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Discover 5 Authentic Malagasy Cookbooks With Delicious Recipes And Photos From Madagascar

In Madagascar, Malagasy cuisine has a unique mix of African, Asian, Arabic and French cooking styles. We were curious to learn about it & to make our own experiments at home. Malagasy cuisine is enjoyed for the most part by the locals of Madagascar. This cuisine is considered to be unique to Madagascar and is enjoyed by a minority of tourists visiting this island nation. The Malagasy cuisine is influenced by many different cultures thus making it rather rich for variety. This includes recipes from the Indonesian, Brazilian and other colonies that have either ruled or occupied Madagascar at various points in time.

Given the rising interest in the Malagasy cuisine in recent years, it seems reasonable to want to cook some of its finest dishes on your own. However, the majority of people who are interested in cooking Malagasy recipes lack sufficient resources to do it properly. Sure, there’s always the choice of ordering a food delivery or eating out at a place with some Malagasy dishes listed on the menu, but wouldn’t it be better if you could cook these delicious Malagasy dishes yourself? And why stop at just one?

The cuisine of Madagascar has been shaped by many cultures including Indonesians, Africans, Arabs, Chinese, French and Indians. Thus, the fusion of various ingredients led to the unique style of cooking. It is no surprise that Malagasy has been incorporated in a vast array of appetizing dishes. Today, we will present you with the 5 best-selling Malagasy cookbooks which will teach you how to produce these great recipes at home. Let’s go!

Malagasy Matsiro (Food Fare Culinary Collection)

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  • • A beautiful, hardcover book full of Malagasy cuisine
  • • Recipes for popular Malagasy dishes
  • • Facts about the culture and lifestyle in Madagascar

Malagasy food is a unique blend of African, Asian and European influences. It can be enjoyed by all.

The world needs to know about this delicious cuisine!

This book contains recipes for many traditional dishes from Madagascar including (but not limited to) Sambosa, Farao Ambatolampy, Farato Sakafotra and more! You will also find information on the history of Malagasy cuisine along with common words in the native language.

My Malagasy Recipes: Note All About Your Malagasy

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  • • Write your own Malagasy recipe down and share it with others
  • • Take notes of recipes for easy access later on
  • • Share memories of family and friends favorite dishes

Malagasy food is rich in flavors and textures but it is hard to find a recipe book that gives you the whole story.

It’s time to change this! My Malagasy Recipes will help you learn about traditional recipes, improve your cooking skills and taste great dishes with friends and family.

This notebook has been designed by Dr Mala for all those who want to discover the secrets of delicious malagasy cuisine at home. You can try out new recipes or add your own favorite ones. With My Malagasy Recipes you will be able to record all your discoveries on paper, share them with others or just keep them for yourself as a memory of good times spent around the table!

The Island Kitchen: Recipes from Mauritius and the Indian Ocean

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  • • Learn to cook your favorite dishes from around the Indian Ocean
  • • Discover new recipes that you may have never tried before
  • • Experience traditional Mauritian cuisine through this book’s 80 different recipes
  • • A great way to reconnect with your roots, as well as share a piece of culture that is often overlooked by other people

The people of the Indian Ocean are known for their generosity and warmth, but they also have some amazing food.

But finding recipes from Mauritius and other islands in this region can be difficult. Sure, you might find a few dishes here or there on the internet, but nothing that really captures the spirit of these places.

That’s why we’ve created this book! It features 80 simple recipes which are easy to follow and will take you straight back to your holiday in Mauritius or Reunion Island (or even just remind you what it was like). We’ve included everything from quick mid-week suppers to large rum-fuelled gatherings so there is something for everyone (and most importantly – leftovers!). Plus we’ve added beautiful food photography and illustrations by our talented illustrator Emma Chapman so it looks as good as it tastes!

African Cookbook: African Recipes Algeria to Madagascar

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  • • Learn simple, easy to follow Malagasy recipes in your own kitchen
  • • Create dishes from 8 different countries in Africa and much more 
  • • Get all the spices you need with this cookbook 
  • • Make family and friends feel like they’re on a culinary adventure around Africa

Most Malagasy cookbooks are outdated, and don’t include the most delicious recipes from all over Africa.

With this Malagasy cookbook you can learn to create a wide variety of authentic Malagasy recipes for any occasion. You’ll also find new ways to use ingredients that aren’t common in western cooking, such as cassava leaves and baobab fruit.

The recipe book is written by Mlungu ulambile who has been traveling around Africa for years. He’s eaten at many restaurants, cooked with local chefs, and tasted traditional dishes across the continent. This experience allows him to share the best recipes from each country he visited; many of which have never been published before!

Mankafy Sakafo: Delicious Meals From Madagascar

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  • • You get a variety of recipes from Madagascar
  • • Learn about Malagasy cuisine and how to prepare it
  • • Bring home authentic dishes that will delight your taste buds
  • • Taste the flavors of Madagascar

The cookbook is a unique and authentic resource for anyone who loves to cook. It’s also a great book as it provides insight into the history of Madagascar, its people, and their traditions through food.

This is the first time that Malagasy cuisine has been represented in this way, with an incredible collection of recipes from all over the island-highlands and lowlands, mountains and beaches, north and south!

You can now join Jill on her journey by preparing these delicious meals together with her. After you try them out yourself at home you will surely agree that they are quite simply “delicious meals from Madagascar”!

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Malagasy cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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