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10 Authentic Nigerian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Nigerian cuisine is all about foods that are made from local ingredients and spices. The foods are always rich in nutrients and have amazing flavor. However, the cuisine of this country is rarely experienced by those who are not Nigerian. It will be such a waste if Nigerian dishes are not popularized to people all over the world so that everyone can know about a beautiful country with fantastic dishes. And here’s where cookbooks state its presence.

A book can bring you anywhere you want, and a cookbook can offer you any taste you wish for. In this post, 10 best Nigerian cookbooks will be introduced to you with the most detailed and honest reviews to help you choose suitable ones for yourself. If you are craving for authentic Nigerian food, keep reading our post then.

Nigerian Cookbook: Traditional Nigerian Recipes Made Easy

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“A Love letter that pushed my head over heels into the romance of Nigerian food”- Amazon Customer

This cookbook is full of authentic Nigerian recipes which could be done by anyone who wishes to taste the real flavors of amazing dishes from this country. All the recipes are simple and easy to make thanks to the clear and direct instructions offered by the author. Especially, the author also teaches you how to create your own menu for your family or friends by integrating the dishes in the book.

About the author: Grizzly Publishing is a publisher specializing in books that have useful content and rich information. Because one of the goals of this publisher is to help people gain their knowledge through an amazing source which is books.

Other books by Grizzly Publishing:

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Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook: Best Cookbook for making Nigerian Foods

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 “This book has helped me tremendously!!!! I love it!”- Amazon Customer

The book offers recipes for everyone from beginners to professionals. It not only contains simple and easy-to-make recipes but also more complex ones for those who want to explore deeper into the cuisine of Nigeria. The recipes are various from main dishes, soups to snacks and beverages. 75 recipes are introduced in this book will blow your mind thanks to their amazing dishes outcome. In the book, the author also gives you useful tips to purchase alternative ingredients and decorate your food most beautifully.

About the author: Chy Anegbu has been familiar with Nigerian cuisine since she was 10 years old. She always considers herself a professional Nigerian cook. She has published a bunch of 

Nigerian cookbooks are quite popular with readers who have a strong passion for the cuisine of this beautiful country. Other cookbooks by Chy Anegbu:

  • Top Fifty Nigerian Food Ingredients
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Below are 2 other cookbooks by her:

Beginner’s Guide to Nigerian Cooking

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“This book is great!! I’ve made a few of the recipes in it. So far I’m very happy!” Amazon Customer

The book was written by a professional author who has spent more than 25 years studying Nigerian cuisine and creating her new recipes. Therefore, this book can be a perfect choice for those who want to know more about the food and cuisine culture of this country. It has more than 35 different recipes from main dishes to beverages. You can also find detailed and helpful information about the ingredients and spices used in each recipe.

Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook: Over 65 Delicious Nigerian Recipes

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“The Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook is so much more than an ordinary recipe book. The very best thing about this cookbook is that there are step by step directions with actual pictures of the delicious food being prepared”- Kris Maulorico

There are more than 65 authentic Nigerian recipes introduced in this book. There are 15 recipes for soup, 5 recipes for rice, 6 recipes for beverages, 5 for breakfast and so much more. Each recipe comes with clear instructions and images that make the cooking process easier for readers to follow.

All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook

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“This is one of the best cooking books for Nigerian cuisine that I have read. So much detail and advice is given that even me as a beginner cook can follow”- Amazon Customer

The cookbook is a collection of more than 100 Nigerian recipes that do not require you to be a professional to make that food. All the recipes are incredibly simple and easy to make with detailed and direct guides for cooking out the taste of Nigerian successfully. There are recipes for every meal in the day from breakfast to dinner. The book also offers healthy and delicious recipes for children and other traditional dishes from Nigeria.

About the author: Flo Madubike. Although she is not a master writer in the field of food and cooking, her very first cookbook about Nigerian cuisine has received a lot of love from readers. The quality of the content and material of her book make it become a favorite of many cookbook-lovers.

Nigerian Recipe Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Authentic Nigerian Food

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“Well written, recipes explained in a simple and easy format. If you enjoy Nigerian food, save yourself the cost of a restaurant and follow the recipes in this book and save yourself a packet.”- Amazon Customer

All 25 recipes this book offers will change your mind if you still think that making authentic flavors of foreign food in your own kitchen is impossible. The recipes come with clear and straightforward steps as well as detailed information about the ingredients. It also has images of the food to help you know how the result is supposed to look like.

About the author: Nancy Silverman is a cookbook author with many editions written by her have been published. Her books contain quality content and suitable for a wide range of readers

Other cookbooks by the same author:

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The Essential Nigerian Cookbook

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“I am learning to cook Nigerian food from this book and I really enjoy the pictures and easy references here”- Jacqueline

The 12 ultimate Nigerian recipes in this book are worth trying for anyone who has a passion for the cuisine of this country. This book could be a perfect option for beginners because all the recipes are made as simple as possible. The instructions are easy to follow and information about the ingredients needed as well as serving are given in detail. 

About the author: Bola And Olu-Kmi Komolafe. All books that have been written by the author are worth reading with fantastic content and beautiful layouts. That’s the reason why those books are always favorites of book-lovers.

Nigerian Cuisines: A Historical Compilation of Mouthwatering Traditional Delicacies from Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo Ethnicities

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“I’ve tried several of his traditional recipes and have shared them with my family and friends and have gotten rave reviews”- Amazon Customer

All the recipes introduced in this book are suitable for anyone’s taste as well as the accessibility to the ingredients needed. Besides introducing recipes of traditional food from 3 regions of Nigeria, the author also informs you of a lot of useful knowledge about the culture and ethnicities of these regions. If you are the one who is not only interested in Nigerian cuisine but also Nigerian tradition, you should really give this book a try.

About the author: Joseph Ifechukwude Chiadika Joseph is a culinary author with several excellent cookbooks that have been published under his name. He is a dedicated person who always tries to put all his heart and effort into every recipe he makes as well as the book he writes.

Nigerian Cookbook: A Beginner’s Guide

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“Fantastic cookbook I ever got! So happy to have it in my collection”- Amazon Customer 

This amazing collection of Nigerian recipes covers all dishes from appetizers to desserts. You can use this book to create your menu full of authentic Nigerian taste. Each recipe is quite simple to make and is illustrated with gorgeous photos.

About the author: Rachel Pambrun is an excellent cookbook author. He has written a lot of books about different cuisines all over the world from Asia to America, Europe to Africa. He always writes books based on his own experiences or thorough research on the cuisine of the country.

Nigerian Cookbook Series with Video Guide: How to Make Amala Food For A Family of Six

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“Love the book and dedication of the author has put in it”- Amazon Customer

The book gives you detailed instructions on how to make Amala food- a typical dish of Nigeria in many ways. It is a kind of staple food made out of yam and flour….with high nutrition value and delicious taste. The author even offers you an instruction video showing steps by steps of the cooking process that makes the work easier for you. 

About the author: Ajibola Sanusi is not a professional in the field of writing about food and cuisine. However, the first and only cookbook of the author has received the positive attention it deserves.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Nigerian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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