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6 Best Ecuadorian Cookbooks: The Best Authentic Food To Cook In Your Kitchen

Ecuador is a country endowed with a variety of indigenous ingredients thanks to the Pacific shore, the Amazon rainforest, valleys, and flatlands at high altitudes. Ecuadorian food and their local ingredients are varied and always fresh. If you are looking to bring fresh and nutritious food to your family’s table, choose Ecuadorian cuisine. We provide 6 best Ecuadorian cookbooks from experienced culinary experts are available in the market for you to consult and choose to become a companion in your comfortable kitchen.

Ecuadorian Born.: SOMOS Restaurant: YEAR ONE

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“Demonstrating that the rich and diverse Andean nation has begun to reveal its secrets to the world. Somos represents an ambitious step-forward for Ecuadorian cuisine.”- Matthew Carpenter-Arévalo, Owner at Centrico Digital, Quito, Ec

More than a cookbook, “Ecuadorian Born .: SOMOS Restaurant: YEAR ONE” is like a textual and graphic story by SOMOS Restaurante Ecuador- a contemporary Ecuadorian restaurant that forms a new global culinary category.

Led by Executive Chef Alejandra Espinoza, the dishes in this book incorporate local ingredients, long-standing Ecuadorian recipes, and globally inspired cooking techniques. In particular, you’ll find addictive foods like as gazpacho (smoked watermelon gazpacho-ceviche hybrid), La Guaguasa (fermented yucca flatbread), Seco de Pollo ramen, cuy lettuce wraps, and Ecuadorian paila-style ice creams.

About the author: Signo Jesse Uddenberg was born and raised in Gig Harbor, Washington. He is an adventure-seeker, loves immersive travel, surfing, cycling, trekking, mountaineering, and anything that gets him adrenaline pumping.

Signo holds a master’s degree in sustainable design and construction from Stanford University, a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from the University of Southern California, and a bachelor’s degree in natural science from Pepperdine University.

In addition, this wonderful book has the contributions of several culinary experts such as Alejandra Espinoza, Alonso Espinoza, and Kevin Fietek.

Essential Ecuadorian Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of South American Dish Ideas!

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“My dad passed when I was young so I never learned his recipes. Thankfully a majority of these recipes are things my father used to make.”- Viviana Vargas

This is a beautiful cookbook with many actually work recipes. The recipes are easy to follow and clearly laid out in numbered steps. “Essential Ecuadorian Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of South American Dish Ideas!” contains a lot of stunning photos that will entice you to enjoy and run into the kitchen to start cooking instantly.

About the author: Thomas Kelly is a talented culinary writer who owns many cookbooks such as:

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The Latin Road Home: Savoring the Foods of Ecuador, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru

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“This arrived quickly and is a beautiful book. I love the photos and look forward to trying the recipes!”- Jan

This special cookbook contains not only recipes but also colorful memories of local cultures and insights into the unique Ecuadorian ingredients and techniques.

The author shares more than 100 recipes suitable for home cooks, along with over 100 photos of travel and eye-catching food that will immerse readers.

About the author: Chef Jose Garces is the owner of the Amada restaurant, which was established in 2005 and brought his name to the national level. The author is considered one of the nation’s most talented young chefs and won the James Beard Foundation’s prestigious “Best Chef in the Middle Atlantic” in 2009.

In 2010, Garces won the Iron Chef award of Food Network, which made him one of the few chefs in the country to hold the noble title of American Iron Chef. His Garces Group has opened 15 more restaurants nationwide, in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, Palm Springs, Arizona, and Atlantic City. He currently lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

The Ecuadorian Table: Authentic & Delicious, Easy to Make Ecuadorian Recipes

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“Delicious and authentic recipes. Great cookbook”- Edith

In “The Ecuador Table”, the author will provide more than 80 delicious and authentic Ecuadorian recipes. Specifically, you can find recipes and easy-to-follow instructions for Ecuadorian drinks, appetizers, ceviches, soups, salads, main courses, side dishes, salsas, and desserts. What’s more, the book also includes suggestions for décor and some of the best side dishes to add to recipes.

About the author: Joanna Leasure is a free-spirited girl with a passion for cooking and loves to share her knowledge and culinary experiences with everyone around her. She was born and raised in Ecuador, then moved to the United States in 1999. Leasure graduated from the French Culinary Academy also known as International Cuisine. She lives in South Florida with her family and 4 children.

Taste of Ecuadorian Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 10)

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“Very detailed instructions and all our fav Ecuadorian plates! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! YUM!!”-David

“Taste of Ecuadorian Cuisine (Latin American Cuisine Book 10)” includes over 200 typical Ecuadorian recipes, bringing to your table the best and most delicious authentic Ecuadorian dishes. Plus, detailed step-by-step instructions provided in each recipe will make you more confident and easier to succeed.

About the author: Goce Nikolovski is the author of “Taste of Guyanese Cuisine (Caribbean Cuisine Book 1)”. He has written many other cookbooks, not only his own but also some in collaboration with other authors. Some remarkable books he has written are:

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  • Taste of Armenian Cuisine
  • Taste of Albanian Cuisine (Balkan Cuisine Book 4)

The Ecuador Cookbook: traditional vegetarian and seafood recipes (English and Spanish Edition)

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“It is so hard to find Ecuadorian cookbooks that are in English and this one is great! It has so many traditional recipes.”- Jenny Deo

This bilingual (English and Spanish) cookbook offers traditional Latin American vegetarian and seafood dishes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. In addition, easy to find ingredients and beautiful original illustrations are included in this booklet.

About the author: Christina Buchanan arrived in Ecuador in 1993 with the Peace Corps. After noticing the anomaly in the names of traditional Ecuadorian dishes, she wished to help other tourists discover the unique and fresh flavors of the tropics. Christina Buchanan currently lives in San Diego, California.

Cesar Franco is an Ecuadorian photographer, graphic designer, author, and publisher. He studied in the U. S. and France.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Ecuadorian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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