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10 Authentic Dominican Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Although the cuisine of the Dominican Republic is little known, their cuisines are a fascinating blend of many cultures, from Taino, African, and European to influences by immigrants. This has made a significant contribution to Dominican cuisine. Here is a list of 10 best Dominican cookbooks for you to experience the unique dishes of this country at home in your family’s kitchenette.

Authentic Dominican Recipes: Your Cookbook for Dominican Breakfasts, Dinners & Desserts

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“Including many of the basic Dominican dishes.”- Amable

Dominican dishes always have a distinct accent, authentic appeal, and distinctive Caribbean flavor that cannot be accurately reproduced from the culinary scene of any other country.

From side dishes and desserts to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the author has shared delicious Dominican recipes through this helpful book, to help you prepare successfully Dominica meals at home.

About the author: Anthony Boundy is a food blogger with a deep understanding of many cuisines in the world. If you love her recipes, you can read some of her other popular books:

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  • The Soup for Everyone Cookbook: Enjoy the Comfort of Soup

Most Popular Dominican Recipes – Quick & Easy: A Cookbook of Essential Food Recipes Direct from the Dominican Republic

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“Well-written with perfect recipes and flavors”-Amazon Customer

This cookbook focuses on 23 favorite dishes of the people of the Dominican Republic. You will learn how to prepare popular dishes and authentic recipes that you will come across as you step into any Dominican home.

About the author: Grace Barrington-Shaw is a historian and a chef specializing in Caribbean cuisine. In addition, she has worked across the Islands and managed kitchens at some top resorts across the islands for a long time. Grace Barrington-Shaw was born and raised in Jamaica but is settling down in America.

Delightfully Delicious Dominican Food: A sneak peek on 30 Amazing Dominican Recipes!

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“Easy to understand and very much yummy dishes!”- ALM

Delightfully Delicious Dominican Food: A sneak peek on 30 Amazing Dominican Recipes!” is a collection of great recipes that you should have on your record. Through 30 included recipes will help you learn many new cooking techniques to save time, effort, and please everyone!

The book is divided into chapters such as:

  • Dominican Breakfast
  • Special Rice Recipes
  • Popular Dominican Casseroles
  • Dominican Desserts
  • Dinner Delights of Dominican Republic

About the author: April Blomgren is a good culinary writer with rich culinary experience as well as unique cooking techniques. She also has a hobby of cooking and hosting friends and family every weekend.

Mamá Pura’s recipes: English Black & White Edition (Dominican Cooking)

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“This book has some great recipes in it, and also has some good stories as a background in it as well.”-Matt Perrone

Mamá Pura’s Recipes” is the English version for the first volume in the collection of traditional recipes of “” In this book, you will have access to the best and most popular recipes of Dominica.

About the author: Arturo Féliz-Camilo was born into a Dominican family in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In 2010, he founded and to promote Dominican-style cuisine and recipes. Arturo Féliz-Camilo also has numerous nationally and internationally recognized cookbooks, winning 5 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, including a “Best of the Last 25 Years”, and “Best in the World” awards.

In this article, the author’s book “The best of Dominican Desserts: 10 traditional desserts from Quisqueya (Dominican Cooking Book 3)” will also be mentioned below.

The best of Dominican Desserts: 10 traditional desserts from Quisqueya (Dominican Cooking Book 3)

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“I love this cookbook. Very true to tradition”- Kindle Customer

Desserts are also a very interesting part of Dominican cuisine. Traditional Dominican desserts are delicious, rich in fresh natural organic ingredients, abundant in vitamins and nutrients.

In this book, the best traditional and delicious desserts from the heart of the Caribbean: Dominican Republic were selected by two Dominican master chefs to introduce to you.

About the author: This book also includes contributions from Zobeira Gil-Ramos. Zobeira Yamiris Gil-Ramos is a traditional Dominican chef, dessert, and cake specialist. She is a co-founder of traditional food blogs of Dominica,, and

Dominican Cookbook

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“I love all of the recipes. A good book to have to help cook those childhood meals.”- Lulu Belle

In this comprehensive cookbook, the author will present you with a collection of popular Dominican recipes. Besides, with basic tips and unique cooking techniques, you can be completely confident to succeed with every recipe in this book.

About the author: Maria Ramirez De Carias is a talented chef who has dedicated a lot of dedication and time to the collection and development of traditional Dominican cuisines. Besides the English versions of this book, you can also find a Spanish version – La Cocina Dominicana.

How to Cook Dominican Style

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“They are all beautifully illustrated and well explained.”- Lindsay de Feliz

“How to Cook Dominican Style” includes over 35 signature Dominican recipes based on the Mari’s Cakes blog. This book gives you a quick, easy guide to making delicious Dominican fares. In addition, the author also provides detailed step-by-step instructions and personal notes so that your cooking can go smoothly.

About the author: Mari Núñez is a talented culinary expert and cookbook writer. The author not only writes cookbooks in English but also has Spanish versions for you to easily access.

  • Cómo Cocinar al Estilo Dominicano (Spanish Edition)
  • Tendencias y tecnologías emergentes en investigación e innovación educativa (Análisis y Estudios) (Spanish Edition)
  • Holiday Cakes (Spanish Edition)
  • Holiday Cakes

Healthy Cooking with Dominican Flavor: Enjoy the benefits of cooking with coconut oil

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“Authentic, healthy and easy!”- Raychee Marie

Here, this book will provide you with some of the finest Dominican recipes. The author not only gives clear and short instructions but also includes colorful illustrations. You’ll find healthy and nourishing recipes for meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks with the unique Caribbean flavor easily.

About the author: Madeline Lewis is living in the Dominican Republic with her husband and two beautiful children. Lewis chose to sell his successful business in the US to move to DR and spend more time with his children.

Vegan Caribbean Dominican Cookbook: 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free & Soy Free

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“I’m interested in creating authentic Dominican dishes in this book”- Amazon Customer

This cookbook includes over 50 vegan recipes that are completely soy-free, gluten-free, and 100% plant-based. Here is a collection of recipes used at the author’s restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL. Besides simple recipes, Victoria Amador has also tried to include recipes that can be used for special occasions.

About the author: Victoria Amador is the founder and manager of several companies throughout the years. She has a strong passion for her vegan restaurant cleaning and management business that focuses on providing 100% plant-based meals.

Not Just Another Paleo Cookbook: The Caribbean Collection: Gluten-Free & Low Carb Recipes For Authentic Cuban, Dominican And Puerto Rican Cooking!

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“Amazing book. Very helpful and creative. Delicious recipes that were easy to make.”- Sarah Montilla

This book will provide you with delicious, easy-to-make Caribbean recipes with new, robust, and exciting flavors. Paleo recipes not only keep you healthy but also satisfy your taste buds.

In this book you can explore:

  • Clear & simple directions anyone can follow. No guessing, compromising taste or convenience.
  • How to make amazingly-savory Dominican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican Paleo meals.
  • Absolutely everything you need – your paleo grocery list so you know exactly what to get at the store.
  • Nutritional information to help you to keep an eye on your calorie intake.
  • And much more!

About the author: Angelique Winters has brought us a comprehensive cookbook worth bringing it right into your kitchen. “Not Just Another Ketogenic Cookbook: The Starter Kit” is another author’s book.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Dominican cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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