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10 Best Nigerian Vegetarian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Whether you are a Nigerian or have married way into a Nigerian family, cooking authentic Nigerian food can be quite the epicurean adventure. Vegetarianism is a practice that goes along with many religious beliefs and health opinions. Almost every country has a specific cuisine. Whether the cuisine is founded on rice, fruits, fish or meat, there is always vegetarian food that comes alongside the meal. Vegetarianism has been practiced by humans for thousands of years for various reasons. As a religion and system of life, it is estimated to have more than 500 million adherents around the world (about 3% of world population). Nigerians are truly lovers of the vegetarian dishes and have a large number of recipes for them.

Well, here we are presenting you top 10 lists in Nigeria Vegetarian Cookbooks and recipe books for your ultimate purchasing decisions. Making right purchase decision is always a big deal for you to have safe and tasty cooking.

Nigerian Recipe Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Authentic Nigerian Food

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  • Impress dinner guests with authentic Nigerian dishes
  • Save money by cooking in your home with a new repertoire of dishes
  • Be adventurous and try an exciting cuisine that you might not otherwise get to know about (or have the patience for)
  • Learn about Nigerian culture through this cookbook

Cooking an exotic cuisine might be intimidating because you are unfamiliar with all the ingredients, spices, and cooking methods. Nigerian food has never been easy for an American home cook, but this book will definitely change that.

With step-by-step instructions and illuminated pictures for each recipe in this book, you can treat your friends and family with an authentic Nigerian meal on a special occasion or anytime you want.  It also includes an introduction on how to prepare your kitchen for cooking as well as tips on how to shop at ethnic markets or online stores!

The Nigerian Recipe Book will teach you new recipes while making it easier than ever before! You’ll become a master chef in no time with this book available in your kitchen collection.

Africanizing Vegan Food: All Your Favourite Nigerian Foods Veganized

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  • A wide variety of vegan Nigerian recipes
  • Stress-free way to cook from scratch
  • Author is African and vegan so you can trust the authenticity
  • Delicious, unique, and full of flavor dishes

Most of the time, your favorite food is not vegan-friendly. Therefore, when it comes to eating healthily, it could be hard at first. If you are in love with African food, specifically Nigerian cuisine, you know that many traditional Nigerian recipes are heavy in animal products which means that they aren’t suitable for vegans. That’s where this cookbook comes in.

The veganized versions of these classic dishes will satisfy even the most critical palates! You’ll love everything from jollof rice and suya to plaintain waffle and ewa agoyin – all without any meat or dairy products! These plant-based meals are easy to make and perfect for busy weeknights when you don’t have time to spend hours cooking dinner. Get ready for a fun new way to enjoy authentic Nigerian cuisine at home with this book.

Soup recipes from all over Africa: Nigerian, Egyptian, South African, Ghanaian & Liberian Cookbook

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  • Save time by spending less time in the kitchen
  • Discover new dishes from other parts of Africa you may not have heard about
  • Learn how to make easy, authentic African soups that are perfect for your family’s palate
  • Never worry about wasting food again with these quick-fix recipes

The rich and diverse culinary traditions of Africa have not received the attention they deserve.

This book features some of the most popular African soups throughout different regions in this continent, including soups from Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, and Angola. Food from Across Africa is a bounty of delights that will introduce you to new tastes and flavors.

The book presents food that is simple and balanced with just enough spice to make it interesting. It’s beautiful to look at with full color photos complementing each recipe. These recipes are designed for everyday eating as well as entertaining guests. You can prepare these meals in less than an hour using only basic ingredients found in any grocery store or market around the world. There are more than 50 recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation included in this cookbook. You don’t have to be an expert chef to serve the best African soups to your loved ones because with the help of this cookbook, they will open their eyes to new and tasty flavors.

The Nigerian Food Experience: Explore Nigeria through 25 Recipes

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  • Get an insider’s view of Nigerian food
  • Learn about the culture
  • Create a more diverse meal repertoire
  • Simple and expert-recommended recipes

Many people have a fear of getting into the kitchen and end up with the same boring meals over and over again. It’s time to explore a new cuisine and spread it to your kitchen so that anyone in your family can enjoy it. The rich and delicious culinary tradition from Nigeria should be one of the top choices.

Cooking Nigerian food can be intimidating for some people, especially if they have never cooked it before or even tasted it. However, the truth is that preparing Nigerian recipes doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs a little knowledge and practice on your part. That’s why this book is here to help you learn how to make authentic Nigerian dishes in no time!

The recipes in this book are easy-to-follow and simple enough for anyone who wants to learn how to cook great tasting African meals at home without having any prior experience. It includes 25 step-by-step recipes which are regularly featured in homes across Nigeria as well as other countries around Africa such as Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia etc… More importantly, the instructions are simplified so that you can easily replicate them at home in America without encountering any trouble like missing a somewhat indigenous ingredient or spice.

Nigerian cookery book: good recipes low in fat and carbohydrates

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  • Get off your current diet in no time
  • Easy to follow recipes with ingredients listed
  • Learn how to cook healthy African dishes
  • No more calorie counting for you

Most people know that they should eat healthier but it can be hard to do because of a bunch of attractive unhealthy food out there. However, with so many other options available today, the perfect balance of healthy and tasty is going to be just right for you and will surely excite your taste buds.

Not only are the recipes in this book delicious, but they are healthy and easy to make as well.

This cookbook contains a great selection of African dishes that you will love. Over 150 recipes from all across Africa Each are broken down into simple steps so even those who aren’t experienced with cooking can follow along easily. They are simple, low in fat, sugar-free, gluten-free, and high in vitamins. If you want to get off your current diet as quickly as possible while continuing to nourish your body, this book should be your number one choice.

Grace Kerry’s Magic With Black-Eyed Beans and Other Recipes: A Nigerian Cookbook

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  • The cookbook focuses mainly on nutrition rich black-eyed bean dishes
  • Recipe options for vegetarians, and many other traditional Nigerian recipes
  • Grace Kerry is a renowned Nigerian chef that has published her own cookbooks before
  • Unique in focus of the book; health conscious

Nigerian cuisine has never been fully appreciated by the international community. And black-eyed beans are a staple in many Nigerian dishes, but they have not yet gotten the attention they deserve.

This cookbook is written from experience and will help you create delicious black-eyed bean recipes at home. The author has done her research well by including over thirty different mouthwatering traditional African dishes that many Nigerians have grown up eating at home since childhood.

These simple recipes can be used to make great meals for your family and friends. Grace’s book is divided into three sections; Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner and Desserts/Snacks/Drinks. Each section contains 10+ recipes that are easy to follow and fantastic for your health. This book should be a must-have item for people who want to eat healthily without sacrificing taste or enjoyment of food.

Nigerian Cookbook Series with Video Guide: How to Make Amala Food For A Family of Six

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  • Learn how to make Nigerian food, specifically Amala
  • The recipes are easy and quick to whip up
  • Recipes provide detailed ingredients for the dish
  • Gain insight into different Nigerian dishes

Most Nigerians are not aware of the health benefits of eating Amala. They usually eat high-sugar foods and it’s rare to see a Nigerian meal with no sugar added on their table.

The good news is that you can easily prepare tasty, healthy meals with a minimum amount of time and effort. This cookbook explains how to prepare Amala using yam flour and sorghum in just 10 minutes! All it takes is water, yam flour, sorghum (or millet), pepper powder, salt & oil. You can also use this book for other recipes like Akara made from black-eyed beans or Moi-Moi made from ground cornmeal and water. These are easy recipes anyone can follow!

If you want to improve your health without sacrificing taste then this book will provide you with some great solutions. It contains all the recipes for these delicacies as well as videos on how each dish should look when prepared correctly. You can even try out some of these dishes yourself or invite your friends over for a great night in cooking together!

Party and Spice: 25 Enticing Recipes for Nigerian Dishes

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  • Incrementally improve anyone’s cooking skills
  • Be able to cook a new dish for every occasion
  • 25 creative recipes for Nigerian dishes
  • Become the most popular chef at your dinner party

Nigerian cuisine has many dishes with a variety of recipes that can be prepared using different ingredients. However, the problem is that some people may not know how to prepare them or what exactly they are made of.

This book will show you 25 delicious Nigerian dishes in an easy-to-follow format so that you can see how tasty and interesting these traditional recipes are!

By following this book’s instructions on preparing each dish, you would be able to learn more about unique culture and cuisine from Nigeria while enjoying some great food at the same time.

The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook (7th Edition): Easy Recipes for 92 Traditional foods from Nigeria

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  • Learn how to make more than 92 of the most popular Nigerian dishes
  • Includes easy recipes for beginners and complex recipes you can try
  • Features over 500 photos and detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Makes cooking Nigerian food easier with this cookbook

The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook is a book that will help you prepare your favorite Nigerian dishes. It has recipes for beginners and more complex ones for those who are already familiar with cooking.

Making the most popular traditional foods can be quite challenging, especially if you do not have the right cookery book to guide you through it. This is why this cookbook is created to provide readers with easy recipes for 92 of the most popular Nigerian foods using over 500 photos and detailed step-by-step instruction.

With this cookbook, you can make delicious traditional foods such as Moin moin (bean cake), Oto (vegetable soup), groundnut soup, and many other favorites at home with ease.

All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook

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  • Access to 100 recipes in a cookbook
  • Easily accessible for anyone who wants to learn how to cook Nigerian food
  • Get a taste of authentic Nigerian dishes with your own hands

Learning how to cook Nigerian food can be challenging. There are many recipes, ingredients, and steps involved in preparing Nigerian dishes that it is easy to get confused and frustrated.

This book will help you learn how to cook delicious authentic Nigerian foods from scratch. It gives detailed instructions on the preparation of more than 100 different recipes including soups, stews, snacks, small chops (finger food), rice dishes, and special delicacies found only in restaurants serving Nigerian cuisine. The author has also included tips on cooking techniques that will make your meals turn out even better!

Learn how to prepare these popular traditional African dishes with this unique resource that includes step-by-step instructions with photos for all the recipes plus a glossary of terms used in Nigeria. So not only your cooking skills but also your knowledge about Nigerian cuisine are improved, making it easier when reading other books or blogs about cooking Nigerian food.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Nigerian Vegetarian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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