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10 Deliciously Authentic Indonesian Vegan Cookbooks

With the growing number of vegan and vegetarian Indonesians, it is not surprising to see a host of cookbooks in the market specializing on Indonesian Vegetarian recipes that are both healthy and easy to follow. Are you a fan of the cuisine? Or is looking for authentic recipe books? Check out our list.

These vegan cookbooks and recipe books will teach you how to show off your cooking skills with Vegan Recipes that are exotic, healthy, yummy and wonderfully authentic. These 10 Vegan Cookbooks are recommended by Indonesian Chefs from all over the world. They were chosen for their high-quality recipes and images, as well as the uniqueness of these recipes in comparison to other vegan cookbooks.

We’ve selected some of the best Indonesian vegan cookbooks to help you enjoy the culinary experience right from your kitchen!

The Tropical Kitchen: Healthy Vegan Recipes From The Indonesian Islands

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  • Delicious and healthy recipes made from all-natural ingredients
  • Introduces the exciting culture of Indonesian cuisine to new audiences
  • Satisfies those with a plant-based diet or those looking for an alternative diet
  • Encourages low-impact, eco-friendly living through plant-based diets

There are many vegan cookbooks out there, but most of them focus on Western or European cuisines. What about the vast and delicious variety of foods from other parts of the world?

“The Tropical Kitchen” features easy recipes for dishes that you can make at home in a flash. These aren’t complicated recipes; just simple, healthy meals with fresh ingredients to help you get more vegetables into your diet.

This book is full of over 50 amazing and authentic vegetarian Indonesian recipes that will have your mouth watering within seconds! From Soto Ayam (a spicy chicken soup) to Nasi Goreng (fried rice), each recipe has its own unique flavor while still staying true to traditional Indonesian cuisine. You’ll also find great tips on how to prepare these dishes if you’re cooking for large groups – perfect for entertaining friends and family when they come to visit! And don’t worry if you’re not an experienced chef because each recipe is packed with step-by-step instructions and a full-color photograph so that you know what the dish looks like when properly done.

Cooking the Indonesian Way: Includes Low-Fat and Vegetarian Recipes (Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks)

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  • Explore a new cuisine, language, and culture
  • Get creative in the kitchen with Indonesian cooking
  • Learn how to make low-fat and vegetarian food that is still healthy and delicious
  • Introduce more diversity into your diet

If you are looking for a cookbook that will introduce you to the unique flavors of Indonesia, then this is the book for you.

Indonesian food has been gaining popularity in recent years and now it’s time to learn how to make it yourself! This easy-to-follow recipe guide offers over 50 recipes covering all your favorite dishes from across the archipelago. It includes everything from traditional sate skewers and spicy nasi goreng (fried rice) to vegetarian laksa soup and fried chicken with coconut cream sauce.

Cooking The Indonesian Way brings together a collection of authentic, low-fat recipes that have been passed down through generations by some of Indonesia’s finest home cooks. With clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography throughout, this book makes cooking Indonesian food simple even if you have never tried it before!

Vegan Street Food: Foodie travels from India to Indonesia

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  • Great for cooking the vegan way
  • Stunning cookbook filled with recipes from all over the world
  • Recipes are very flavorful and will appeal to people of any palate
  • Serve dishes that your family is guaranteed to love

Many of us are looking for ways to eat more vegetables and cut down the consumption of meat, but it can be hard to find tasty recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

Vegan Street Food is a collection of over 100 vegan street food recipes from all over the world. Each recipe is quick and easy, designed for busy families who want to eat well without spending hours in the kitchen.

The book features dishes from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, and beyond – including classics like dal or pakora as well as regional specialties such as Oothapam (vegetable crumpets) or Tahu Campur (Javanese fried tofu with cassava cakes). With this book, you can bring this inspirational approach to feeding your family into your own kitchen. You’ll soon be whipping up flavorful and wholesome bites at home every day!

East: 120 Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Beijing [American Measurements]

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  • Discover the wide range of Asian cuisine
  • Incorporate new flavor profiles into your kitchen
  • Share diversity with the public through cooking and nourishing others
  • Get a stunning collection of recipes for all occasions

Asian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, but many people don’t know how to cook it.

This book solves that problem by teaching you how to make mouthwatering recipes from all over Asia. All of these dishes are vegan and vegetarian, so they’re perfect for anyone who wants to eat healthily or avoid meat.

The recipes in this book will help you learn how to create delicious meals inspired by your favorite Asian dishes like Pad Thai, Miso Soup, and Cauliflower Manchurian. You’ll also get tips on stocking a pantry with Asian ingredients and cooking techniques as well as advice on getting started making sushi at home!

Love Vegan: The Ultimate Asian Cookbook: Easy Plant-Based Recipes That Anyone Can Cook

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  • Easy to use with step-by-step instructions
  • Simple and quick recipes that are super delicious
  • No crazy ingredients or hard-to-find Asian herbs required
  • Perfect for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle/proteins

Not everyone is a fan of Asian food, and those who do love it find that many recipes are too complicated to make at home.

This book will change what you’ve thought about Asian cuisine. It offers simple vegan Asian recipes that anyone will love and can easily make at home. It’s packed with over 50 quick and easy, tasty plant-based meals!

Love Vegan is the perfect cookbook for vegans or people looking to eat more plant-based meals. It contains delicious traditional dishes like Pad Thai, Panang Curry, and Sesame Noodles as well as exciting new creations like Chinese BBQ Jackfruit Bao Bun Burgers, and Italian Seitan Ragu Spaghetti! The book also includes sections on how to stock your pantry with all the essentials you’ll need to create these amazing dishes (including a handy shopping list!). Whether you’re cooking for one or feeding an army, there’s something here for every occasion. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to fall in love with this incredible cookbook.

Vegan: Asian Vegan Recipes for a Dairy Free Raw Vegan Lifestyle

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  • Enjoy delicious, vegan Asian food without giving up on your lifestyle
  • A variety of authentic recipes for appetizers, soups/salads, breakfast, noodles and rice, desserts
  • Recipes are easy to follow with step-by-step instructions

If you are a vegan and want to spice up your life with Asian food, but you find it too hard to find recipes that match your lifestyle. This cookbook will be your solution.

The recipes in this book have been tried and tested by many vegans who found them to be delicious. You will not feel like you are missing out on anything.

With the help of Sam Kuma, you can enjoy delicious Asian food without giving up on your vegan lifestyle. All the recipes in this book are dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and soy-free so there are no animal products used at all. This makes them suitable for almost everyone with dietary restrictions or preferences whether they follow a specific diet or not! These recipes will make sure that your taste buds don’t feel deprived while sticking to a healthy Vegan diet plan!

The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook: 101 Delicious Whole-Food Recipes for your Pressure Cooker

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  • Easy, healthy, and nutritious meals in a snap
  • Vegan cooking made easy with the Instant Pot®
  • Learn how to use vegan ingredients for new and exciting dishes
  • Discover great flavor combinations you may never have thought of before

The Instant Pot is a great way to pressure-cook meat to reach the fall-off-the-bone texture. But what if you are not a meat-eater? How do you make your favorite vegan recipes in your pressure cooker?

This book will show you how and make it easy. Now vegans and vegetarians will have access to all the delicious and healthy dishes they’ve been missing out on.

With more than 100 plant-based recipes for every meal of the day, from breakfast to dessert, there’s no need to worry about getting enough protein or iron into your diet any longer! This cookbook is loaded with everything from quick weeknight meals that are perfect for busy families on hectic schedules, to elaborate dinners that are elegant enough for special occasions. It even includes an entire chapter dedicated just to desserts so you don’t have to skip dessert anymore! And these recipes were specifically created for use in an electric pressure cooker like the Instant Pot so you can become an expert at using your machine to master plenty of outstanding dishes.

The Indonesian Kitchen

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  • A unique perspective on Indonesian cuisine
  • 120 mouth-watering recipes with notes and explanations of ingredients and techniques
  • Informative introductions that place dishes in their respective cultures
  • Discussion of development over time

The Indonesian Kitchen is a unique book that helps you understand more about the rich and varied cuisine of Indonesia.

In this book, Sri Owen provides some interesting insights into the history of this great cuisine. You’ll also learn how to cook some delicious recipes from all regions of Indonesia. These include foods for festivals and special occasions. With over 120 mouth-watering recipes, there is something in here for everyone!

This book will give you an insight into the ancient, exotic, and varied cuisine of Indonesia. It’s written by Sri Owen who has spent many years traveling around Indonesia learning about regional cuisines as well as developing her own style which she shares with us through these recipes! Her recipes take us from staples and basics to food for festivals and special occasions, with fascinating introductions that place the dishes in their regional setting. The author takes care to explain ingredients and techniques used throughout each recipe so that even a novice cook with zero experience can try and succeed.

Flavors of Indonesia: William Wongso’s Culinary Wonders

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  • Learn about Indonesia’s rich culture through its culinary dishes
  • Explore the diverse flavors of Indonesian cuisine and tradition
  • Enhance your cooking skills and knowledge with practical recipes, techniques, and ingredients
  • Increase your wealth of worldly experiences by exploring Indonesia’s rich history

Indonesia is a diverse country with over 17,000 islands and more than 300 ethnic groups. Each group has its own unique cuisine, but the majority of Indonesians eat rice as their staple food. Rice is served in various forms—steamed white rice (nasi putih), yellow rice (nasi kuning), or fried rice (nasi goreng).

Wongso’s book allows people to experience Indonesian cuisine from all angles—from the history behind it to tips on how to prepare each dish. The recipes are easy-to-follow and can be prepared by anyone who loves good food!

The book includes 80 authentic recipes based on William Wongso’s extensive culinary research that provides an insight into the lives of indigenous people across Java. It also features beautiful full-color photographs throughout, making this cookbook both practical and aesthetically pleasing for any home chef looking for new flavor combinations!

Complete Guide to Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet: Your Autoimmune Vegan Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast For Bodybuilders and Athletes

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  • Lose weight quickly with easy to follow vegan diet recipes
  • Increase your energy levels and strengthen your immune system as a vegan
  • Get into shape faster when you follow these 7 steps to living the vegan lifestyle

Many people have given up on their dream of losing weight because they couldn’t successfully follow a diet. There are many reasons why this is the case, but one of them is that there are no fantastic recipes to follow when you want to lose weight.

If you thought that only eating salads and vegetables would help you shed off those extra pounds, then think again! It’s just a myth – if you want to lose some weight fast, then it’s important for your body that it gets enough protein as well.

The Complete Guide To Losing Weight On A Vegan Diet will teach you how to eat healthy vegan meals while maintaining an active lifestyle and getting rid of all those unwanted fats from your body without sacrificing taste or flavor. The author of this book has been living as a vegan for over 10 years now, so she knows exactly what it takes to stay fit while on a plant-based diet.

With its step-by-step instructions and easy recipes, this cookbook is the perfect solution for any vegans who want to shed some pounds without sacrificing their lifestyle or values!

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Indonesian Vegan cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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