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10 Authentic Bavarian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

With its geographical location in the heart of Europe, Germany becomes an intersection point between many diverse cultures. Since then, culinary culture also has an influence

. Bavarian dishes are indispensable when it comes to Germany, you will be lost in a rich culinary treasure that you will never forget when you once enjoy it.

The state of Bavaria is not only famous for its poetic landscape but also has some of the best dishes in German cuisine. 10 best Bavarian cookbooks are what you should refer to officially bring food to your family table.

Bavarian Cooking: A Bavarian Cookbook with Authentic Bavarian Recipes

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“Everything shared in this book has helped me a lot in the process of cooking at home” -Amazon Customer

This cookbook takes you on an easy journey to discover the joy of cooking. Not only this book but also other cookbooks of the author wishes to express the easy nature of simple cooking.

You will be provided with a complete collection of simple but very unique Bavarian recipes. The recipes will impress you because it is simple in processing but the taste is quite amazing.

About the author: BookSumo Press is an easy, unique, and healthy cookbook publisher. Their cookbook will help you to cook with any ingredients. All BookSumo Press cookbooks are accessible and straightforward.

Bavarian cookbook: Original, fresh & authentic

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“The recipe tastes delicious, authentic Bavarian, and easy to follow.”-Amazon Customer

“Bavarian cookbook: Original, fresh & authentic” will take you on an exciting adventure of Bavarian cuisine. The authors want to authentically reproduce the traditional dishes and flavors of the culinary scene here.

You won’t need to worry about the steps it takes as each recipe is described and explained in detail so you can follow it easily. Wherever you are, with this book you can enjoy a fresh authentic taste in Bavarian cuisine.

About the author: This cookbook was made by Florian Lechner and Tanja Timme. They combined experiences in Bavarian culinary processing to create this book. “Bavarian cookbook: Original, fresh & authentic” is also their first book.

Biergarten Cookbook: Traditional Bavarian Recipes

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“The book has beautiful pictures, is nicely laid out and has some delicious options!”- Nicole

As one of Bavaria’s most loved locations, Biergarten is famous for its bright yellow draft beer under the shade of a chestnut tree and homemade Bavarian dishes. This book will show you what is most essential to creating any of these magical Bavarian dishes.

The author will provide and guide you to make the most delicious recipes of Bavaria. You will find dishes such as Obazda cheese, sausage salad, meat rolls, roast pork, cheese sauce, dumplings, and traditional Bavarian desserts or cakes.

About the author: Julia Skowronek is a Bavarian and lives in Munich. She trained professionally as a chef, then she wrote cookbooks and styled food, mainly delicate everyday dishes. The author also has a number of other books that will be featured in this article such as:

  • Oktoberfest Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the World’s Greatest Beer Festival
  • Die echte bayerische Küche. Traditional Bavarian Cooking (German and English Edition)

Oktoberfest Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the World’s Greatest Beer Festival

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“It has beautiful pictures and includes recipes for all kinds of typical Oktoberfest food.”- NicoleMe

This cookbook will introduce you to all of your favorite recipes from Munich’s beer tents: sauerkraut, sausage, sauerkraut, and more. In addition, you will find 50 recipes for both traditional and modern Bavarian dishes.

You can find recipes for snacks and soups, meat and vegetarian dishes, desserts, and sweets. In particular, the author will reveal tips, tips, and colorful photos to best recreate the Oktoberfest atmosphere.

Die echte bayerische Küche. Traditional Bavarian Cooking (German and English Edition)

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“Great book! Recipes are authentic (at least those I tried) and utterly delicious.”- L. De Rose

If you love German beers, pork, wursts, and spuds, the book is for you. You can find almost every meal from your childhood here. Each recipe is described concisely, detailed, and easy to follow so that you can master the dishes quickly.

In addition, the beautiful illustrations will be a source of motivation for you to enter the kitchen to cook dishes.

Bavarian Cooking

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“I really love this book, there is a bit of knowledge about the Bavarian State in this cookbook. Very well made book.”- Dolores

This cookbook is commented on by German Life as a guide for those who want to know the heart and soul of Bavarian cooking. Recipes are embedded in the cultures that breed them and delight home and professional chefs.

The author includes over 300 recipes of Old Bavaria, Franconia, and Swabia easily prepared at home. Besides, you will find a folded map/calendar of Bavaria.

In addition, the book also includes a chart listing the spices commonly used in dishes; and terminology and measurement definition; and more. Furthermore, “Bavarian Cooking” is sprinkled with Bavarian information and colorful illustrations.

About the author: Olli Leeb is a good food writer. This is one of the cookbooks that present and demonstrate the effects of traditional Bavarian cuisine on the author. You can refer to some other Olli Leeb’s books:

  • My Favorite Cookies from the Old Country: Loved Recipes Assembled
  • Bayerische Leibspeisen: Altbaiern, Franken, Schwaben
  • Garment Care – Stain Removal Made Easy – Laundering and Cleaning of Exclusive Fabrics and Leather
  • Coffee, cappuccino, espresso, and much more
  • Kaffee, Espresso, Cappuccino und vieles mehr

My bavarian Cookbook

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“Excellent cookbook with loads of wonderful recipes.”-Kate

This book captures the quintessence of good Bavarian cooking. Each recipe is attached with gorgeous photos.

Especially, these recipes do not require complicated ingredients or involve too many steps which help you to discover the taste of Bavarian dishes easily.

About the author: Alfons Schuhbeck was born and raised in Bavaria and has a reputation for German cuisine.

In addition to being a chef and announcer, the author is also a businessman, restaurant owner, and online food dealer, pub, seasoning shop, ice cream shop, two restaurants, and a cooking school.

“The German Cookbook” is the next book by Alfons Schuhbeck will be mentioned in this article.

The German Cookbook

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“This pretty much covers everything – clear & concise.”- Aunty Tatty

The author will bring you 500 recipes including traditional favorites – from snacks to desserts, meat, poultry, and fish, to potatoes, dumplings, and noodles. You will gain insight into German and Bavarian food, history, culture, and recipes.

This book not only introduces you to the culinary cultural history of this country but also introduces the origins of classic recipes.

The step-by-step instructions provided by the author will help you to perfect the dishes at home quickly and easily.

Bavarian Cooking: Simply heavenly!

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“The recipes are simple and the taste is great than what I was expecting. ”-Aliza

When it comes to Germany, we cannot ignore Bavarian cuisine. All the dishes are made with ingredients that you can buy at any supermarket.

The recipes have simplified steps and detailed explanations, making it possible for you to complete every dish that the author offers to satisfy every member of your family.

About the author: Günter Schweizer is the author of this cookbook and has extensive experience in processing traditional dishes of Bavarian. This is the first and only book containing all the essence of the author’s culinary art.

Classic Recipes of Germany: Traditional Food and Cooking in 25 Authentic Dishes

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“This is a good cookbook, the recipes are easy and the cookies taste good.”-Amazon Customer

“Classic Recipes of Germany: Traditional Food and Cooking in 25 Authentic Dishes” will give you a great opportunity to explore the rich and varied delight of German cuisine.

Coming to this stylish book, the author will introduce 25 beautifully presented classic recipes. The instructions revealed by the author will help you quickly master the dishes such as traditional Bavarian Meat Bread, Lebkuchen, and Black Forest Gateau.

About the author: Mirko Trenkner is an author and chef specializing in German cuisine. The author has devoted a lot of enthusiasm to the collection, development, and creation of recipes to popularize them with everyone.

Mirko is also co-author of the book “The Food and Cooking of Germany: Traditions & Ingredients in 60 Regional Recipes & 300 Photographs”.

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