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10 Authentic Russian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Among tsarist Russia’s splendors, from literature and music to art and architecture, the cuisine is also considered an art in its own right. It has nourished and delighted all levels of society for hundreds of years. When you think of a culinary destination, Russia may not be the first to come to mind, but this country has many delicious traditional dishes that you should try.

Visitors to Russia are often amazed at the taste and diversity of Russian cuisine, which is influenced by Russia’s connection to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Here is a list of 10 best Russian cookbooks that you can refer to bring Russia’s authentic taste into your home.

Beyond Borscht: Old-World Recipes from Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Poland & More

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“Love this book!!! How all the ingredients for cooking a dish are separated with details with a section “Tip” just blowing my mind. Everything is correctly described, and you can see that author put lots of details in each recipe.”- Hami Tran

The book will provide you with simple instructions and a treasure trove of timeless dishes with unique and nostalgic flavors that will stimulate your taste buds. Overtyana’s convenient cooking tips can Capture the classic flavors of Eastern Europe with ease no matter where you live.

About the author: Tatyana Nesteruk created The European Cake Cookbook and Tatyana’s Everyday Food creator. She was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia, and raised in the United States into a Slavic family, mainly from Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. Tatyana has appeared on Today and Good Day Sacramento. Currently, she lives in Sacramento, California.

Kachka: A Return to Russian Cooking

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“Very good interesting read with well laid out recipes. Tasty combination s of flavor and not purely Russian!! Thank you”- J. Mickelson

More than 100 recipes in this book will form a communal table with nostalgic Eastern European dishes such as Caucasus-inspired meatballs, Porcini Barley Soup, and Cauliflower Schnitzel. Besides, the recipes provided will bring fresh and exciting changes to current food trends such as pickling, fermentation, and bone broth.

About the author: Bonnie Frumkin Morales, daughter of Belarusian immigrants. She hones her skills at several Michelin-starred restaurants in New York and Chicago. In 2014, Bonnie and her Israeli husband opened Kachka and received acclaim from Bon Appétit, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Elle, The New York Times, Zagat’s, and Food & Wine. Bonnie lives in Portland, Oregon, and “Kachka: A Return to Russian Cooking” is her first cookbook.

Journalist Deena Prichep covers topics ranging from recipes during the month of Ramadan to grilled fish for PRI’s The World, NPR, Bon Appetit, and Marketplace.

Beyond the North Wind: Russia in Recipes and Lore [A Cookbook]

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“I will try a great number of recipes in this book. They are simple and emphasize the intrinsic character of the food.”- Amazon Customer

With a strong sense of place and evocative storytelling, this family cookbook offers a rare portrait of Russia, its people, and their taste buds. The book contains 100 recipes, gorgeous photography, and information about the little-known culinary history of the fascinating and wildland of the world.

About the author: Darra Goldstein is the founding editor of Gastronomica: Journal of Cuisine and Culture, named Publication of the Year by the James Beard Foundation. Besides, Darra is also the editor of California Studies in Food and Culture and has written for Saveur, Gourmet, The New York Times, and Bon Appétit.

The Russian Heritage Cookbook: A Culinary Tradition in Over 400 Recipes

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“The recipes in this book are effortless to follow. I enjoy cooking the stuff in this book.”- Pat

True to its name, this book is based on favorite recipes passed down through generations of families. The book’s recipes have been collected from private collections of the oldest Russian community in New York City. “The Russian Heritage cookbook” represents the achievements of a culinary legacy that previously existed only in chefs’ memories or written on yellowing scraps of paper.

The author covers everything from elegant zakuski and flavorful pía cakes to refreshing drinks and delicious desserts. Simultaneously, the book includes sample menus ranging from Salty Tea to an Easter Buffet with hearty meals that have satisfied generations.

About the author: Lynn Visson is a writer, scholar, and interpreter. She is the author of Wedded Strangers: The Challenges of Russian-American Marriages, The Moscow Gourmet, and The Art of Uzbek Cooking. Lynn Visson currently lives in New York City.

Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook

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“400 Awesome Recipes from All over Russia”- Ex-Patty

Coming to this book, you will be taking a spectacular tour exploring fifteen former Soviet republics’ diverse cuisines. You will be offered healthy Baltic cuisines to aromatic Azerbaijani pilaf, from borscht and beef to the grains and yogurts, Georgia.

About the author: Anya von Bremzen is a travel and food writer who sees Spain as the brain. She has spent ten years writing about Spanish cuisine and culture. She is also the author of four ethnic cookbooks, including the James Beard Award-winning “Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook,” The Greatest Dishes!: Around the World in 80 Recipes, Terrific Pacific Cookbook, and Fiesta! A Celebration of Latin Hospitality, which won Anya her second Beard award.

John Welchman is a history professor at the University of California, San Diego, and a writer specializing in travel writing. He has also featured articles in International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, The Economist, The Village Voice, and Artforum.

Salt & Time: Recipes from a Modern Russian Kitchen

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“The recipes are both fresh and nostalgic. I’m particularly excited to use the fermentation section (fermented cherry tomatoes?!? Yes, please!). The author’s story is compelling, and the photos are beautiful.”- J. Nash

In this book, the author will introduce 100 recipes originating from Siberia featuring classic Russian flavors. The book offers dishes from the pre-revolutionary times and Soviet days, as well as contemporary approaches by the author. All combined and show a vibrant, nutritious, enjoyable, and appropriate cuisine regardless of time or place.

About the author: Alissa Timoshkina is also one of many authors who own few cookbooks. “Salt & Time: Recipes from a Modern Russian Kitchen” is the7000000000000000 first cookbook that contains the author’s culinary essence.

A Taste of Russia: A Cookbook of Russia Hospitality

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“This is a good cookbook. It has lots of recipes. You won’t find recipes for every meal in this cookbook since it is geared primarily for entertaining.”- Corbett B. Coburn III

This classic cookbook has been redesigned with a fresh, modern layout that includes excellent recipes with information about the dishes’ rich historical and cultural background. You will find over 200 recipes for everything from borscht to bliny, from marinated mushrooms to walnut-honey-filled pies, from salmon coulibiac to beef stew with rum. The cookbook will show the best that Russian cooking has to offer.

The book has been revised and updated with dozens of exciting new recipes, such as horseradish vodka, onion dumplings, and whipped raspberry mousse.

About the author: Darra Goldstein is considered to be the leading expert in Russian culinary and culinary arts and author of four cookbooks: A Taste of Russia, The Georgian Feast (IACP Julia Award winner Child for cookbook of the year), The Winter Vegetarian, and Baking Boot Camp at CIA.

In addition, she works as a culinary editor at Russian Life, founding editor of the quarterly magazine Gastronomica: Journal of Cuisine and Culture, and editor of Research on California Food and Culture by University of California Press. She is currently Willcox and Harriet Adsit, a professor of Russian at Williams University.

Classic Recipes of Russia: Traditional Food and Cooking in 25 Authentic Dishes

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“This cute little book has a variety of recipes from breakfast to dessert.”- Tracie Smith

The book offers a wonderful collection of recipes with various Russian culinary delicacies, from filling dumplings, warming soups, and spicy pastries to desserts and irresistible stroganoffs. Attractive photos of each completed dish will be included in the book to inspire you.

About the author: Elena Makhonko is the author of this book. Also, Elena has many other books that always receive different appreciation from customers. Typically, some of the author’s following books may be named:

  • Recipes from My Russian Grandmother’s Kitchen: Discover the rich and varied character of Russian cuisine in 60 traditional dishes
  • The Food and Cooking of Russia & Poland: Explore the rich and varied cuisine of Eastern Europe in more than 150 classic step-by-step recipes illustrated with over 740 photographs
  • The Food & Cooking of Russia: Discover the rich and varied character of Russian cuisine, in 60 authentic recipes and 300 glorious photos (The Food and Cooking of)
  • Russian Food & Cooking by Elena Makhonko (2009)
  • The Traditional Cooking of Russia & Poland: Explore The Rich And Varied Cuisine Of Eastern Europe In More Than 150 Classic Step-By-Step Recipes Illustrated With Over 740 Photographs

Culinaria Russia: A Celebration of Food and Tradition

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“Wonderful book for anyone interested in the delicious foods and diverse cultures from countries that made up the former USSR. Recipes are reliable and authentic.”- LL

The book introduces a culinary range from the traditional meat and fish specialties of the nomadic peoples of northern Russia to the sweets with a touch of oriental flavor favored in Azerbaijan. Through this book, you can explore the unique breadth of multicultural cuisine written by professionals with a deep understanding of the country. Additionally, each recipe is combined with impressive photography to increase excitement every time you go to the kitchen.

Besides basic information on typical dishes of the different regions on offer, you will find a rich selection of authentic Russian recipes.

About the author: Marion Trutter is the author of this book who studied Communication in Munich, Germany. In this book, she has curated and gathered seven authors’ work, who convey their expertise in countries and cultures.

The Best of Russian Cooking (Hippocrene International Cookbook Series) (Hippocrene International Cookbook Classics)

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“The book is unique in its genre. It is not just a compilation of recipes, many of which are truly unique, and most of them really genuine.”- Andrey Shibanov

This classic cookbook offers a collection of recipes that embody the spirit of the Russian people. Russians love to like to eat sincerely from zavtrak (breakfast) to uzhin (dinner). “The Best of Russian Cooking” combines cooking tips with authentic Russian recipes and invaluable cultural insights.

This book is the result of a survey of Russian cuisine with 300 recipes for popular dishes like borscht and beef stroganoff, as well as many lesser-known dishes like tvorojniki (cottage cheesecakes) or piroshki (dumplings with meat or vegetables).

About the author:  Alexandra Kropotkin is the author of this book and has extensive experience processing and displaying traditional dishes of Russia. This is the only book by the author.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Russian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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