eastern European Recipes Handed Down for Over 100 Years

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“It is beautifully written and is collections of authentic Eastern European recipes handed down for generations!”- Linda Patrick

As a way to preserve the legacies of previous generations, the author has compiled this cookbook to share with you seasonal and festive recipes that have been passed down for 5 generations. At the same time, the author also gives you interesting stories and memories about the recipe’s origins.

You can own a collection of timeless cherished recipes that will delight you. You’ll find implementation instructions for outstanding vegetarian soups, salads, and appetizers, and unique and hearty soups, sweet and savory pierogi recipes, secretly protected desserts, including several kolache recipes, and more!

About the author: The cookbook “Generations: A Collection of Polish and Eastern European Recipes Handed Down for Over 100 Years” was written by the author Myra Gaziano, who has a deep understanding of Eastern European cuisine. This is the first author’s cookbook.

Ukrainian Style Recipes: Your Go-To Cookbook of Eastern European Dish Ideas!

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“Easy to follow recipes in one nifty book.”- Markian Rekshynskyj

This cookbook will show you that Ukraine’s climate and geography are a great help in the production of a wide variety of food here. They have access to dairy and meat products, vegetables and fruits, grains, nuts, eggs, and oils. Besides, they harvest fish from the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov.

Some Eastern European dish ideas are often served with potato dumplings (varenyky), stuffed cabbage rolls (holubtsi), Ukrainian meals include cabbage borscht, deep-fried potatoes (Kartoplia Solimkoi), cornbread stuffing (nachynka), and so on.

About the author: Carla Hale is originally from Scotland. She was a mother, a wife, and a proclaimed cook for many years. Carla regularly shares recipes with people because she feels happy doing them.

75 Tasty Eastern European Recipes: Eastern European Cookbook – Your Best Friend Forever

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“I have learned many ways to cook new dishes thanks to this book. Good! ”- Amazon Customer

In this cookbook, the author will share with you a list of 75 Eastern European recipes and give you freedom in the kitchen. You can access many easy-to-follow recipes, including:

  • Dumpling Recipes
  • Cucumber Salad Recipe
  • Cabbage Roll Cookbook
  • Fried Rice Recipe
  • Baked Bean Recipes
  • Cabbage Soup Recipe
  • Brioche Bread Cookbook

Most recipes favor using local ingredients in their processing, so it is not difficult to find the necessary ingredients in any local market. The dishes will bring you new and unforgettable taste experiences.

About the author: Mary Sullivan was born and raised in the Eastern European area. “75 Tasty Eastern European Recipes” is the author’s first cookbook demonstrating her longtime passion, talent, and culinary experience.

345 Yummy Eastern European Recipes: Greatest Yummy Eastern European Cookbook of All Time

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“The recipes are so simple and contain ingredients I like”-Amazon Customer

The purpose of this cookbook is to take you on an effortless and straightforward cooking journey with 345 yummy Eastern European recipes. In this book, the author focuses on Eastern European cooking with a complete set of unique but simple dishes. You will be surprised by the dishes that are so simple, but the taste is quite amazing.

Here is some preview of Eastern European recipes in this book:

  • Beef Stroganoff Recipe
  • Polish Cookbook
  • Ground Beef Recipes
  • Egg Salad Recipes
  • Russian Recipes Cookbook
  • Eastern European Cookbook
  • Hungarian Recipes

About the author: Johnnie Martin is a chef and author of prestigious culinary books. Johnnie is quite knowledgeable about Eastern European cuisines. The culinary expertise that the author has is featured in this book. The author also has some other cookbook, such as:

  • 333 Yummy UK and Ireland Recipes: A Yummy UK and Ireland Cookbook to Fall In Love With
  • 365 Yummy Asian Recipes: Happiness is When You Have a Yummy Asian Cookbook!
  • 350 Yummy Sausage Recipes: Making More Memories in your Kitchen with Yummy Sausage Cookbook!
  • 333 Yummy Mexican Appetizer Recipes: Start a New Cooking Chapter with Yummy Mexican Appetizer Cookbook!
  • 333 Yummy Tuna Recipes: Keep Calm and Try Yummy Tuna Cookbook

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Eastern European cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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