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8 Best Guatemalan Cookbooks To Taste The Real Flavor Of The Maya World’s Heart

Guatemala – The heart of the Maya World is home to a wonderful climate and conducive to a variety of activities throughout the year. This fertile land has facilitated the cultivation of numerous products such as fruits, and vegetables. The typical flavor of Guatemalan cuisine is a blend of Maya, Spanish and contemporary cuisine. This makes Guatemala the ideal destination for providing a wealth of unique foods and drinks to the international market.

For this reason, this country is known as one of the richest cuisines on the continent. Here are 8 best Guatemalan cookbooks. They will be your guide and a reliable kitchen companion to help you conquer all your recipes.

Amalia’s Guatemalan Kitchen – Gourmet Cuisine with a Cultural Flair

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“Beautiful cookbook with great recipes”- M. Kooiman

Amalia’s Guatemalan Kitchen – Gourmet Cuisine with a Cultural Flair” includes 170 author’s favorite Guatemala recipes for any occasion. These quick, healthy, and easy gourmet dishes will be a great opportunity to explore a fascinating culture dating back to the ancient Maya civilization.

Amalia recipes come to life with helpful techniques and hints, step-by-step instructions, personal stories, vegetarian and gluten-free options, exciting suggestions for recipe variations, and cultural insights behind the cuisine. Whether you’re a chef or a food lover, this book will make your heart and taste buds dance.

About the author: Amalia Moreno-Damgaard is a Guatemalan-American chef educated in French culinary traditions. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and holds an executive master’s degree in international business from St. Louis University.

Amalia founded Amalia Latin Gourmet with a Cultural Flair (, a business designed to help others develop a greater understanding and appreciation of Latin cultures through delicious food.

Her husband is of Danish descent and another source of cultural influence in Amalia’s kitchen. She lives in the Twin Cities with their husband and son.

False Tongues and Sunday Bread: A Guatemalan and Mayan Cookbook

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“This book is full of authentic central American recipes.”- Amazon Customer

Copeland Marks has traveled across regions and countries around the world, carrying Mayan heritage to introduce you to this little-known cuisine’s daily pleasures.

This cookbook is an enriching adventure for those who love the flavors of tortillas, tamales, and pungent sauces. These recipes will reflect an interesting and accessible culinary background. In addition to traditional Mayan flavors, Honduran dishes also incorporate culinary ideas from India, Africa, the Caribbean, Great Britain, and Spain.

About the author: Copeland Marks is a world traveler and author of 16 cookbooks on exotic and little-known cuisines. He often travels to different regions, cooks with, and learns from the locals.

Some of his other books include The Varied Kitchens of India and The Burmese Kitchen: Recipes from Golden Land. Copeland Marks lived in New York until his death in 1999.

Cocina Holistica: Plant-Powered Recipes Inspired by Guatemalan Superfoods

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“I love this book! The recipes are easy.”- Batman51305

In his first cookbook, the author brings healing plant-based dishes that are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free. The stunning pictures of Guatemala’s countryside and farms will become an inspiration for a new respect for indigenous food in these 40 creative, modern recipes.

About the author: Kassia Emily Fiedor is a Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Private Chef from Southern California. With a passion for using plants, herbs, and vegetables as medicine, the author always prioritizes and encourages everyone to eat in harmony with the body and nature.

Kassia has lived in Guatemala for more than 5 years and teaches healthy cooking and provides nutrient-rich meals to those who appreciate the nourishing high-vibration food.

The Central American Cookbook: Authentic Central American Recipes from Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia

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“This book is full of recipes you’ll not likely find elsewhere. With few exceptions, I’ve not seen most of these before. Considering I’m a retired chef, that’s saying something.”- CJs Pirate

The purpose of “The Central American Cookbook” is to take you on an effortless and straightforward cooking journey. In this book, the author focuses on Central American cooking with a complete set of unique but simple Central American recipes. You will be surprised by the dishes that are so simple, but the taste is quite amazing.

Here is some preview of the Central American recipes:

  • Whole Chicken Colombian Style
  • Creamy Colombian Curried Squash Soup
  • Carne Asada Columbiana
  • Medellin Corn Stew
  • Belizean Fried Shrimp
  • San Pedro Town Pollo Stew
  • Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes from Belize

Much, much more!

About the author: BookSumo Press is an easy, unique, and healthy cookbook publisher. Their cookbook will help you to cook with any kind of ingredients. All BookSumo Press cookbooks are accessible and straightforward.

Land of Eternal Spring Wonderfully Exotic Recipes of Guatemala

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“Authentic Guetalaman Recipes”- Zackary Prince

After many years of experiencing and enjoying the rich and diverse cuisine of Guatemala, the author has begun to take notes and share its uniqueness about its savory food in this book.

Land of Eternal Spring Wonderfully Exotic Recipes of Guatemala” will teach you how to cook these “tipica” Guatemalan dishes typical of Central America. Every dish in this book will impress your family and guests as well as devour every little bit.

About the author: Mark Gargus is the author of this cookbook. In addition, there are a few other author books that you can check out:

  • Master Chef Recipes for the Novice
  • Armina’s and Klaus’ Christmas in Guatemala
  • The Round Eye Dim Sum Cookbook
  • The Round Eye Homestyle Chinese Cookbook
  • The Essential Beginners Thai Cookbook

Cocina Guatemalteca: Recetas Tipicas (Spanish)

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“Nice recipes, all in Spanish. Nice photos.”- Happy

If you are looking for a Guatemalan cookbook with text in Spanish, then you’ve come to the right place. “Cocina Guatemalteca: Recetas Tipicas (Spanish)” is written entirely in Spanish, which will help you in finding ingredients while living in Spain. Besides, the book is also illustrated with many attractive color photos to show you the way to a perfect dish.

About the author: Eva Fernandez is the author of this cookbook. In addition, you can also find some of her other titles such as:

Taste of Guatemalan Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 12)

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“The recipes are authentic and delicious”-Amazon Customer

This cookbook includes over 220 signature Guatemala recipes that will bring to your table the best and most delicious typical Guatemala dishes. You will be embarked on this country’s culinary journey with detailed step-by-step instructions to make it easy for you to succeed.

About the author: Goce Nikolovski is the author of “Taste of Guatemalan Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 12)”. He has written many other cookbooks, not only his own but also some in collaboration with other authors. Some remarkable books he has written are:

  • Taste of Panamanian Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 16) 
  • Taste of Paraguayan Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 9)
  • Taste of Ecuadorian Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 10)
  • Taste of Salvadoran Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 14)
  • Taste of Chilean Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 4)
  • Taste of Armenian Cuisine
  • Taste of Albanian Cuisine (Balkan Cuisine Book 4)

Guatemalan Cookbook

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“A wonderful introduction to the food of Guatemalan food”- BARBARA H DARMS

In this book, you will find outstanding sights of Guatemala, from stunning volcanoes to underground rivers, stunning lakes, caverns, caves, coastal plains, and limestone plateau.

Guatemala is a magnificent country with excellent cuisines including: Pepinos Rellenos, Sopa de Plátano, Curtido, Carne Guisado, Pollo en Crema, Pulique, Pupusas, Hilachas, Guatemalan Enchilada and Quesadilla, Tapado, Dobladas, Picado de Zanahoria, Arroz Con Leche, Atole de Elote, and many more. Each recipe is easy to follow with lots of beautiful photos designed to suit even beginners.

About the author: Rachel Pambrun is the author of this book. Also, the author has many other books that always receive different appreciation from customers. Typically, some of other his following books may be named:

  • African Cookbook: Recipes from Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Kenya
  • Haitian Cookbook: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Kenyan Cookbook: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Ethiopian Cookbook (Planet Cookbooks)
  • Nigerian Cookbook: A Beginner’s Guide (Planet Cookbooks)
  • Peruvian Cookbook: A Beginner’s Guide

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Guatemalan cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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