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These 10 Lebanese Vegan Cookbooks Are A Must-have For Your Collection

The Lebanese cuisine charms with its fragrant and delicious recipes. But wait, what happens when you turn them to vegan recipes? The food becomes scarcer for vegetarian and vegan eaters. Veganism is one of the healthiest diets you can adopt, and Lebanese cooking is a colorful array of different dishes and ingredients that will leave you satisfied every time. This means you get to enjoy your favorite dishes but by replacing the meat with healthy vegan food.

If you have ever been to Lebanon, then you definitely must have tried their famous vegan platters. The food in this wonderful Middle-Eastern country is a mixture of Lebanese, Syrian, Greek and Egyptian cuisines and it is delicious! Lebanese cuisine is popular all around the world, though the recipes are not exactly vegan. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to 10 authentic Lebanese vegan cookbooks that will help you prepare some of the most popular dishes of that region.

Lebanon is the perfect place for some mouthwatering, vegan treats. With the increasing awareness of veganism, Lebanese cookbooks are also shifting from vegetarian to vegan recipes. We’ve found 10 delicious Lebanese vegan cookbooks you should add to your cookbook library!

A Lebanese Feast of Vegetables, Pulses, Herbs and Spices

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  • Introducing healthy Lebanese cuisine
  • A wide variety of vegetarian dishes in the Lebanese diet
  • Includes recipes for mezze, peasant food, and more
  • Healthy yet flavorful Lebanese cooking

This book introduces great delicious Lebanese vegetable recipes, written by Mona Hamadeh. It focuses on those recipes that make Lebanese cuisine one of the healthiest in the world because of the huge variety of vegetarian dishes on which it is based.

The author believes that this cookbook will be an essential tool for all food lovers and people who want to eat healthily and live a long life.

The book includes, of course, the famous mezze and specialty sweets and also peasant food from the rural mountains, traditional dishes from the north and south along the Mediterranean coast, and street food including Falafel wraps. With this book on hand, you can enjoy numerous flavors from the amazing Lebanese dishes without sacrificing the healthy option.

Welcome to Lebanon: Authentic Lebanese Recipes for Authentic Lebanese Cuisine Lovers

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  • Immerse yourself into the Lebanese culture with one click
  • A tribute to traditional Lebanese recipes, sumptuous and irresistible dishes
  • Learn how to make traditional dishes in your own kitchen
  • Discover the rich and diverse history of Lebanon

Lebanese cuisine is not known to many people. This cookbook aims at introducing authentic Lebanese recipes and its rich culture, as well as helping you learn how to make sumptuous, mouth-watering, delicious, and irresistible traditional dishes from scratch.

Do you want to have a taste of real Lebanon? If yes, then this book will definitely help you get there! With this book on hand, it is very easy for anyone who wants to live like a native or visit Lebanon anytime they wish.

Learning how to prepare these delicious dishes can be done with ease by following the instructions given in this book that comes with pictures and detailed steps on every page. You could also try out some new techniques while cooking them that are different from what your family has been doing all along. It’s time for a change!

Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen: Authentic Recipes for Fresh and Flavorful Mediterranean Home Cooking

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  • Numerous Lebanese recipes ranging across regions and for different tastes
  • Recipes are presented in a way that makes them seem accessible to the inexperienced cook
  • Makes cooking flavorful, fresh Mediterranean dishes easy for anyone
  • Provides deeply personal insight into one of the most renowned regional cuisines in the world

Lebanese food is known for its delicious, fresh ingredients, and abundance of spices. Unfortunately, not everyone has a chance to try food from this Middle East country, and if yes, they find it difficult to make.

“Julie Taboulie’s Lebanese Kitchen” will teach you how to prepare these dishes with step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs that are sure to whet your appetite. You won’t need any fancy equipment or unusual ingredients as everything you need can be found in the average grocery store.

With this cookbook as a guide, you can recreate authentic tastes from Lebanon right in your own kitchen and treat your loved ones with the best and exotic meals ever.

My Lebanese Cookbook: 80+ Family Favorites Made Simple

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  • Family-friendly recipes
  • Simple Lebanese food that tastes amazing
  • Step by step instructions make it easier than you think to cook up a storm
  • Recipes are easy and fun for all ages

Every cuisine from each country is diverse and delicious, including Lebanese cuisine. Even though it has a rich history, many people are not familiar with the amazing taste and flavor of these Middle East dishes.

With this book, you can make your own authentic Lebanese dishes at home without having to go out to eat or order food from a somewhat restaurant that serves Lebanese food. You will be able to cook for your family, friends, and even yourself like a pro!

My Lebanese Cookbook contains over 80 recipes that are gathered from the author’s family’s kitchen in Lebanon as well as other famous chefs across the country so that you can create an unforgettable experience for all those who try these dishes. These recipes are simple yet tasty enough to impress anyone who tries them.

The Lebanese Cookbook

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  • A comprehensive guide to Lebanese cuisine
  • Hundreds of delicious recipes, including 500 levels of authentic dishes
  • Delicious and creative content that offers something for everyone
  • Get the definitive book on Lebanese cooking with this easy-to-use resource

Lebanese cuisine has been overlooked for too long. This book was born with the aim to change that fact by offering a comprehensive guide to the country’s food, from its diverse ingredients and techniques to its history and culture.

The Lebanese Cookbook is a must-have for anyone interested in Middle Eastern cooking or intrigued by the foods of this fascinating region. It contains 500 recipes, from appetizers and salads, through fish, meat, poultry dishes, vegetable specialties, sweets, and drinks. All are presented with Salma Hage’s characteristic warmth and passion for her homeland.

If you love Middle Eastern food or know someone who does, then this cookbook is an essential addition to your kitchen library. And whether you’re looking for traditional favorites such as hummus bi tahini (chickpea dip) or mujadara (lentils with rice), new discoveries like grape molasses cookies or banana blossom salad with roasted squash seeds, or just want inspiration to cook an exotic dish, just grab the book and let it be your guide in the next phase.

A Taste of Lebanon: Cooking Today the Lebanese Way

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  • A valuable guide to the incredible diversity of Lebanese cookery
  • Over 200 recipes, including appetizers, sauces, soups, salad, main courses, and desserts
  • With ingredient information and helpful hints

Lebanese cuisine is a rich and varied culinary tradition that has been passed down through generations. Therefore, it will be hard to find the right recipe if you are out of the national land.

Even if you have a chance to visit Lebanon, the fact is many authentic recipes have been lost due to a lack of written records or misinterpretation by cooks who were not originally from Lebanon.

This book will be the key to revive Lebanese cuisine. It contains over 200 original recipes with step-by-step instructions for preparing popular dishes like hummus, fattoush, baba ghanouj, kibbeh nayyeh, stuffed grape leaves (dolmas), beef kafta kebabs, and more! The history of each dish is also included to give you an insight into its origins. You can either gain so much information about the ingredients used in these recipes and helpful hints along with photos throughout the cookbook.

Classic Lebanese Cuisine: 170 Fresh And Healthy Mediterranean Favorites

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  • Learn how to make fresh, healthy Lebanese food
  • Become a healthier person
  • Discover the diverse flavors of Lebanon
  • Lose weight and eat less processed foods with these recipes

It is true that Lebanese cuisine has been around for many centuries, but it isn’t as well known in the West.

This book will help bring a little of Lebanon to your table. The recipes are easy to follow and can be made by anyone who loves Mediterranean food.

For a taste of Lebanon without leaving the comfort of your kitchen, get this amazing cookbook full of authentic Lebanese recipes.

The Lebanese Cookbook: Exploring the Food of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan

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  • Learn about Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian cuisine
  • Experiment with new flavors
  • Share recipes from this book with your family and friends
  • Guide leads to Lebanon, Syria, or Jordan tours

Lebanon is a small country but its food is big. It’s as varied and complex as the multitudes of cultures that have influenced it over the centuries.

The Lebanese Cookbook offers an insight into this wonderful cuisine, with recipes that are easy to follow and delicious to eat. From breakfast through lunch, dinner, drinks, and desserts you’ll find something for every occasion here – from classic mezze dishes like hummus or stuffed vine leaves, through mains such as chicken kababs or lamb shank tagine, all the way to treats like baklava or knafeh pastries with pistachio nuts…and so much more!

No matter what your tastes are, there will still be something in this book for you. Ghillie Basan has written extensively about Arab culture over many years both on television and radio (including BBC Radio 4) as well as writing books on Middle Eastern cooking which have sold thousands of copies worldwide.

The Flavorsome Lebanese Cookbook: Recipes That Will Give You the Lebanese Vibes!

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  • Enjoy Lebanese cuisines with recipes that are healthy, flavorful, and authentic
  • Learn how to make traditional dishes such as the famous kafta (Lebanese meatballs)
  • Discover new recipes for your palate
  • Recipies that will excite vegetarians and carnivores alike

Lebanese food is one of the most flavorful cuisines in the world. However, many people are not aware of it because they are under the impression that Lebanese food is just hummus and falafel.

Many people have never tasted authentic Lebanese recipes, but the truth is there are hundreds of traditional recipes which include meat, vegetables, rice, yogurt, nuts, and many other ingredients that can wow any person from the first bite.

This book contains some of these delicious meals to introduce you to this amazing cuisine! You will see how easy it is to prepare healthy meals with lots of flavors using simple ingredients available at home. All recipes included in this cookbook were developed by Sharon Powell who has been cooking since she was 8 years old for her family and friends! She wrote down all her favorite recipes so other people can enjoy them too and bring the Lebanese spirit to everyone’s kitchens.

The Ultimate Lebanese Cookbook: 111 Dishes From Lebanon To Cook Right Now

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  • Explore the rich and diverse world of Lebanese dishes
  • Satisfy your cravings for international cuisine while being creative in cooking
  • This book offers extensive, accurate, and well-written recipes that are easy to follow
  • Recipes can be tailored to vegan standards

Lebanese food is a culinary treasure but it can be hard to find the right recipes and ingredients to mimic the authentic dishes.

This book has 111 delicious traditional recipes that you can easily make at home. The recipes are easy to follow with clear instructions, beautiful photos of the dishes, and tips on how to cook them.

Slavka Bodic’s book will show you how to prepare your favorite Lebanese dishes in no time! Each recipe includes an estimated preparation time so that you know exactly what should be done when preparing a meal. The author also provides tips for substitutions if needed as well as great ideas on how to use leftovers from previous meals (such as hummus or tabbouleh). You’ll feel like a professional chef after making just one dish from this book.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Lebanese Vegan cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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