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10 Authentic Gambian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

The Gambia is a long narrow country in Western Africa surrounded by Senegal with the Atlantic Ocean on the west. Though being the smallest country in African, the cuisine of this country is attractive and unique in the heart of gourmets with traditional food influenced by Arabian, British, French, Portuguese, and West African culinary. In this article, let’s get ready to join in a culinary journey about Gambian staple food and their customs through 7 illustrated Gambian cookbooks.

The Gambian Cookbook

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“Super excited to have found this cookbook!” – JBPalmer

The Gambia is known as the smiling coast of Africa due to its real location on the map and the welcoming greet from locals for visitors to explore incredible nature and culture, including exceptional cuisine.

As shown in the title, this book is all about food cooked and enjoyed in The Gambia. Written by two Gambian native authors, The Gambian Cookbook is the ultimate and most comprehensive Gambian cookbook that brings together the traditions, flavors, and love of many families all over this nation.

In this book, readers will find over 100 detailed recipes with simple instructions about Gambian cuisine’s staples. Whether you are new to this cuisine or already been genuinely in love, there are always useful things for you to apply and challenge in this recipe book.

Among traditional dishes, the authors also offer new recipes along with exciting stories about they come. Moreover, anyone who struggles in converting the measurement will find this cookbook very helpful.

About the Author: The authors of this cookbook are Michele Daryanani and Shakhil Shah. Having spent their childhood in The Gambia, the authors have grown a passion for friends, family, and good food. The aim of introducing the hometown’s cuisine to the world has made this book a collection of typical recipes and favorites from The Gambia, West Africa.

A Cookbook of Traditional Gambian and Modern Recipes

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“This is a terrific cookbook at a very reasonable price and beautifully illustrated.” – Mister Tester

Mamies Takeaway is the restaurant of Ms. Mamie Omar Njie, which serves international tourists visiting the Gambia during the tourism season. Here, visitors enjoy the savory taste of authentic Gambian cuisine and exotic salads. As a result, in this cookbook, readers will find recipes that some of them are cooked in the famous popular.

The recipes in this book cover traditional Gambian methods such as Red Fish Benachin (Jollof Rice with Fish), light fares, side dishes, or cakes. With image illustrations and available ingredients quickly found everywhere worldwide, home cooks are sure to the authentic Gambia food both in the traditional and modern ways.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Ms. Mamie Omar Njie. She is a Gambian-American pioneer entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in the culinary and catering service sector. After getting a Bachelor of Science in Food Service for the Hotel Industry, Ms. Mamie Omar Njie opened her first retail restaurant outlet Mamies Takeaway at Banjuls McCarthy Square.

From this strategic location, she focused on creating a solid reputation for great food, superb service, and professionalism for the residents, working-class, and tourists of the Greater Banjul region. Her later two new restaurants were set up near The Gambia Commercial and Development Bank headquarters in Banjul and its branch in the Bakau business district.

Yassin’s Kitchen Cookbook Series Volume II: Different Jollof Rice, Gambia Specific and Other Menu s (Yassin Kitchen Cookbook Series) (Volume 2)

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“I really love jollof rice and African food” – Jackie Page

Experiencing a childhood time of cooking for family and in the big kitchen for refugees, Yassin Jallow has collected all the precious recipes into this cookbook. Intend to dedicate this book to her late mother and introducing her hometown cuisine, Yassin brings up numerous methods ranging from four types of Jollof rice, Gambian specific menus with specialty dishes and juices, Western menus to Bakery.

The readers are advised not to rush their cooking but put their heart on it with a happy mood at the beginning so the food will turn out great.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Yassin Jallow. She attended cook school in Norway and worked as a cook in both Norway and the United States. Growing in an immediate and extended Gambian family and providing food for the household as an essential daily activity, Yassin’s desire and passion for cooking are aroused.

When her mother passed away at her ten-year-old age, she found satisfaction in cooking and willingly volunteered to help in the big kitchen. Here, she could take some of the ingredients and cook small portions on her own. Visit her at

West African Perspective: Recipes Inspired by Gambian Cuisine with an International Blend

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“Interesting and informative” – Rachel

Learning cooking from a creative mother, Margaret Ellis always discovers new dishes and uses the theme recipes to cook the same meals with a little variation. Whether you are going to make a simple meal or meticulous feast, there is an abundant choice for you to choose from the international flare to familiar dishes.

With the recipes in this book, your table will be elegant, full of delicious dishes ranging from appetizers and soups to seafood and meat dishes. Your family and guests will be impressed by your dressed up meals created by the fun ideas suggested in the book.

Besides the typical food like salad, sweet, couscous or tropical salads, herbal potatoes, coconut or green rice and rice sticks, there is an exciting selection of dishes that will highlight your meals. Some of the previews are creamy shrimp, grilled pepper fish, peanut butter chicken, tasty mango chicken, spinach soup, goat melt.

From the author’s viewpoint, cooking creatively does not bring up the new taste for diners but also makes the home cooking more entertaining than annoying.

Therefore, even though you are a novice, just be confident to apply the innovation in both the food preparation and presentation. Since then, you can transform your simple home-cooked meals into unusual menus suitable for all occasions at no time.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Mrs. Margaret Ellis, who was formerly Badjan. Born and raised in The Gambia, West Africa, she is the daughter of a famous creative cook. Margaret Ellis started cooking family meals at the age of 8 by helping her mother cooking three fresh meals. She also learned a lot of valuable lessons as in cooking from her mother.

Flavors of Africa: Discover Authentic Family Recipes from All Over the Continent

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“Good photos, clear writing, interesting ideas.” – HR

As a food blogger and travel contributor, Evi Aki’s passion and work are to share the adventures in food. Growing up enjoying Nigerian dishes and typical eats from all across the continent, Evi Aki introduces customary recipes from each of Africa’s different regions in “Flavors of Africa”.

With the help of relatives and family friends, the author has collected recipes from Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, Angola, Gambia, and more.

The content is divided into four parts as West, East, North, South so that readers can quickly look up their favorites. Home cooks will find this book a culinary map with the contribution of sample tried-and-true staples that have survived generations from each Africa nation.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Evi Aki. She is the founder of Ev’s Eats, a food blog, and a same-name Youtube channel. Besides, Evi Aki also works as a travel contributor for The Daily Meal. Her recipes and videos have been posted on enormous websites such as, BuzzFeed, Brit + Co, Yahoo, etc. Now she lives in Los Angeles, California.

The West African Cookbook: Easy Tasty Recipes from Jollof to Suya

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“Simple and shortly to-the-point” – Meri

Africa’s native food is created with European, Asian, and Middle Eastern influences that people sometimes find it hard to distinguish between indigenous foods and those with substantial external effects.

In The West African Cookbook, the author invites readers to explore the spices and vegetables that connect West African and South American foods, or even Caribbean food. With the simple presentation and directions in each typical dish, home cooks will be encouraged to cook food belong to this cuisine in their kitchen.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Savour Press. It is the publication that publishes several cookbooks as Preserving & Canning, Turkish Recipes!, Tacos, Indispensable Taco Recipes from the Test Kitchen, The Baking CookBook, Easy Quesadilla Recipes!, The Pasta Cookbook and so on.

The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the Foods and Flavors of Africa

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“Accessible techniques and bold flavors” – Kvothe

Marcus Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia and brought up by adoptive parents in Sweden. As a result, his life goes beyond national boundaries, and his approach to cuisine is a regional yet personal one that openly draws from many ethnic and cultural influences.

In The Soul of a New Cuisine, Marcus returns to his birth land to discover the wide variety of cultures and cuisines through recipes and stories from his journeys through Africa.

In this book, readers will find more than 200 enticing recipes carrying the key to authentic Africa food based on the spice blends, including his own African-inspired creations and traditional dishes from all parts of Africa. All the ingredients are readily available in American markets so that home cooks do not have to worry about the source.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Marcus Samuelsson. As an author, he is the author of Marcus Off Duty, the New York Times bestseller “Yes, Chef”, and Aquavit. Besides, he also owns some restaurants and clubs like Red Rooster Harlem, Ginny’s Supper Club, and Street Bird. Chopped is the program that he frequently appears as a judge.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Gambian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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