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10 Authentic Ghanaian Cookbooks With The Best Ghanaian Recipes For You

Key items and signature spices have contributed to making Ghanaian cuisine a must-see. However, Ghanaian food is not only a simple food but also a way to show love and happiness, and a means of connecting people together. So it’s not wrong to say that “Ghanaian food is for the soul, not just the stomach.”

It is not difficult to distinguish the culture and cuisine of African countries. Similar to other countries, Ghana also has its own ingredients, preparation techniques, and taste. Expand your culinary knowledge by learning about traditional Ghanaian dishes and making them at home with this list of 10 best Ghanaian cookbooks below.

The Ghana Cookbook

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“This is a well written and approachable book that introduces a unique and delicious cuisine.”- Linda N.

Coming to the book “The Ghana Cookbook”, you will find more than 140 recipes representing all regions of Ghana. The authors presented the basic principles of flavor principles, seasoning techniques, and basic stocks. Meanwhile, the following chapters are dedicated to snacks, protein entrees, soups and stews, baked goods, beverages, and much more.

About the author: Fran Osseo-Asare is an internationally recognized culinary specialist in Sub-Saharan Africa and Ghanaian cuisine in particular. She has written several books about African cooking and culture.

Fran Osseo-Asare has also written for publications such as Soujourners, Gastronomica, bSpirit, and Cuisine, Culture, and Society. As a prominent teacher and speaker, she was invited to attend TED to represent African cuisine in Arusha, Tanzania in 2007 at TEDGlobal: Africa, the Next Chapter. She lives at State College, PA.

Barbara Baëta is the owner and founder of Flair Catering, Ltd. – an agent providing catering services and a cooking school. She has exhibited the country and its food to foreign visitors for decades and is considered a national treasure in Ghana. In 2009 Barbara Baëta’s company served a meal (breakfast for 600 people) to President Obama during a state visit to Ghana.

Akwaaba!: Dr. Akua’s Ghanaian Vegan Cuisine

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“Just got the book today and the recipes are so simple and contain ingredients I actually like. I recommend this book.”- Hannah B

This book is a collection of traditional vegan recipes inspired by Africa. The author has combined his nutritional expertise with the familiar organic taste of West Africa to spark inspiration for a healthy eating lifestyle for everyone.

The book includes 100% vegan and full-spice recipes suited to delightful drinks, smoothies, breakfast meals with traditional staple gari, quick and easy lunch like Carrot Fest Soup and Stuffed Pear (avocado), as well as favorite dinners like Waakye, Veggie Burgers, and Ground Nut Soup.

About the author: K. Akua Gray is the author of many books on holistic health and vegan nutrition, including three volumes about Naturopathic Reiki and the first training manual on Detox Therapy. The author also wrote Natural Health and Wellness: The Consultant Manual, which has been used to train traditional natural bath methods in twelve countries. She has been writing about health and wellness for over two decades. K. Akua Gray was born in Houston, TX, and currently lives in southern Ghana, West Africa.

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

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“Beautifully done. I actually haven’t cooked anything yet but it looks great on the counter!”- Catherine Slocum

“Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen” will bring you really interesting and full of flavors for the kitchen with delicious dishes that are hard to resist.

If you are familiar with Ghanaian cuisine, you will find new ways to combine and create a distinctive flavor. On the contrary, if you are new to it, you will surely be amazed and delighted at the creation of these compelling yet relatively easy dishes.

Most of the ingredients for the dishes in this book are easy to buy at local supermarkets or stores. In particular, the recipes are super flexible, so you can take the basics and easily adjust them to what you have in the refrigerator.

About the author: Zoe Adjonyoh is a cook and writer from Southeast London. She owns a pop-up restaurant and a supper club that has made waves in the foodie scene – both in London and Berlin. Her culinary talent brings traditional and contemporary Ghanaian dishes to an audience outside the Ghanaian community.

A Taste with a Difference Ghanaian Cookbook: 2Nd Edition of a Taste of Hospitality Cookbook

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“Good Book”- Barlow

“A Taste with a Difference Ghanaian Cookbook: 2Nd Edition of a Taste of Hospitality Cookbook” introduces you to Ghanaian cooking along with a wide range of delicious recipes. The book includes savory, sweet, and snack recipes to quickly serve family and friends whenever.

About the author: Marian is a Hospitality Consultant with a strong passion for Ghanaian cuisine and brings “A Taste with a Difference.” This book is the 2nd edition of her first book “A Taste of Hospitality.”

Ghanaian Cooking At Its Best: 70 Recipes in color from Ghana, Africa.

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“Very well written and authentic tasting foods!”- Gabriel Doe

This book showcases 70 authentic Ghanaian recipes along with 200 color pictures related to food. The author will provide full detailed instructions and explanations for formulas including:

  • Authentic Drinks and Smoothie, Ginger drink & Spicy tropical smoothie
  • Appetizers & Snacks (Achomo and donuts)
  • Side dishes (Kelewele, Tatale, Kaklo, and Ablongo)
  • Main course dishes (Ghanaian stews and soups) and Jollof rice
  • Desserts and quick cake desserts

About the author: Sue Campbell Sue was born in Accra, West Africa. She is quadrilingual and fluent in English, Ga, Fante, and Twi. She worked in Business Administration and the Fashion industry in London for many years. Sue moved to the United States in 2005 and worked as a Nurse here.

Authentic African Cuisine from Ghana

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“The recipes are simple; easy to follow; and, delicious to make.”- Barbara Smith

This cookbook will begin with a brief introduction to Ghana’s history, traditions, and culture. After that, you will be guided to delve into various traditional soups like the famous groundnut or peanut soup, palm soup.

In particular, you’ll find stews like okro or okra stew, kontomereh (spinach), and egusi; rice dishes like Jollof and kelewele (fried plantains) – delicious. In addition, a section dedicated to desserts like bofloat will also be included.

About the author: To get a cookbook that crystallizes the best Ghana recipes, it’s the result of the combination of David Otoo and Tamminay Otoo. The authors are experts with extensive knowledge of cuisine, especially about Ghanaian cuisine. Up to this point, this is the first and only cookbook by these authors.

Gone to Ghana: The West African Cookbook

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“Its simplicity with 30 well- written and easy instructions for interesting recipes”- Sylvia Pache

This comprehensive cookbook brings you 30 authentic Ghanaian recipes, including both classic and newer ingredients, all of which remain the authentic local West African ingredients. In particular, this book will be suitable for everyone as all the recipes are easy to follow and do not require any complicated cooking techniques.

About the author: Valeria Ray was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and began her passion for cooking while studying English Literature at Oakland City University.

After graduating, she worked in French restaurants in the Indianapolis area until she became a head chef at a 5-star establishment. Valeria Ray lives in Indianapolis with her husband (Tom) and her daughter (Isobel).


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“Well written and easy to follow steps with very easy to come by ingredients. Anyone can cook with this book. I like it.”- Amazon Customer

“Chef it up by Vee” contains more than 50 Ghanaian meals that will leave your family smiling. This book has been divided into sections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The recipe for each recipe is adaptable and the ingredients are easy to find. It will include dishes like Jollof, banku, fufu, palm-nut soup, and peanut butter soup, Waakye( Rice with beans /peas), many more delicious meals.

Furthermore, pictures of complete dishes, as well as meals, will make your whole cooking experience enjoyable.

About the author: The author of this cookbook is Ivy AKUVI AGBOYIBOR. The author spent a lot of effort to create this only great cookbook that you can read. Although the author does not publish many cookbooks, this book presents the quintessence of the traditional Ghanaian cuisine he has acquired.

Ghanaian Cook Book: Favourite Recipes from Ghana

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“I love the book information and selection of recipes, easy to understand”- Amazon Customer

The book covers dishes from mashed roasted cocoyams to groundnut stew, which have been carefully selected and ingredients easy to find. In addition, the book also contains a section on weights and measures. This book is designed to serve every one of all levels from casual chefs to experienced professionals.

About the author: “Ghanaian Cook Book: Favourite Recipes from Ghana” is written and perfected by Sophia Manu, who has a lot of experience in ingredients selection, processing, and cooking. You can refer to some other books of the author:

  • Living through Courtesy
  • Kwaku Addo Watches the Moon

Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking: A Cookbook

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“The recipes are all those I remember from my childhood in the South, and the histories and anecdotes that accompany them are beyond enriching. I love to cook, and I love history; having the stories of these favorite foods to share with my family and guests is such a pleasure.”- Laura Allen

In the Jubilee cookbook, you can realize masterful cooking in your kitchen. The book is not only simple to provide recipes but also gives you exciting stories about culinary history.

You’ll find over 100 recipes, from classics like Seafood Gumbo, Sweet Potato Biscuits, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, and Pecan Pie with Bourbon to lesser-known or even more decadent dishes like Spoon Bread, Bourbon & Apple Hot Toddies, and Baked Ham Glazed with Champagne. In addition, you will be advised to select ingredients as well as providing the best cooking techniques.

About the author: Toni Tipton-Martin is a renowned African American culinary historian. Besides, she also works as a culinary journalist and community activist. She is also a founding member of Southern Foodways Alliance and Foodways Texas.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Ghanaian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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