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10 Best Colombian Cookbooks: Don’t Miss The Chance To Try Authentic Recipes From Colombia!

Colombian cuisine is one of the best on the planet. Unfortunately, not everyone has a chance actually to taste authentic food from this fantastic cuisine. If you wish to explore the exotic style of Columbian cooking and incredible flavors of original dishes, then cookbooks would be a great place to start. In this post, we will introduce to you the top 10 bestseller Colombian cookbooks that can meet your expectations of cooking and tasting Colombian food.

Colombian Cookbook: Traditional Colombian Recipes Made Easy

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“Easy to understand and very much home cooking oriented!”- AL Alberino

This book is a collection of many authentic Colombian recipes for every meal in a day. All the recipes are divided into four main sections: breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, dinner recipes, and dessert recipes. This kind of form helps readers follow the book more accessible. It’s also convenient for readers to choose the dish they want to cook.

You don’t have to worry about the level of this cookbook. It is full of savory but straightforward cooking techniques that can be done by both novice and skilled cook.

About the author: Grizzly Publishing is an online book publisher that specializes in non- fiction ebooks, books and, audio content. Their books have great content and helpful information for a wide range of readers. Their first and foremost goal is to provide people with the best books that not only can educate people in self-development progress but also bring joy and entertainment for readers.  

Other cookbooks of Grizzly Publishing:

  • Cuban Cookbook: Traditional Cuban Recipes Made Easy
  • Hungarian Cookbook: Traditional Hungarian Recipes Made Easy
  • Jamaican Cookbook: Traditional Jamaican Recipes Made Easy
  • Ethiopian Cookbook: Traditional Ethiopian Recipes Made Easy

Secrets of Colombian Cooking, Expanded Edition

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“This is the absolute BEST Colombian cookbook you will ever find. I bought the original a few years ago. I was amazed by the recipes that this book had”- Crystal Smith

This book contains over 200 recipes for Colombian dishes, which are all easy to follow and have fantastic taste. Each recipe not only comes with the authentic ingredients for the real flavor of Colombia dishes but also offers alternatives using products for you. Significantly, the book has some brief descriptions of Colombia’culture and regions as well as personal pictures of the author cooking with her family as a child, which makes this book more attractive to readers.

About the author: Patricia McCausland-Gallo was born in the Caribbean. She is a nutritionist, chef, and cookbook author with six editions that have been published all over the world.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition from Louisiana State University. She is also a Certified Food Professional by the International Association of Culinary Professionals in the US.

Some other editions of the author:

  • Cook & Lose Weight: Delicious Diets are Sustainable Diets
  • Passion for Coffee: Sweet and Savory Recipes with Coffee

Patricia McCausland-Gallo also writes the next cookbook we recommend to you.

The Food and Cooking of Colombia & Venezuela: Traditions, ingredients, tastes, techniques, 65 classic recipes

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“Absolutely love this book. The author has done an outstanding job with the photos and explanations of Colombian recipes. I am Colombian and have bought 4 of these books for gifts to my friends and family”- Amazon Customer

This cookbook is a collection of 65 classic recipes of both Colombia & Venezuela. Each dish is illustrated with vivid spectacular pictures that help you to have basic information about the food. Not only the photos but the recipes are excellent also. All of them are simple and easy to make right in your kitchen.

Easy Colombian Cookbook: 50 Delicious Colombian Recipes

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“Recipes are clear and easy to follow. A good variety here. Nothing jumping out and yelling ‘try me’ but it was still worth a read”- Suegnu

This cookbook offers simple but unique Colombian cooking techniques to make effortless but delicious meals. The directions and list of ingredients are clear and detailed. Especially, each recipe comes with nutritional information, including calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, and protein that helps you to know more about the food you are going to make. That’s why even there are no pictures in this book, it still worth buying because of the useful information this book provides.

About the author: BookSumo Press is an easy, unique, and healthy cookbook publisher. Their cookbook will help you to cook with any ingredients. All BookSumo Press cookbooks are accessible and straightforward. Four other BookSumo Press cookbooks we will also cover in this post are:

  • North African Recipes: Moroccan Recipes, Algerian Recipes, Tunisian Recipes and More in One Delicious African Cookbook (2nd Edition)
  • Tunisian Cookbook: Enjoy Authentic North-African Cooking in Tunisian Style with Delicious Tunisian Recipes
  • Tunisian Cookbook: Enjoy Authentic North-African Cooking in Tunisian Style with Delicious Tunisian Recipes (2nd Edition)
  • Tunisia: From Tunis to Sfax Taste Delicious Cooking from Tunisia

Colombian Cookbook: Plunge into a Flavorful Cuisine

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“I had enjoyed Columbian food with co-workers when I was in NY. Now that I moved, I can make these dishes myself. Very well written, easy to follow directions.”- Amazon Customer

Thirty authentic Colombia recipes in this book will not let you down. They are sectioned into separated parts such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks. You can find almost every flavor of food in the dishes are introduced in this book, from sweet, spicy to tangy. The recipes are all as simple as possible with ingredients that you can find in any supermarket.

About the author: Rachael Rayner is a cookbook author. As a mother of two sets of twins, preparing meals in a day for her family always is the task that she pays the most attention to and efforts. From her cooking experiences for her family, she has written and published a bunch of cookbooks that introduce easy-to-make and delicious and healthy dishes.

Exotic Colombia Recipes: The Fully Illustrated Cookbook of Colombian Dish Ideas!

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“Love all the recipes and the layout of this book. The results taste exactly like the ones I have tried in Colombia”- Amazon Customer

The book introduces to you 30 exotic Colombian recipes, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts. All of these recipes make use of the typical ingredients of Colombia to create the most authentic taste of food from this region. Besides, the fact that all directions are well-performed and detailed with precise ingredients makes the book the perfect choice for professional and unprofessional cooks.

About the author: Julia Chiles is a writer with a great passion for gastronomy. It was a great source of inspiration for her to publish many recipes every year. Typically some of her other cookbooks are:

  • Perfectly Pleasing Pastry Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of Sweet & Savory Pastry Ideas!
  • Flaming HOT Sauce Recipes: The BEST Ideas for Appetizers and Meals with HOT Sauce!
  • Exotic Colombia Recipes: The Fully Illustrated Cookbook of Colombian Dish Ideas!
  • Ramen Cookbook: 50 Ramen Recipes for the Home Chef
  • Pierogi Cookbook: Pierogi’s: 50 Great Recipes
  • Perfect Pasta Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of Delectable Dish Ideas!
  • New Mexico Style Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Southwestern Dish Ideas!

Colors of Colombia: Colombian Food Recipes

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” A good little recipe book to have. So glad that all the food turn out fantastic and so simple to make”- Amazon Customer

This book gives you 30 dishes are made by the Colombian cooking style in three main categories: typical dishes, desserts, and drinks. Come with each recipe is detailed ingredients and clear instructions.

About the author: April Blomgren is a cook and author who has spent her whole life exploring the beauty and uniqueness of cuisines worldwide and creating new recipes to inspire culinary passion to other people. 

Some other cookbooks under her name:

  • Indian Cookbook: 60 Authentic Indian Recipes to Spice Up Your Meals
  • Crafty Crockpot Recipes!: Great tasting recipes with a minimum of effort!
  • Delicious, Seamless Instant Pot Recipes: Banging Recipes That Cook Faster Than You Do Think

Most Popular Colombian Recipes Quick & Easy: A Cookbook of Classic Colombian Food

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“Worth buying. I haven’t tried all recipes yet but still love this book”- Amazon Customer

This cookbook is a collection of 20 popular dishes in Colombia with authentic recipes to make them. Come with each recipe is exciting information about the food as well as the traditions and culture of Colombia related to that dish. You will not only learn how to create Colombian national dishes but also get a lot of useful knowledge about this country.

About the author: Grace Barrington-Shaw is a chef born in Jamaica, but now lives in the US. 

She specialized in the Caribbean cuisine and used to be the chef at some resorts in Caribbean Island. She also owns a restaurant here.

The author writes other cookbooks:

  • Most Popular Recipes Direct From Belize: A Cookbook of Essential Belizean Cuisine
  • Most Popular Caribbean Recipes – Quick & Easy: Essential West Indian Food Recipes From The Caribbean Islands
  • 115 Greatest Caribbean Recipes of All Time: A Cookbook of Popular West Indian Cuisine from 26 Caribbean Islands

Taste of Colombia

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“It’s a beautiful book that I hope will be passed down to my children and their children one day.”- Amazon Customer

The book gives you delicious recipes for regional Colombian cooking, along with useful information and great photos of the land and people in this country. Especially, this book’s layout is a work of art: the illustrations are gorgeous, the instructions and list of ingredients are presented in well-form. These features make this book a must-have item for anyone who has a passion for cuisines and cooking.

About the authors: Benjamin Villegas and his co-author Antonio Montana has written many books about many different fields, including cooking. Their knowledge and passion for a beautiful country like Colombia are the motivation for them to write this amazing book for readers.

Other editions of Benjamin Villegas

  • Delicious Tropical Fruits (Cultura Del Cafe, 3.)
  • Gardens of Colombia
  • Salmona

Colombian Recipes Cookbook: Secrets Delicious Colombian Recipes

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“An amazing cookbook so far in my collection”- Amazon Customer

This book includes the easiest and the most simple recipes of Colombian dishes. All the dishes here are specially cooked in the healthiest way to make sure you will have the best experience with the food you cook. Although the ingredients and cooking methods suggested in this book are simple, the results will amaze you with savory and healthy dishes.

About the author: Ava Parsons is not a famous cook or author, but her first cookbook sharing her recipes of Colombian cuisine is really a success. She has put a lot of passion and effort into completing this cookbook, which is now a favorite of many people.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Colombian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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