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10 Authentic French Vietnamese Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Before being colonized by France, Vietnam had a diverse culinary with flavors. When the French came, they had brought some ingredients that somehow affected Vietnamese dishes and even remain until now when they have left. People could find similarities between France baguettes and Vietnamese pate bread (banh mi pate) or flan and creme caramel. As a result, if you desire to know more about this integrated food, let’s check out 10 French Vietnamese Cookbooks we introduce in this article. 

Luke Nguyen’s France: A Gastronomic Adventure

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“A well-written volume with some great recipes–Luke never disappoints!” – Bill D.

Luke Nguyen is a famous, talented chef who has a series of exploring every country culinary from Vietnam, Mekong, and more. In Luke Nguyen’s France, he has discovered the flavors, ingredients, and dishes of France that have influenced Vietnamese cooking.

Traveling from the busy streets of Paris and the historic towns of St Malo and Strasbourg to the coastal cities of Nice and Marseilles, Luke meets the chefs and locals to hear their stories and sample their regional culinary specialties along the way.

In this book, readers will find 100 recipes from classics to traditional methods with a modern twist thanks to Luke’s learning of the secrets behind these much-loved French dishes. He also discovers how their flavors have spread to the big world’s distant corners and influenced the plates in his home country. The author himself interprets the French-Vietnamese fusion food such as pho based on the pot a feu. 

With a beautiful location and food photography, and wrapped up with a stunning signature design of Luke’s books, Luke Nguyen’s France is a celebration of the flavors of these two cuisines.

About the Author: Luke Nguyen is a well-known Vietnamese-Australian chef. He is the creator of many popular television series, including Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong, and Luke Nguyen’s France.

Before opening The Red Lantern, one of Sydney’s most acclaimed restaurants, Luke has spent time training with several respected chefs. His five cookbooks are all related to his show which some of them are Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong and The Food of Vietnam.

The Little Viet Kitchen: Over 100 authentic and delicious Vietnamese recipes

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“Amazing recipes! I made the banh khot” – Dhyana Wallace 

Thuy is a woman born and raised in a small village in South Vietnam. Surrounded by traditional street food and grew up amidst livestock and fresh produce, with a wonderful variety of fruits, morning markets with freshly picked vegetables, the foundation of her food philosophy, and culinary creations created there.

The Little Viet Kitchen is her landmark London restaurant, and in the same-name cookbook, she brings readers over 100 authentic and delicious Vietnamese recipes.

Knowing all Vietnamese cuisine elements, Thuy shows the natural textures and flavors of the organic ingredients she uses to make her food. Based on expertise and memories of each recipe’s core, Thuy offers a fresh approach to making the best of classic dishes and Vietnamese family favorites.

With beautiful photography by David Loftus styled by Thuy herself accompanied in each recipe, this book takes readers to a journey from their kitchen to Vietnam.

About the Author: Thuy Diem Pham is a Vietnamese born in a small southern village. Before moving to the UK at the age of 7, she spent her early years in Vietnam with her family. Not being trained under any formal chef program, Thuy learned traditional recipes and techniques passed down by her mother and other family members.

Thuy and her husband co-own The Little Viet Kitchen in Islington and continued running a supper club at the restaurant each month. Thuy has also featured on Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube with @the_little_viet_kitchen and the website

The Slanted Door: Modern Vietnamese Food [A Cookbook]

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 “Not perfect but a generally interesting and clearly useful cookbook.” – M. J. Smith

Charles Phan is an award-winning chef and restaurateur of The Slanted Door, where the food of his native Vietnam inspires the dishes. Since 1995 and then, the restaurant has developed to a world-class dining destination with both modern and classic dishes beloved by diners, chefs, and critics. 

With 100 inspired, amazing recipes featuring stories and its most iconic recipes, The Slanted Door allows home cooks to recreate its excellence.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Charles Phan, who is the executive chef/owner of the same-name restaurant in San Fransico, The Slanted Door. His other cookbook is Vietnamese Home Cooking, which had won the IACP award.

With these successes, Charles received the James Beard Award for Best Chef California and was inducted into the James Beard Foundation’s Who’s Who of Food in America. Now he lives in San Francisco with his wife and their three children.

Hometown Flavors: Vietnamese Recipes with Vibrant Origins

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“A book as good to share as the food you’ll make” – Sun

Hometown Flavors is the result of Vi’s work in capturing her family’s recipes, experimenting with modern techniques, and teaching cooking classes for over ten years. By reading this book, you could immerse yourself in a world of Vietnamese dishes from classic as Banh mi and Pho to modern Vietnamese-inspired cocktails like the Perilla Mojito.

When the Spanish-Indian spice trade came to Vietnam, locals even combine new spices into their dishes. With Vi’s cookbook, you’ll get lost in both the cultural journey and the tastes of Vietnam.

All recipes are simple and straightforward that helps readers get to the complex flavors of Vietnamese cooking without feeling overwhelmed by the cuisine’s difference. Her introduction to each method and how she breaks down the ingredients and instructions will make people impressive.

About the author: Vi Phuong Tran is a young author who desired to transcribe her grandmother’s recipes into a cookbook selling for foreigners. 

My Vietnam: Stories And Recipes

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“My Favorite Vietnamese Cookbook” – SuzyK

My Vietnam is exactly a lovely story told by author Luke Nguyen about his hometown. Starting in the north and ending in the south, Luke visits family and friends in all the country’s diverse regions. By being invited into the homes of local Vietnamese families and meeting food experts and local cooks, Luke can learn more about one of the wealthiest, most diverse cuisines in the world.

In this book, people can savor more than 100 regional and family recipes and enjoy vibrant, stunning full-color photographs capturing the beauty of Vietnam and their deep connection to food.

About the author: Luke Nguyen was born in Thailand right after his parents and elder siblings run away from Vietnam. They now settle in Sydney, Australia, after spending a year in the Thai refugee camp.

Luke takes the responsibility of many roles such as chef/owner, author, and television series host seen in the United States on the Cooking Channel.

In 2009 he founded the Little Lantern Foundation, which gives disadvantaged youths in Vietnam an opportunity to undertake a hospitality training program.

Secrets of the Red Lantern: Stories and Vietnamese Recipes from the Heart

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“Beyond a Cookbook” – jaxx

Pauline Nguyen, the author of Secrets of the Red Lantern, has claimed that “In my family, food is our language. Food enables us to communicate the things we find so hard to say.” This means the role of food in a family meal is significant.

Therefore, in this cookbook, he shares more than 275 traditional Vietnamese recipes along with food and family photographs that follow the family’s escape from war-torn Vietnam to the successful founding of the Red Lantern restaurant.

Deeply behind each recipe is the power of food to raise spirits and transform. Secrets of the Red Lantern shares the rich culinary heritage of the Nguyen family and their personal story of success. From Bun Rieu (Crab and Tomato Soup with Vermicelli Noodles), Goi Du Du (Green Papaya Salad with Prawns and Pork) to Che Khoai Mon (Black Sticky Rice with Taro), all these recipes unlock the family’s secrets and bring us a mouth-watering meal.

About the Author: This cookbook is created by author Pauline Nguyen and recipe writers Luke Nguyen. Mark Jensen is the co-proprietor of the acclaimed Red Lantern restaurant. They all live in Sydney, Australia.

An: To Eat: Recipes and Stories from a Vietnamese Family Kitchen

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“Amazing book and an amazing read” – Amazon Customer

In Vietnamese, “an” means “to eat,” a happy coincidence. As a chef with a signature style that brings together Vietnamese, French, and California-fresh influences, Helen An was inducted into the Smithsonian Institute.

Ever turning from a pampered “princess” in French Colonial Vietnam to refugee then restaurateur, Helen An had experienced a multi-emotion journey than anyone that had brought her valuable experiences of the evolution of an extraordinary cuisine.

Following her inspiration, her daughter Jacqueline tells the family story and shares her mother’s delicious and previously “secret” recipes.

With 100 recipes featuring clean flavors, simple techniques, and unique twists, An: To Eat brings readers a mouth-watering meal deeply colored with historical scenes. 

About the Author: The two co-authors of this cookbook are Helene An and Jacqueline An.

Helene An is one of the most famous chefs in America who are regularly chosen by the James Beard Foundation to host events and by Hollywood elite to cater to Oscar parties. Helene grew up in French Colonial Vietnam but fled with Saigon’s family in 1955 after the Communist invasion but had to flee Saigon and soon settled in San Francisco 20 years later.

Here she established the city’s first Vietnamese restaurant, Thanh Long. Due to her contribution to introducing Vietnamese cuisine to mainstream America, she was inducted into the Smithsonian Institute in 2007.

Jacqueline is one of Helene’s five daughters behind the House of An and graduated from the School of Business graduate. Grew up listening to stories of her mother’s childhood with adventure and danger in Vietnam in the Indochine era, Jacqueline wants to share Helene’s culinary inspirations so that home cooks can bring the same magic into their own kitchens. Both authors live in Beverly Hills, CA.

Planet of Tastes: Vietnam. Authentic Home 25 Southeast Asian Recipes

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“I don’t know how to cook, so I usually buy cookbooks to finally became a qualified cooker. I wanted to try something Asian. So I bought this Vietnam cookbook. It is so cool. I cooked a few meals with no problem. There were so delicious.” – Doug Wilson

It seems that a dish must be so impressive that one person could travel to the origin and tasting the real flavor. The story and journey of Scott Erwin are precisely examples of that state. In Planet of Tastes: Vietnam, Scott Erwin provides us an excellent teacher no matter you are a chef or just a beginner. 

Though the number of recipes is somehow humble and lower than other cookbooks with 25 recipes, this book still helps you to discover the benefits of Asian food to the body and reveal the wide variety of Vietnamese food flavors.

About the author: The author of this cookbook is Scott Erwin, who was born in the UK. Living in a family with parents as frequent travelers to Asia, he usually savors delicious meals in this world. After 20 years, Scott decided to experience himself by taking a journey and communicate with natives. He collected recipes firsthand, and he was able to open his own little Asian restaurant just after a 3-years trip. Now he wants to share recipes with the world by his books.

Eat Real Vietnamese Food: A Step by Step Guide to the Classic Cuisine of Vietnam

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“A practical and meaningful Vietnamese cuisine cookbook” – Jean Frederic Viret

Among Vietnam’s long, restless history, the 20th century was particularly chaotic. In those years, many Vietnamese people emigrated from the North and settled in the South, bringing different ways of cooking and eating.

Later, Vietnamese cuisine sharply changed and was influenced by the appearance of French and American. Inherited classic recipes from her mother living in those ages, the author suppose that this refined cuisine worth to be preserved and had collected to this Eat Real Vietnamese Food.

With 90 recipes that may not be available elsewhere, this cookbook covers all classic Vietnamese dishes. Presented under the format of “storyboard”, the historical information is put on the left page while the detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions appear on the right. Each recipe is divided into two parts: the complete sauces/accompaniments for the dishes preparation section and various needed utensils and ingredients. 

Carrying inside all history information and beautiful recipes, Eat Real Vietnamese Food is enough for anyone who wants to explore Vietnamese culinary.

About the author: The author of this cookbook is Lien Nguyen, a Vietnamese born in Paris. She is trained as an electrical engineer (X-Telecom) in France. After retiring from a career in Silicon Valley, she starts with her passion for food. Lien Nguyen is the author of numerous cookbooks that blend culinary topics with culture, history, and science. Now she lives in California with her husband and a variable number of family members.

Little Vietnam: From Lemongrass Chicken to Rice Paper Rolls, 80 Exciting Vietnamese Dishes to Prepare at Home [Vietnamese Cookbook]

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“The best Vietnamese cookbook out there” – Anne Merrill

As a person who lived through the war and separation period, chef Nhut Huynh really passionate about the food that saved his family, which nowadays inspires him to explore Vietnam’s wonderfully rich culture. In Little Vietnam, he offers readers 80 authentic recipes that capture Vietnamese food’s energy and color.

Among 80 easy-to-follow recipes, Nhut introduces traditional classics alongside the varied street food he has tasted on his many trips back to Vietnam. More than that, the author provides practical tips on sourcing ingredients at most Western supermarkets and mastering cooking techniques that all home cooks could apply.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Nhut Huynh, who is an acclaimed Vietnamese chef and restaurateur born in Soc Trang, a southern province of Vietnam. In 1984, he moved to Australia as a refugee. Starting with the position of a kitchen hand, he was soon offered a chef’s apprenticeship.

In 2002, together with his business partner, Jeremy McNamara, they opened Restaurants in Surry Hills. Nhut Huynh runs Snakebean Asian Diner, a casual eatery, and a successful eatery catering business.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite French Vietnamese cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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