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10 Authentic Virgin Islands Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Why is Virgin Islands cuisine so well-loved by everyone? Because the Caribbean dishes are mouthwatering and satisfying! The local dishes here are not only extremely popular with the local people but also with visitors.

With the 10 Virgin Islands cookbooks we cover in this article, Caribbean cuisine will become easily accessible to home cooks without sacrificing its authenticity or subtle nuances. Just holding one of these cookbooks, you won’t need to live in the Caribbean to cook in the island style. Now, you can start exploring the flavors of Virgin Islands cuisine.

Famous Virgin Island Recipes

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“I like this cookbook. They have local recipes. I just wish there was more.”- Tag

Captain Jan Robinson has a strong love for St. Thomas. It was that love, as well as the love for people and food that inspired her to write this book – her ninth cookbook.

“Famous Virgin Islands Recipes” offers a selection of authentic Virgin Islands foods and drinks. You will find in this book many dishes that have been handed down in island families for generations. In addition, there will be recipes that have been adapted from old recipes to fit our newer, more comfortable lifestyle. There are many different recipes included in this book, from tropical appetizers to entrees and desserts.

About the author: Jan Robinson is a Captain and spent over twenty years on the Caribbean Islands collecting recipes for many of her cookbooks. She has published a few other books such as:

  • Ship to Shore
  • Sea to Shore (fish and shellfish)
  • Sweet to Shore (decadent desserts, cakes, and candies)
  • Store to Shore (Menus, recipes and detailed shopping lists)

Cooking Like A Crucian: Local Dishes and Cocktails from the US Virgin Islands

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“I just purchased this cookbook and went through the recipes, and they look AMAZING! I can not wait to go home and try them out! Perfect for summer!”- Kimberly Newton

This book introduces you to recipes that combine fresh ingredients mixed with the herbs and spices of the island to create some of the most delicious dishes you have ever enjoyed. Through simple, specific instructions and sophisticated cooking techniques, you can be completely confident of success with every recipe in this book.

Not only at the recipes, but can you also find a long list of attractive cocktails that can satisfy any occasion.

About the author: Monica Kyle is a culinary writer and has a lot of experience preparing Virgin Islands dishes. This is the only book that contains the culinary quintessences to share with everyone all the Virgin Islands-style recipes.

A taste of the Virgin Islands

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“Book as stated. Nice recipes. Thank you.”- Marilulie

This cookbook is sharing the author’s experience and creativity as she collects recipes from families and longtime residents of the Caribbean islands.

You’ll find a selection of indigenous Virgin Islands tropical recipes, including traditional Caribbean dishes. Another highlight of the book is the color photos that illustrate the islands’ food and attractive sights.

About the author: Angela Spenceley is a culinary writer living on Saint Thomas. She has written a lot of cookbooks like 

  • Just Add Rum! Caribbean Cookbook
  • A Taste of the Caribbean
  • A Taste of Puerto

In particular, she is also concentrating on writing her first novel.

A Taste of The British Virgin Islands: A Step-By Step Cookbook

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“Excellent, authentic cookbook. This cookbook is an excellent sampling of The British Virgin Islands cuisine.” – Jess

This book will bring cooking experience with delicious, delightful recipes of Virgin with confidence and inspiration to get cooking. It contains simple, accessible recipes with the “wow” factor. The recipes in this book reflect the culinary influences to create simple recipes that are vibrant and delicious.

With clear and detailed instructions, this book is suitable for both beginners and even seasoned cooks.

About the author: Angela Spenceley is a person with extensive knowledge and understanding of cuisine, especially Virgin Islands cuisine. This is the first cookbook of the author.

A Taste of the Virgin Islands, Too! Cookbook

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“This book is an absolute delight! It is perfect for gift giving too”- Amazon Customer

You can start experimenting with the Virgin Islands cooking with the “A Taste of the Virgin Islands, Too!” cookbook. In this 50 page cookbook, you will find 50 recipes using ingredients that can be picked up at your local supermarket. The recipes that you are provided include:

  • Daube Meat
  • Creole Snappe
  • Conch
  • Johnny Cakes
  • Potato stuffed
  • Okra mushroom
  • Ducana and others

Besides, the glossary of ingredients is also included by the author under each recipe.

About the author: This is also one of the rare cookbooks that the author does not provide personal information to readers.

Virgin Islands Restaurant Guide & Recipe Book

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“This cookbook contains authentic recipes, simple instructions. Great”- Amazon Customer

Susan and Charles Eanes have come together to experience dishes at hundreds of restaurants to bring you the food choices in this book from both the United States and British islands.

This excellent book contains many color photos and stories about the best restaurants, from five-star luxury restaurants to barefoot beach bistros, along with invaluable information about types of cuisines, ambiances, and prices. Additionally, each chef’s favorite recipes will also be included.

About the author: Charles and Susan Eanes lived for ten years on their 52-foot ketch – “Espichel” and sailed across the waters from the Chesapeake Bay to Antigua.

They had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best chefs to author and publish restaurant and recipe books. Their “gourmet gypsy lifestyle” is the combination of their enchantment with travel, sailing, and fine food.

The Sugar Mill Caribbean Cookbook: Casual and Elegant Recipes Inspired by the Islands

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“This is the first attempt at Caribbean cooking, and the book contents look like they are good to work with at any level.”- Infinitely8

This cookbook with over 250 recipes uses mostly ingredients easy to find in American grocery stores. The author will focus on fresh seasonal produce and a light and elegant style. The cookbook will satisfy you with simple menu suggestions and a wealth of ideas for simple and terrific everyday meals.

You’ll feel that the rich flavors of Caribbean food reflect lively combinations of spices and delectable juxtapositions of coolness and heat, sweetness and tang.

About the Author: Jinx and Jefferson Morgan are two Californian authors who regularly write the column Entertaining Made Easy monthly in Bon Appetit. Their Sugar Mill Hotel restaurant consistently garners Best in the Caribbean honors.

Jinx and Jefferson Morgan currently live in Tortola, the British Virgin Islands.

Famous Native Recipes of the Virgin Islands

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“I liked the recipes and found them easy to follow.” – Ivanova

“Famous Native Recipes of the Virgin Islands” will be a great cookbook because it covers most of the Virgin Islands’ traditional local recipes. The author took many years to collect and synthesize these recipes from outstanding cooks on St Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John.

About the author: Dea Murray has a love for cooking since childhood, and the Virgin Islands heritage inspires her recipes. Up to this point, this is her first and only book.

Virgin Islands Cookbook

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“The recipes are most easy to follow. They are varied in nature and tasty.”- Kenny

The desire to explore the Virgin Islands’ history and cuisine has become an inspiration for the author to write this Cookbook.

This Cookbook gives readers the best of Virgin Islands tables. Many authentic and easy-to-prepare recipes are included as well as for instructions on the Virgin Islands kitchen staples. In addition, the book also includes a lot of unique, tantalizing photos that will get you into the kitchen instantly.

About the author: Ken Raveill takes all the beautiful photographs in the cookbook. However, the author of these recipes was not mentioned.

My Little Virgin Islands Cookbook

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“The recipes I did try were delicious and are easy to prepare with a little skill in basic techniques” – Marry D

“My Little Virgin Islands Cookbook” will take you on a journey to enjoy Caribbean cuisine. In this 36-page cookbook, the author will share the favorite island recipes she learned from her grandmother and mother.

The book is split into sections including main dishes, side dishes, appetizers, soups, salads, sauces and baked goods, seasonings, desserts, and drinks.

A few recipes that you can find, such as: 

  • Beef Pate
  • Bread Pudding
  • Sweet Bread
  • Coconut Drops
  • Ginger Beer
  • Rum Cake and others

About the author: Kathleen Querrard is the author of a book containing the essence of Virgin Islands cuisine. This cookbook will be your guide to the incredible kitchen of the Virgin Islands. It’s a beautiful collection of the most popular recipes in this region. Try it for yourself!

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Virgin Islands cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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