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6 Authentic Somali Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Somali cuisine has evolved over the centuries and varies from region to region. It is typical for a blend of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Eritrea, Italian, Ethiopian, Indian, and Pakistani influences. In this post, you will find 6 Somali cookbooks developed and designed in detail by culinary experts. These recipes will make it easy for you to prepare a Somali-style meal and the taste of the national gastronomy of Somali.

Soo Fariista / Come Sit Down: A Somali American Cookbook

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“It is a beautifully constructed book with loads of photos and splendid graphics.”- MaryAnn Shank

Realizing in culture how quickly traditions can change on the move, Somali-American students interview family members, research ingredients, and testing kitchen techniques to preserve their culinary legacy. This book is a note about recipes shared by students. You will be provided with methods that will bring Somali-American cooking success to everyone.

In this cookbook “Soo Fariista / Come Sit Down: A Somali American Cookbook,” seventy recipes are presented for everything from saabuuse (stuffed pastry) to canjeelo (flatbread) to shushumow (fried monosodium glutamate) to suqaar (fried meat) honoring those memories and flavors from East Africa. In addition, in the introduction, you will learn about Somali foodways and their transitions in the United States.

About the author: Wariyaa members: Somali Youth in Museums are high school students across the Twin Cities metro area and are eager to explore cultural preservation and history through food.

Osman Mohamed Ali is the executive director and the founder of the Somalia Museum in Minnesota.

Somali Cuisine

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“Simple easy to follow instructions.”- MA

The recipes in this book represent traditional ways of preparing and cooking food that has been transmitted orally and practically by generations of Somali women. These recalled recipes also reflect the Somali women’s way of life maintained by and over generations.

The book is split into seven sections, from appetizers to desserts. Inside, there will be recipes for classic Somali dishes – from the exotic Somali tea to the appetizing sambuusi. You will find seventy recipes with over ninety colorful pictures which do not only contribute to the presentation of many Somali dishes but also show the techniques to assure success. Although traditional cooking methods are described, they have also been adapted to fit modern American kitchens.

About the author: Barlin Ali was born and raised in the Horn of Africa, Somalia. This is the only cookbook of Barlin Ali that presents and clearly demonstrates the effects of traditional Somali cuisine on the author.

SOMALI COOKBOOK: A Guide to Simple Somali Food recipes

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“A lot of good recipes but very simple to make”- Arsalan

SOMALI COOKBOOK: A Guide to Simple Somali Food recipes is a cookbook containing a series of simple recipes for traditional and healthy Somalia meals. You will find the instructions from selecting ingredients in the book, ingredient ratios to cooking methods are fast and straightforward. It will be a great companion in your kitchen, whether you are on any level – a beginner or a seasoned chef.

About the author: Abshir Yusuf Mussa is a person with extensive experience in processing traditional Somali dishes. This is the first book where the author recorded all the recipes and cooking techniques to share with everyone.

The Ultimate Somali Cookbook: Recipes from the Horn of Africa

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“Exceptional recipes easy to follow.”- Kenneth

The Ultimate Somali Cookbook: Recipes from the Horn of Africa is a collection of the most straightforward and most authentic Somali recipes from the heart of East Africa. It will give you an insight into making traditional methods easier and faster with delicious taste and please everyone.

About the author: A Hassan is the author of this only great cookbook. This book shows the traditional Somali cuisine quintessence of the author that you can approach to produce mouthwatering meals.

Delightful Somali recipes: A glimpse in the Somali cuisine

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“This book is amazing! I read it, and it made me try Somali food. I recommend this to anyone interested in Somali food and culture!”- R. Edman

For everyone, Somali cuisine is relatively unfamiliar. This book is like a binocular that allows you to look inside the Somali diet daily. Somali foods, as well as most recipes, are simple, easy, and quick to make.

You will find in every recipe of the book contains a combination of strange flavors, colorful spices, and surprising health benefits. The combination of tart, sour, sweet, and spice, along with the regular consumption of entrails like liver, kidneys, and even an animal heart, makes this cuisine authentic.

About the author: Delightful Somali recipes: A glimpse in the Somali cuisine (1) is the first and only book by Warsan Garrow. The book is the crystallization of the author’s exquisite and expert insights on cuisine in general and the Somali kitchen in particular.

My Somali Food: Somali Traditional food

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“The recipe is easy to make, and the finished product is delicious.”-Jessica M

In the book “My Somali Food: Somali Traditional food,” you will be provided with some of Somalia’s famous dishes and recipes. With simple step-by-step instructions and beautiful illustrations, this cookbook will get you excited about going to the kitchen and preparing authentic Somali meals without wasting too much of your time.

About the author: In addition to the “My Somali Food: Somali Traditional food” cookbook, Nawaal Khalif is also known as the author of her autobiography of “Life Can Be Complicated: Once I turn 15”.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Somali cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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