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10 Best Bosnian Cookbooks Full Of The Best And Most Authentic Recipes Of Bosnia

Are you planning a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina and want to learn about Bosnian food before you go? Or are you intrigued by Bosnian cuisine and want to cook traditional Bosnian dishes yourself in your family kitchenette? Let’s explore this article of us.

Around the world, the Balkans is known to be an area of ​​hearty dishes, with recipes dating back centuries. With a fascinating history, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a culinary country influenced by cultures and nations.

To help you make your plans come true, we’ve put together a great list of the 10 best Bosnian cookbooks in this post. They will be a great resource to bring Bosnian cuisine to your family table.

The Lost Chef: Hajro Dizdar and the art of Bosnian Cooking

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“Well composed cookbook with all the core recipes of Bosnia. Each recipe had a picture which is very helpful.”- Anonymous

This cookbook contains a story about a Chef getting lost in a war and the recipes he has collected. At the same time, it provides a glimpse of a man’s life, true stories about an area ravaged by food, and the food he provides for his family.

The author guides you through modern and simple Bosnian cooking with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and a plate philosophy.

Thereby, you can quickly cook up regional favorites to tantalize your family members.

About the author: Leila Chalk nee Lejla Bosnjak is an author, lawyer, and chef. She was born in Australia and raised in Bosnia. In 1994, Leila and her immediate family escaped the war and lived for 15 months in a detention center in Varazdin, Croatia.

Balkan Comfort Food: Home Cooking From The Heart

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“The pictures in this book are amazing, as are the recipes.”- Amazon Customer

In this book, you can discover the unique combination of flavors from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and European Turkey.

The book contains more than 50 delicious recipes and attractive photos of favorite dishes from the Balkans.

Even if you are not familiar with the cuisine of this place, you can still find dishes that you love and satisfy.

About the author: Jas Brechtl is a chef and author of prestigious culinary books. He is quite knowledgeable about many different cuisines in Europe. The culinary expertise that the author has is featured in this book.

Ultimate Balkan cookbook: TOP 35 Balkan dishes that you can cook right now (Balkan food)

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“They look mouthwatering and very easy!”- Ingdur

In the pages of this book, the author will provide you with 35 authentic recipes.

All of these recipes are the ones you can’t find on the Internet because they are tightly guarded by Balkan mothers and passed down from generation to generation.

You will learn 20 different main dishes such as Bosanski Ionac (Bosnian pot stew), Sarmic od zelja (green rolls), or prebranac (Serbian baked beans). Besides, the book also includes 9 kinds of appetizers and 5 desserts such as Baklava and authentic gibanica.

About the author: Slavka Bodic was born in the Balkans, and lives in the former Yugoslavia. The author has tried to present only recipes that mothers have been making for decades, without adding “modern food”.

Visit so you can continue to see traditional Armenian recipes from Slavka Bodic.

Slavka Bodic is also a co-author of the book “Balkan and Mediterranean: 55 Easy Recipes for Family and Friends (Balkan food Book 3)”, which will be introduced later.

Balkan and Mediterranean: 55 Easy Recipes for Family and Friends

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“An awesome perspective, a bigger number of statistical data points than pictures.”- young san, Choi

A meal prepared in the warm family kitchen is definitely what makes our soul warm. Cooking at home not only ensures food safety but also serves any favorite dish you want.

This cookbook offers you 55 delicious and nutritious traditional dishes for every occasion from the Balkans, Bosnians, and the Mediterranean.

Besides the plethora of meat, poultry, and seafood options, the author also recommends a variety of vegan dishes. The detailed explained simple recipes will help even beginners easily complete the dishes.

Cuisine of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Unexplored tastes of Southern Slavs

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“Good recipe, good results, detailed instructions. I love this book ”-Amazon Customer

When it comes to European, French, or Italian cuisine, these are the notable big boys that we think of first. Eastern and Southern European countries are often not too familiar to us. However, that’s where the coolest and most exotic European flavors come into play.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to hearty meals that blend unimaginable flavors, offering a uniquely delicious experience. The instructions provided by the author will be extremely helpful for you to be a tribute to all dishes.

About the author: Lukas Prochazka is a chef and author born in a small town in Central Europe. He is an expert in ethnic cuisines and an author of cookbooks primarily focused on Europe. 

Taste of Bosnian Cuisine

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“This book does a great job of introducing this country’s cuisine. These are recipes from a personal kitchen and are warm and wonderful.”- The Pod

Bosnian cuisine will suggest delicious and healthy foods and drinks. You will be instructed to prepare meals with rich and delicious meat.

This Bosnian cookbook includes more than 130 recipes, bringing to your table the best dishes from traditional Bosnian cuisine. Even if you are not a professional chef, you still have the confidence to master all the recipes.

About the author: Goce Nikolovski is the author of this book. He has written many cookbooks, not only his own but also some in collaboration with other authors. Some remarkable books he has written are:

  • Taste of Guyanese Cuisine (Caribbean Cuisine Book 1)
  • Taste of Ecuadorian Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 10)
  • Taste of Salvadoran Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 14)
  • Taste of Chilean Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 4)
  • Taste of Paraguayan Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 9)
  • Taste of Panamanian Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 16)
  • Taste of Armenian Cuisine 
  • Taste of Albanian Cuisine (Balkan Cuisine Book 4)

Cooking in Croatia & Bosnia: 425 Croatian and Bosnian Recipes

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“This book has clear, easy-to-follow recipes that make one of the world’s great cuisines accessible. yum, yum, yum!”- Sandor Katz

“Cooking in Croatia & Bosnia: 425 Croatian and Bosnian Recipes” is a cookbook designed with the aim of restoring your passion for cooking in the American kitchen.

The author will reveal various recipes ranging from appetizers, main courses, soups, and dessert dishes. Specifically, you can find some delicious recipes that include eggplant mousaka, catfish in cream, goose stuffed with chestnuts, and a host of other delicious dishes.

About the author: “Cooking in Croatia & Bosnia: 425 Croatian and Bosnian Recipes” written by Karmela Kis. This is the author’s first and only cookbook up to now.

21 Bosnian Traditional Recipes

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“The book does not have many recipes, but each of them is very quality.” – Amazon Customer

“21 Bosnian Traditional Recipes” synthesizes receptions that come directly from the tradition of Bosnian. Healthy and delicious food and drinks are the top priorities and choices for the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Traditional Bosnian food is often prepared with meat and it is also an ingredient of some of Bosnian’s most popular dishes such as bosanski lonac, burek, ćevapi, begova čorba, and grah.

In this cookbook, the authors have included 21 of the most beloved traditional recipes to please the diners.

About the author: This cookbook was co-produced by Dino Omerdić and Alen Omerdić. With their knowledge of Bosnian and Herzegovina cuisine as well as healthy foods, they have used this book to share their recipes with everybody around the world.

The Balkan Heritage: The Great Balkan Cookbook for the Explorer

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“The recipes that I have followed turned out amazing results”- Amazone Customer

Through this cookbook, you will get many interesting things when enjoying Balkan cuisine such as rich cultural taste. The dishes will create intimacy and accessibility for you to quickly love this culinary paradise.

Unlike in fairy tales, the Balkans often live between beauty and ash, which is precisely reflected in their meal. The detailed instructions and specific illustrations are indispensable for you to be successful at home dishes.

Try this excellent cookbook and you will be amazed at how delicious the dishes are.

About the author: Molly Mills is a cookbook author. She has a lot of editions sharing her recipes and cooking styles that can be applied in any kitchen. Other cookbooks by Molly Mills:

  • Multicooker Miracles: Your Multicooker Recipe Collection
  • From the Classic Buffalo and Beyond: 30+ Ways to Feed your Chicken Wings Obsession
  • Fish Cookbook: Simple and Gorgeously Healthy Fish Recipes

Croatian Cookbook: Enjoy the Taste of 100 Traditional and New Croatian Cuisine

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“All the recipes seem accessible for any level of cook.”- Kelly Atkins

Croatian cuisine is very unique and is characterized by rich diversity. In this book, the author will show you the noteworthy differences in cooking and food choices in coastal and inland areas.

You will find Croatian, Balkan, and Bosnian flavors in the dishes here. The book will cover their main cooking methods like baking, grilling, roasting, and stewing. The implementation instructions for each recipe will also be revealed to smooth your cooking process.

About the author: Ana Horvat is a Croatian chef. Born and raised here, the author is knowledgeable about Croatian, Bosnian, and Balkan cuisine. The best Croatian dishes were selected and packaged by the author in this first cookbook.

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