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6 Authentic Samoan Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Samoan dishes are considered delicacies all over the world because of their exotic taste and cooking style. Similar to the traditions and culture of this country, the menus from Polynesian cuisine are unique in distinct ways. In our list of 6 Samoan cookbooks below, we give you the vivid descriptions of the best Samoa food, along with delicious recipes. Through instruction from culinary experts, you can let you cook and taste authentic Samoa and at your home dining table.

The Exotic Flavors of Samoa

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“Great ideas. Interesting recipes and well writing.” M.noa

Eating plays an extremely important role in Samoan life and Samoan often brings food with them when they travel. Samoan foods are usually not very spiced or seasoned. Besides, the ingredients that are sometimes relatively unfamiliar to most Westerners, such as bread, cooked green bananas, and raw fish.

In this cookbook, the author provides you with a lot of attractive recipes with detailed instructions for you to easily make and succeed at any level.

About the author: Ava Waddell is a culinary writer with lots of bestsellers. The author’s cookbooks always receive positive reviews from customers. Here are some other Ava Waddell’s books.

  • The Taste of El Boricua Cooking
  • My Homeless Life in the Streets of San Francisco
  • The Unraveled Secrets of the Coca Leaf: Ava Waddell
  • The Supplement that Cures
  • The Architect Who Built the American Dream
  • The Mysterious Death of Alberto Nisman

Polynesian Cuisine: A Cookbook of South Sea Island Food Recipes

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“Wonderfully written cookbook. I never would have believed that Polynesian recipes could be so simple and delicious.”- Blackeagle

“Polynesian Cuisine” includes recipes from Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, and Fiji. Imagine the delicious recipes from these paradise islands available and waiting on your family’s dining table.

Through this book, the author brings the taste of islands into your kitchen. In particular, most of the ingredients for recipes can be found locally, so you can enjoy them whenever you want.

About the author: J. R. Stevens is the author of this book. Also, he has many other books that always receive different appreciation from customers. Typically, some of his following books may be named:

  • Texas Roadhouse Copycat Cookbook: Replicate This Restaurant’s Recipes at Home
  • The Unauthorized Panera Bread Copycat Cookbook: Current Classics and Forgotten Favorites
  • Fair Food Recipes: Famous Food Found at State & County Fairs
  • The Cheesecake Factory: The Unofficial Copycat Recipe Cookbook
  • Maggiano’s Copycat Cookbook: Little Italy Restaurant

Sam Choy’s Polynesian Kitchen: More Than 150 Authentic Dishes from One of the World’s Most Delicious and Overlooked Cuisines

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“Fantastic, recipes spot on, plan to work my way through this book. The stories for each island are great, really good ingredient glossary, well written and easy to follow without being too simplistic.”- S. Kleinman-Dominguez

This book offers a collection of recipes from fresh and delicious foods with unique flavors. From Pacific Gazpacho with Baby Shrimp and Coconut Lemongrass Baby Back Ribs to Tahitian Nioise Salad and Cinnamon Chicken, Sam’s penchant for fresh and simple-to-make food shines through each winning recipe.

16 colorful beautiful photo pages along with lively commentary and creative designs by the author will inspire cooks of all skill levels to try this deliciously tasting dish.

About the author: Sam Choy is the owner of 9 successful restaurants, including 4 in Tokyo, 1 in Guam, and 1 in San Diego. He hosts a weekly cooking show on Hawaii’s NBC affiliate and is frequently featured on Food Network and Emeril Lagasse’s show. Furthermore, Sam Choy has been nominated for several James Beard awards and other professional honors. Sam Choy lives in Kona.

Totally Polynesian: Classic Recipes from Polynesia

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“Tasty and easy to prepare. Fresh and fan for parties as well as a two-top meal.”- K. A. Martin

With “Totally Polynesian: Classic Recipes from Polynesia”, you can experience and bring the flavors of islands into your kitchen. From easy-to-find local ingredients, you can still treat yourself to Polynesian dishes without a tropical vacation. All you need is a simple book and a spirit of discovery.

About the author: Sarah Spencer is a food enthusiast and often spends all of her time creating new recipes, writing cookbooks. She currently lives in Canada with her husband and two children.

Hawaii Food Guide: Unique Foods From Hawaii You’ve got to try

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“The food in Hawaii has always been the best there is”- Tina M

“Hawaii Food Guide: Unique Foods From Hawaii You’ve got to try” is a cookbook containing a series of simple recipes for the most loved food foods in Hawaii. You will find the instructions for selecting ingredients in the book, ingredient ratios to cooking methods are fast and straightforward. It will be a great companion in your kitchen, whether you are on any level – a beginner or a seasoned chef.

About the author: Ethan Frost is the author of this book. Also, Frost has many other books that always receive different appreciation from customers. Typically, some of the author’s following books may be named:

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  • Anesthesia for Urologic Surgery
  • Easy Amazon FBA Book Selling Guide: How I Earn an Extra $2,000 Per Month Side Income Selling Books Part Time on Amazon
  • Do Not Feed This Princess Gluten Notebook: Funny And Cool Gluten Allergic Notebook And Dot-Grid Journal For Coworkers And Students, Sketches, Ideas And To-Do Lists
  • Thrift Store Hustle: Easily Make $1,000+ A Month Selling Items From Thrift Stores

88 Polynesian Recipes: Home Cooking Made Easy with Polynesian Cookbook!

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“Great recipes. Clear instructions. This is a useful book.”- Manila

The various recipes in this book can meet healthy, quick, and easy to make requirements. The most important things are moderation, balance, and variety that the author wants to provide readers.

With the book “88 Polynesian Recipes: Home Cooking Made Easy with Polynesian Cookbook!” you will learn how to prepare delicious Polynesian dishes from the local market’s ingredients. Through detailed instructions presented by the author, you can easily succeed with every dish in this book to enjoy a great taste right in your small kitchen.

About the author: Kara Quinn is a culinary specialist with a deep understanding of many different cuisines. Some of the author’s other titles can be named, such as:

  • 123 Polenta Recipes: A Polenta Cookbook for Effortless Meals
  • 50 Polish Recipes: Keep Calm and Try Polish Cookbook
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  • 175 Pie Crust Recipes: A Pie Crust Cookbook to Fall In Love With

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Samoan cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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