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10 Best Southern Pantry Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Are you a busy person and don’t have much time for cooking but still want exotic and delicious dishes in your everyday meals? Are you a Southern man who wishes to try again the flavors of your childhood foods cooked by your mother and grandmother? Or are you tired of running back and forth from a store to a store just for 1 missing ingredient to cook your recipes? You don’t have to worry anymore. In this post today, we will introduce to you 10 Southern pantry cookbooks that help you make the most of your pantry and ingredients in your kitchen to make tasty and flavorful Southern dishes.

The Southern Pantry Cookbook: 105 Recipes Already Hiding in Your Kitchen

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“Great photos. Great organization of material. Leaves nothing out. The only kitchen companion you will ever need. Makes cooking southern easy to understand and execute”- Amazon Customer

This book will help you make the most of familiar and friendly ingredients in your pantry without costing too much time or effort. It provides you quick yet delicious recipes and smart cooking tips for Southern dishes. You can find in the book amazing recipes for soups, salads, Braised Chicken with Mushrooms and Grits, or Cheesy-Jalapeno Hushpuppies, and so much more. All of these recipes are very simple to make and the results will blow your mind.

Especially, the author gives you many awesome suggestions and tricks for organizing your pantry to make your cooking time a lot easier and more interesting.

About the Author: Jennifer Chandler is a food blogger and cookbook author. She owns a food market & bakery named Cheffie’s Market-one of the best restaurant in Memphis. She is the mother of 2 adorable girls.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • Simply Suppers: Easy Comfort Food Your Whole Family Will Love
  • Simply Salads: More than 100 Creative Recipes You Can Make in Minutes from Prepackaged Greens
  • Simply Grilling: 105 Recipes for Quick and Casual Grilling

Southern Plate: Classic Comfort Food That Makes Everyone Feel Like Family

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“If you want to know how to cook a good southern meal, this lovely lady can show you the way! My husband is so grateful I learned to cook southern food, he is a good ole’ southern boy, now I can’t even cook anything else”- Amazon Customer

This book can be a perfect choice for those who are new to cooking but still want to make mouth-watering and beautiful dishes for their friends and family. The book is filled with classic Southern recipes which anyone at any level can follow without too many struggles. There is a wide range of recipes for you to choose from, and each recipe will bring you an incredible combination of flavors. Try out recipes for Baked Ham, Fried Chicken Planks, Chicken and Dumplings, Puddings, etc, and you will never regret buying this book.

Besides, there are short stories sharing the author’s thoughts about each recipe coming with her cozy writing style. All of this makes the book become a best friend in the pantry of any food lover.

About the Author: Christy Jordan is a cook and the mother of 2 lovely children. She loves sharing her home-made Southern recipes with people who have the same passion for food and cooking as her. Her recipes are always unique and budget-friendly but very flavorful. She now lives in Alabama with her happy family.

I Heart Soul Food: 100 Southern Comfort Food Favorites

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“ I love this book. It has great recipes and beautiful colorful pictures. The recipes are easy to follow. She has videos on her site to show the recipe being cooked. Great book!”-Amazon Customer

The book is a collection of more than 100 classic Southern recipes that anyone should at least try once in their life. All recipes are super suitable for cozy family gatherings as well as everyday meals. They are all simple dishes that you can make with familiar ingredients in everyone’s pantry.

There are recipes for every course of a meal from appetizers to desserts. You can find amazing recipes for breakfasts, lunch, and dinners, even treats and snacks. This book definitely is a must-have item for any foodie.

About the Author: Rosie Mayes is is the founder of I Heart Recipes – a blog where she shares her recipes and cooking experiences with others. She also has a Youtube channel with many viewers and followers. She now resides in Seattle.

Southern from Scratch: Pantry Essentials and Down-Home Recipes

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“Love the basic recipes, clean down to earth recipes made with every day common ingredients normally you keep in your pantry!”- Amazon Customer

This book opens up a wonderful world of Southern cuisine with over 150 authentic and updated recipes for home-cooking. All of these recipes will take you back to your childhood with delicious and cozy meals made by your mother and grandmother. The book teaches you how to make the most of ingredients in your kitchen to make tasty and healthy dishes such as pickles, relishes, jams, and so much more.

Every page is filled with love and the enthusiasm of the author. If you want to make a revolution for your pantry right now, this book is where you should start.

About the Author: Ashley English is a chef, gardener, and cookbook author. In her career, she has worked with many nonprofit organizations to raise people’s awareness about food and agricultural issues. She is also an active member of the Slow Food USA. She now lives in Candler, NC with her husband and lovely son.

My Pinewood Kitchen, A Southern Culinary Cure: 130+ Crazy Delicious, Gluten-Free Recipes to Reduce Inflammation and Make Your Gut Happy

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“I Loved every bit of this book. The outline, story, education, and suggestions open up a whole new world of LOVE for the Good Real food. Truly a joy”- Amazon Customer

This is not simply a cookbook, it can be a healer for your health situations. It offers over 130 healthy and delicious Southern recipes that are good for everyone at any age. If you are looking for home-made dishes that are both quick and body-friendly, this book is the answer for you. White Bean Cupcakes, Black Rice Salad, Summertime Zucchini Soup, Sweet Potato Soup,…they are just some in over 130 addictive recipes in the book. All the ingredients are accessible and always be ready in your kitchen.

Give the book a try right now if you are ready to bring back your fit and healthy body.

About the Author: Mee McCormick a food writer and an owner of a restaurant. She has been a special guest for several national and local TV shows.  When she is not busy with her restaurant, Mee loves traveling here and there doing keynotes that help people in cooking and organizing their kitchen.

2020 Christmas with Southern Living: Inspired Ideas for Holiday Cooking and Decorating

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“The photography is stunning, and the decorating ideas are beautiful. Love the “Bake and Take” section, and can’t wait to try the dozens and dozens of recipes”- Amazon Customer

Can you create a menu and cook for big occasions such as Christmas and parties right in your pantry? The answer is “yes” if you have this book in your hand.  It provides you over 100 creative and flavorful Southern recipes that are simple enough to make at home and also delicate enough to impress your friends and family.

Especially, the author also offers many ideas for holiday decoration and handmade gifts to make your holiday special and memorable.

About the Author: Southern Living is a popular cookbook publisher. Their books are always filled with joy and inspiration to bring positive energy to readers. More than 16 million readers are waiting for their books to release each year.

Below is another book by the same author:

Southern Living 2020 Annual Recipes: An Entire Year of Recipes

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“This book is so awesome! All year long I see recipes from Southern Living that I’d love to try and remember. Each year they come out with this compilation and I buy one for me and one for my son who likes to bake”- Amazon Customer

This book fulls of special and mouth-watering recipes from the South that you can’t find anywhere else. They are all quick and familiar dishes but are mix-and-match to create a whole new combination of flavors that suit everyone’s palate. Besides recipes, you can also find in the book useful suggestions for cooking and creating menus. This book will make your time in the pantry more exciting and unforgettable.

The Southern Bite Cookbook: 150 Irresistible Dishes from 4 Generations of My Family’s Kitchen

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“This is one of the best cookbooks I have and I have many! What I like are easy-to-fix dishes and ingredients that are easy to find and usually ones I already have in my kitchen. This cookbook has both”- Amazon Customer

This book is a collection of incredible recipes that are familiar to every Southern family. Those recipes don’t require exotic ingredients or complicate cooking techniques. They are all home-made recipes with traditional and friendly ingredients that any Southern pantry can have. You can find recipes for Chicken Corn Chowder, Pecan Chicken Salad, Glazed Ham, and many other extraordinary dishes. They are foods that can bring people together and create a warm atmosphere for a meal.

About the Author: Stacey Little owns a blog where he shares his tasty and simple recipes with people who have the same interest in Southern cuisine. His passion for food and cooking is influenced by his mother and grandmother. He now lives in Alabama.

Mississippi Vegan: Recipes and Stories from a Southern Boy’s Heart: A Cookbook

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“I LOVE this cookbook! I have been worshiping Timothy’s photos for a long time and I literally want a coffee table so I can put this cookbook on it!! It’s GORGEOUS!”- Amazon Customer

Talking about Southern foods, we can’t skip Mississippi cuisine. We want to offer you a vegan cookbook on the list today to refresh your body and bring a new wave to your daily diet. In this book, the author gives you 125 vegan Mississippi recipes and amazingly inspired stories about being a vegan so that you can have more motivation to start your own vegan diet. If you are craving healthy and flavorful dishes, this book is the answer.

Now, let’s fill your pantry with green and fresh ingredients to dig into the world of Mississippi food and cooking.

About the Author: Timothy Pakron is a cook and photographer. He has a famous blog named Mississippi Vegan where he shares his delicious vegan recipes and love for animals. He now resides in New Orleans.

Southern Meats, Main Dishes & Casseroles: Homemade From Scratch Family Meals!

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“Great recipes. Each page contains a recipe and does not start a new one until the next page. Very organized compared to other self-published books. Will buy more from this author”- Amazon Customer

The book offers more than 250 delicious Southern recipes. They are all classic dishes that are suitable for both everyday meals and special occasions. Through the book, you will know how to prepare and cook ingredients such as pork, chicken, beef, ribs, etc in Southern cooking methods. The author also suggests several ways to cook a dish so that you can choose to follow the way that is the most suitable for you and the ingredients in your pantry.

About the Author: S. L. Watson is a cookbook author. He also has a special passion for reading and gardening. He now lives in Bowling Green, KY with his lover.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • Southern Lovin’: Old Fashioned from Scratch Southern Favorites
  • Ultimate Slow Cooker Cookbook: Over 500 Recipes For Every Meal!
  • Homestyle Cooking From Scratch: Homemade Groceries & Cooking Reference Book!

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Southern Pantry cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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