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These 10 Venezuelan Cookbooks Will Give You The Taste Of Venezuela’s Flavors

Venezuela is not only known for its beautiful countryside, but also its rich culinary influences from Spanish, Native American, and West African cultures. Simple ingredients like corn, black beans, plantains, and meats, almost give Venezuelan food a unique and tasty flavor. In this post, we will provide a list of 10 best Venezuelan cookbooks so you can bring the full authentic flavors of this beautiful country to your family table.

A Taste of Latin America

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“Great recipe book with simple recipes and lots of photos”- Aj96

“A Taste of Latin America” contains professionally crafted recipes and colorful photos. Besides, the author also provides additional insights into the background and customs of each particular country. With this unique and authentic collection, budding cooks or even seasoned chefs will also be enticed.

About the author: Patricia Cartin is a native Costa Rican and immigrated to the United States in 2007. She experienced South, Southwest, and New England’s flavors before settling down in New York, where she studied at the International Culinary Center.

She often shares cooking and baking techniques with her trainees and teaches workshops including ‘Costa Rican Food at Home’, ‘Just Finger Food’, ‘Tapas from Spain’, ‘Latin American Food’, and ‘Amazing Cakes’. Patricia has had the chance to cook for the President of Costa Rica at University receptions and cater to the Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the United Nations.

Patricia currently lives in King’s Point, New York, with her husband and favorite food taster, Juan Jose Leon. A Taste of Latin America is the second cookbook of Patricia Cartin.

The Food and Cooking of Colombia & Venezuela

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“Excellent cookbook! Delicious recipes!”- Doug Nielsen

In this book, the author offers 65 classic recipes as well as dishes that celebrate the love of South Americans with street parties, carnivals, and hospitality. At the same time, the book is also illustrated with over 400 beautiful photos and detailed instructions for creating authentic Colombian and Venezuelan dishes in your own kitchen.

About the author: Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a teacher, pastry chef, nutritionist, and food writer born in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla, Colombia.

Patricia attended the American Institute of Baking in Kansas as well as the École Lenôtre in Paris. The author has also completed courses of instruction prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration. She is a Certified Food Professional by the International Association of Culinary Professionals in the US and holds a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University.

Delightful Venezuelan Recipes: Your Go-To Cookbook of Latin American Ideas!

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“This cookbook has almost all important recipes for a typical Venezuelan dish”- Jackie Freppon

Through this book, you will be able to learn more about the unique cooking style and recipes of Venezuelans. In Venezuela, each region will have its own unique recipes, but most dishes are served with simple and popular ingredients such as corn, seafood, plantains, and coconuts, etc.

About the author: Martha Stone is a cookbook writer and a chef. Born and raised in Idaho, she knows how to appreciate and use fresh ingredients in her cooking process. Martha moved to California, got married, and has two children here. She decided to start writing cookbooks so that she could share her knowledge and love of food with everyone.

Criollo: A Taste of Venezuela

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“This is a fantastic cookbook if you like Venezuelan food! All my favorites included”- Kendrah Breedlove

“Criollo: A Taste of Venezuela” will bring you a delicious collection of irresistible home and street recipes. Detailed instructions and explanations have been designed so that the book is suitable for home chefs of all levels. In addition, the author also includes folk tales and traditions of Venezuelan cuisine.

About the author: L. Fernando Gonzalez is a good culinary writer with rich culinary experience as well as unique cooking techniques. This is the first cookbook of the author.

Latin American Paleo Cooking: Over 80 Traditional Recipes Made Grain and Gluten-Free

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“Great book, full of recipes easy to make.”- Roberta

This book will be the Paleo you’ve never experienced before, covering traditional Latin American comfort foods. Besides, the recipes are completely gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. “Latin American Paleo Cooking” brings over 80 recipes with many new layers of flavor to try.

About the author: Amanda Torres is known as the founder of the food and health website The Curious Coconut. Additionally, she has been featured in Redbook, First for Women, Mark’s Daily Apple, The Huffington Post, and others. Amanda Torres lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

Venezuelan Creole Breakfast: With Arepas & Perica: Easy to do and so tasty

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“I’m interested in creating authentic Venezuelan Creole Breakfast dishes”- Amazon Customer

For Venezuelans, having breakfast with Perica & Arepas is one of their most distinctive culinary customs. In this book, you will find easy-to-cook illustrated recipes with step-by-step explanations of everything you need to know to make “Perica”, no matter where you are or at your level.

In addition, the author also teaches you how to prepare “Arepas” – delicious bread made from white corn. Moreover, you will also learn more interesting recipes for the delicious street food in Venezuela.

About the author: Osno Montois is a good writer fluent in two languages (English and Spanish). Some of the books written in Spanish by the author can be mentioned such as:

  • Gane Dinero Fabricando Jabon Liquido: Aprenda Cómo Hacerlo: Materiales Utensilios Método de Preparación y Envasado (Tecnologia Artesanal Para Emprendedores nº 1) (Spanish Edition)
  • Earn Money by Making Liquid Soap: Here You Will Learn All About How To Do It: Materials Preparation Method Tools and Packaging (Craft Technology For Entrepreneurs Book 2)
  • EMPANADA CRIOLLA y PICADILLO LLANERO: Deliciosa Comida Venezolana para Compartir (Mi Receta Favorita nº 23) (Spanish Edition)
  • ARROZ CON POLLO: Mi Receta Favorita (Spanish Edition)
  • Almuerzo Criollo Venezolano: Carne Guisada con Papas, Arroz y Tajadas de Plátano (Mi Receta Favorita nº 20) (Spanish Edition)

Lorena Garcia’s New Latin Classics: Fresh Ideas for Favorite Dishes

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“We already have the book and it is well written, has easy to follow recipes, and if you had and like Venezuelan food; it’s a book to have.”- Tom in Pittsburgh

“Lorena Garcia’s New Latin Classics” is a must-have cookbook for anyone who loves the bold, fresh flavors of the New Latin Cuisine.

In this author’s first cookbook, you’ll find more than 100 recipes for easy-to-make, irresistibly delicious, taste “exotic”- even though their ingredients can easily be found at local supermarkets.

About the author: This book by Raquel Pelzel and Lorena Garcia. Raquel Pelzel is a cookbook writer and author in Brooklyn, NY. She has more than 20 cookbooks with chefs and culinary personalities. In particular, Raquel Pelzel has also been nominated and received many awards for her work.

South American Cuisine: Recipes of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela

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“Great little book for South American cuisine!”- H. Kay

Coming to this book, you will have the opportunity to discover the rich variety of foods and flavors from Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela. You will find more than 50 great recipes from these 8 countries with long-standing traditional recipes.

About the author: J. R. Stevens is the author of this book. Also, he has many other books that always receive different appreciation from customers. Typically, we can name some other his books such as:

  • Texas Roadhouse Copycat Cookbook: Replicate This Restaurant’s Recipes at Home
  • The Unauthorized Panera Bread Copycat Cookbook: Current Classics and Forgotten Favorites
  • Fair Food Recipes: Famous Food Found at State & County Fairs
  • The Cheesecake Factory: The Unofficial Copycat Recipe Cookbook
  • Maggiano’s Copycat Cookbook: Little Italy Restaurant

Recipes of Venezuelan: good food is our hallmark

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“It’s a great list of dishes.”- Mistertiki!

Venezuela is one of the countries with the most varied gastronomies through a mix of cultures. In this book, you will experience the unique flavors of Venezuelan cuisine. That is why let the author share this humble book with many flavors and feelings.

About the author: Johan Ramirezis an impressive culinary writer. The author experienced in collecting, evaluating, and creating signature dishes. “Fe de erratas: Ocho cuentos para remendar la vida (Spanish Edition)” and “SALADS AND JUICE: EAT HEALTHY AND TASTY” are another Ramirezis’s book.

A Taste Of Venezuelan Cuisine: The Andes And Caribbean

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“Interesting book with variations tasty Venezuelan food”- Feigenson

As a loving culture, Venezuela brings in its cuisine filled with Caribbean flavors as a sign of gratitude to the world.

Through the 40 recipes in this book, you will learn the most popular and deliciously simple recipes to share with family and friends whenever you want. Plus, you’ll get delicious desserts, starters, additional fillers, main courses, and drinks to taste and explore a little more about the country.

About the author: Leandro Jesús Medina Ramírez and Carmen Alicia Gonzalez Camacho are the two authors who contributed to the creation of this wonderful cookbook. “A TASTE OF VENEZUELAN CUISINE: THE ANDES AND CARIBBEAN” is also their first collaboration.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Venezuelan cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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