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6 Authentic Vietnamese Dessert Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Dessert is an indispensable dish in almost every country globally. However, it seems not to be a must-dish in Vietnamese families’ everyday meals, and most people rarely know the recipes. Indeed, Vietnam has an endless list of desserts with various flavors and textures that you can find in fresh markets, street stalls, and restaurants throughout Vietnam. Therefore, let’s check out 6 Vietnamese dessert cookbooks we introduce in this article.

Vietnamese desserts: Easy and Vietnamese desserts Recipes Cookbook.can make at home.

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“Pleased with the way recipes are shown” – Michael

Among sweet dishes around the world, Vietnamese desserts stand out for the unique, creative ingredients added in preparing them. In Vietnamese desserts, Beverly J. Say has brought along 19 easy recipes covering from classic delicacies like Che to the modern updated dishes. You will see that Che is referred to any pudding, dessert soup and beverage in Vietnam, made from kidney beans, mung beans, cassava, taro, tapioca, jelly. At the same time, baked and steamed sweet dishes point to “banh” as Mango creme caramel, coffee cupcake, steamed banana cake, and many much more.

Besides, Vietnamese dessert also including some favorites loved by both locals and visitors such as coffee ice-cream, Vietnam banana, and coconut ice-cream, and Vietnamese Iced Coffee Milkshake. All of the recipes are presented under the format of step-by-step instructions with suggested skill level so that you could choose which one to cook first.

About the author: The author of this cookbook is Beverly J. Say. Though being a foreigner writing about another country culinary, the author has investigated and brought the local dessert recipes into the book comprehensively.

Not Just Pho Vietnamese Cookbook: The Abundance of Vietnamese Cuisine

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“This book makes me open my eyes” – Hannah

In terms of Vietnamese cooking, the first thing people notice before tasting it is the aroma. The heavenly scent is so pleasant that mainly due to the herbs and spices included in most dishes, and dessert is one of them. From investigating and trying, the author figured out that what really stands out about Vietnamese cuisine is the flavor pairs such as sweet and salty, sweet and sour, refreshingly cool and comfortably warm.

As shown in the name, everybody knows that there is a wide range of Vietnamese dishes waiting for you to enjoy besides the typical, Pho. Regarding the dishes to wrap up a perfect meal, this book introduces two significant sweet delicacies, including Banh Beo and Sweet Corn Pudding (Che bap). The instructions are thoughtfully presented with detailed steps, so no obstacle could prevent you from making those delights.

About the author: The author of this cookbook is Martha Stone, who is a chef and also a cookbook writer. Born and raised in Idaho, she is taught how to appreciate and use fresh ingredients in her cooking, which later turned into a passion for cuisine. Martha loves to teach others how to cook, including her two kids, and she loves every aspect of the cooking, from preparing the dish to smelling it cooking and sharing it with friends. Hence, she decides to write a cookbook for sharing her experience for everyone. Now she is a full-time mother living in California.

Little Vietnam: From Lemongrass Chicken to Rice Paper Rolls, 80 Exciting Vietnamese Dishes to Prepare at Home [Vietnamese Cookbook]

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“The best Vietnamese cookbook out there” – Anne Merrill

As a person who lived through the war and separation period, chef Nhut Huynh really passionate about the food that saved his family, which nowadays inspires him to explore Vietnam’s wonderfully rich culture. In Little Vietnam, he offers readers 80 authentic recipes that capture Vietnamese food’s energy and color.

Among 80 easy-to-follow recipes, some of them are selected to put in four recommended menu that is suitable for 6-8 people in lunch or dinner with an elegant or weeknight style. A menu can not consider as a perfect one without a delicious dessert to complete the meal. Some of the mentioned desserts are Sweet Mung Bean Dumpling with Ginger Syrup, Black Sticky Rice Pudding and Coconut Cream, Sweet Sago Pudding with Banan, and Coconut Cream, and Pandanus Icecream.

All of the recipes are collected and studied from the author’s many trips back to Vietnam. More than that, the author provides practical tips on sourcing ingredients at most Western supermarkets and mastering cooking techniques that all home cooks could apply.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Nhut Huynh, who is an acclaimed Vietnamese chef and restaurateur born in Soc Trang, a southern province of Vietnam. In 1984, he moved to Australia as a refugee. Starting with the position of a kitchen hand, he was soon offered a chef’s apprenticeship. In 2002, together with his business partner, Jeremy McNamara, they opened Restaurants in Surry Hills. Nhut Huynh runs Snakebean Asian Diner, a casual eatery, and a successful eatery catering business.

Hometown Flavors: Vietnamese Recipes with Vibrant Origins

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“Amazing recipes rich in culture and history” – Ava Chang

Hometown Flavors is the result of Vi’s work in capturing her family’s recipes, experimenting with modern techniques, and teaching cooking classes for over ten years. By reading this book, you could immerse yourself in a world of Vietnamese dishes from classic as Banh mi and Pho to new dessert as Vietnamese-inspired cocktails like the Perilla Mojito. With Vi’s cookbook, you’ll get lost in both the cultural journey and the tastes of Vietnam.

Since this book is all of the memories about her family gatherings, readers will find the full, delicious menus, including all the dishes from appetizers, side dishes to desserts cooked by the author’s grandmother with her joined hands. All her recipes are simple and straightforward that helps readers get to the complex flavors of Vietnamese cooking without feeling overwhelmed by the cuisine’s difference. 

About the author: Vi Phuong Tran is a young author who desired to transcribe her grandmother’s recipes into a cookbook introducing to foreigners.

Eat Real Vietnamese Food: A Step by Step Guide to the Classic Cuisine of Vietnam

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“Great photos of the cooking process and finished dish.” – Barb in Austin

Among Vietnam’s long, restless history, the 20th century was particularly chaotic. In those years, many Vietnamese people emigrated from the North and settled in the South, bringing different ways of cooking and eating. Later, Vietnamese cuisine sharply changed and was influenced by French and American appearance, which is not seen in popular side dishes but also appears in desserts. Inherited classic recipes from her mother living in those ages, the author suppose that this refined cuisine worth to be preserved and had collected to this Eat Real Vietnamese Food.

Being a part of 90 recipes and appearing near the bottom of the book, dessert recipes are introduced, including cake and pudding that is normally enjoyed at the end of the meal. Presented under the format of “storyboard”, the historical information is put on the left page while the detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions appear on the right. Each recipe is divided into two parts: the complete sauces/accompaniments for the dishes preparation section and various needed utensils and ingredients. 

About the author: The author of this cookbook is Lien Nguyen, a Vietnamese born in Paris. She is trained as an electrical engineer (X-Telecom) in France. After retiring from a career in Silicon Valley, she starts with her passion for food. Lien Nguyen is the author of numerous cookbooks that blend culinary topics with culture, history, and science. Now she lives in California with her husband and a variable number of family members.

Vietnamese Home Cooking: [A Cookbook]

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“If you never cook VN before (like me), you will want this book” – Autumn.D

As the chef/owner of The Slanted Door, a now-legendary restaurant opened since 1995, Charles Phan’s primary purpose is to introduce American diners to a new world of authentic Vietnamese food with local ingredients and entirely approachable. With the same spirit, Phan has brought a collection of central techniques and fundamental elements into Vietnamese Home Cooking and make it attainable as the cuisine of other countries such as American, French, or Italian.

The restaurant’s food does not mean that it is complicated and unable to self-make. In this book, besides introducing the restaurant’s side-dish signatures, Charles Phan also brings along some dessert recipes that readers can find in the Street food categories such as Crepe with Pork and Shrimp (Banh Xeo) and Steamed Rice Cakes with Mung Beans and Shrimp (Banh Beo). Each detail technique and equipment are all attached with abundant photography, which some of them were taken on Vietnam for more inspiration.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Charles Phan, the executive chef/owner of The Slanted Door family of restaurants. Besides, he also is the author of Vietnamese Home Cooking, which won the IACP award. With these successes, he received the James Beard Award for Best Chef California and was taken into the James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food in America. Now he lives in San Francisco with his wife and their three children.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Vietnamese dessert cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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