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10 Authentic Vegan Czech Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Czech is famous for their best-known Pilsner beer, but not many people know about their cuisine’s culinary aspects. Czech have to survive through harsh winter months, their meals are filled with meat-based dishes and warm mulled wine. However, their cuisine is more greens-forwards in general, and you can easily find many restaurants serving vegan food in the Czech Republic.

Vegan Red Cabbage Risotto, Traditional Potatoes Goulash, Bread Dumplings with Plum Sauce are some stand out vegan dishes that you must try if you have a chance to visit the Czech Republic. If a trip is hard to make, then the recipes in these 10 best Czech vegan cookbooks below will help you to bring the traditional and authentic tastes of vegan Czech food to your house. Check them out.

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