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10 Best Asian Noodle Cookbooks & Recipe Books

There is a fact we can’t deny is that Asian cuisine is something very attractive, unique, and unforgettable for all of us. One of the elements to create this wonderful cuisine is noodle-making. Amazingly delicious and flavorful noodle dishes from different countries with different cooking techniques have made Asian noodles become the favorites of many people around the world.

That’s why in this post today, go with us through the top 10 Asian noodle cookbooks from bestseller authors so that you can replicate the authentic tastes of delicious Asian noodles right in your kitchen.

Asian Noodles: 86 Classic Recipes from Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea, and Japan

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“I was impressed with this recipe book. It contains a large number of Asian recipes that I have eaten before and are delicious. The pictures are real. Worth every penny of the purchase price”- Amazon Customer

Whether you are a noodle expert or novice, there’s always something in this book that you can find helpful and interesting. It includes 86 classic recipes for Asian noodles. The recipes cover all the best-known noodles of Asian countries from Pho of Vietnam, Ramen and Udon of Japan to Cold Noodle of Korea and so much more.

Four chapters in the book will lead you through different types of noodles from different countries. Each recipe comes with detailed information about the cultural features as well as preparation steps. Especially, the author also gives you 10 incredibly mouth-watering dessert recipes that go well with noodles.

About the Author: Maki Watanabe is an author, recipe creator, and travel lover. She travels a lot around Asian countries to learn and collect classic and tasty recipes. Her recipes are always so simple but super delicious.

Easy Asian Noodles

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“ I have cooked three recipes so far out of this book, and they have all been delicious and easy to prepare. I am new to Asian cooking, and Chen provides a very useful glossary of ingredients at the beginning of the book.”- Amazon Customer

If you are a noodle lover, especially Asian noodles, you can’t skip this book. It is a wonderful collection of Asian noodle recipes. It includes authentic recipes for budget-friendly and quick noodle dishes. You will learn how to make Pad Thai, Vietnamese Pho, Korean Sesame Noodle, Chinese Chow Mein Noodles, etc. There are also many recipes for noodle salads that take no more than 20 minutes to cook.

Besides, the author also includes in the book many useful tips for cooking Asian dishes and using Asian kitchen tools.

About the Author: Helen Chen is an Asian chef. She is the owner of Helen’s Asian Kitchen. She is also the writer of many popular Chinese cookbooks. Her mother is recognized as one of the pioneers in developing Chinese food to the entrepreneur scale.

Asian Noodles: Deliciously Simple Dishes To Twirl, Slurp, And Savor

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“This has such a comprehensive collection of easy and delicious recipes. Great for anyone who loves to cook their Asian food and not rely on restaurants with questionable ingredients.”- Amazon Customer

The book includes 75 delicious Asian noodle recipes from different Asian countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China,…) that are famous to the world but so easy to make at home. It starts with a glossary of Asian noodles which are classified by region, then you can dive into amazing recipes for Cold Soba Noodle, Ramen, Pad, Pho, and so much more. Through the book, you will learn how to make perfect broths-the most important factor in a delicious noodle dish.

And if you are a vegan, there are recipes in this book for you too. Although some of the ingredients may be hard to find, the author always gives you alternative options.

About the Author: Nina Simonds is a cookbook author. She has written 11 cookbooks about Chinese food and cuisine and some of those books have won many awards. She is also a writer for several famous magazines such as Los Angeles Times and Newsweek. She resides in Massachusetts now.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • A Spoonful of Ginger: Irresistible, Health-Giving Recipes from Asian Kitchens
  • Simple Asian Meals: Irresistibly Satisfying and Healthy Dishes for the Busy Cook
  • Spices of Life: A Cookbook of Simple and Delicious Recipes for Great Health

The Joy of Asian Noodles Cookbook: Why We Love Noodles 

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“Exactly what I need! An excellent cookbook from an excellent author. I have followed some recipes and the results turn out amazing. Can’t wait to cook all of the recipes in this book”- Amazon Customer

This book offers you mouth-watering recipes for Asian noodles that are super simple to make at home and convenient for busy people who don’t have much time for cooking. You can find in the book classic noodles dishes of Asian countries such as Ramen, Udon, Pho, Soba, Egg noodles, etc. These recipes are suitable for every meal in a day from breakfast, lunch to dinner. If you want something new in your family menu, try this book out.

About the Author: Thomas Kelly is an author. He has a wide knowledge of Asian cuisine and culture. His very first cookbook about Asian noodles shows his love and admiration for extraordinarily delicate and unique dishes as well as cooking methods of Asian countries,

The Little Book of Asian Noodles: Authentic, Creative, Mouthwatering Dishes Anyone Can Make

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“I really love the easy to follow instruction and beautifully photographed dishes”- Amazon Customer

This book will lead you through a journey of exploring the exotic flavors and ingredients of many Asian noodle dishes. If you have ever had a chance to try Bun, Pho, Pad, Ramen, and many other classic noodles from Asian countries, you will see this book is a perfect guide to the authentic tastes of these dishes. It provides you straightforward and detailed information about cooking steps and the ingredients needed for each recipe.

This little book can help you to create amazing combinations of flavors in each noodle dish. It is a must-have item if you are a fan of Asian cuisine.

About the author: Lauren M Tran is a chef and cookbook author. Being an Asian herself, she has had a great love for Asian food at a very young age. She has written many cookbooks to popularize the deliciousness and art of cooking in each Asian dish.

An other cookbook by the author:

  • Asian Cooking Made Easy: Simple Asian Dishes Without Compromising Taste

Hey There, Dumpling!: 100 Recipes for Dumplings, Buns, Noodles, and Other Asian Treats

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“This book is so extremely well written, and I love the added humor. The step-by-step approach with pictures makes even a dumpling newbie like me feel comfortable with the process. I’m so glad I bought this cookbook!”- Amazon Customer

This book is not mainly about noodles recipes but there are many recipes for dumplings instead. However, recipes for traditional Asian noodles in this book are too good to skip. In 100 recipes in this book, there are many recipes for tasty noodles that are suitable to eat with dumplings and buns. They are all delicious and easy to make at home

About the Author: Kenny Lao is a consultant for restaurants in terms of cooking and creating the menu. He is the co-founder of Rickshaw Dumplings. He now resides in LA with his husband.

The Noodle Bowl: Over 70 recipes for Asian-inspired noodle dishes

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“A beautiful cookbook. The page edges are even foiled. Luscious pictures and wonderful recipes. I’m excited to gift it!”- Amazon Customer

The book is a collection of 70 creative and delicious recipes for Asian noodles. These recipes are inspired by the most famous noodles dishes all over Asia. You will know how to cook Pho, Bun, Chicken Noodle and many other noodles from Laos, Malaysia, Thailand,… You can also learn authentic recipes for side dishes that go well with noodles such as Gyoza from Japan or dumpling from China.

About the author: Louise Pickford is a cookbook author who has publishes more than 15 cookbooks in total. She has more than 20 years of experience in the food and cooking industry. She recently lives in France.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • La Paella: Recipes for delicious Spanish rice and noodle dishes
  • Hamlyn All Colour Cookery: 200 Really Easy Recipes: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook
  • Hamlyn All Colour Cookery: 200 Veggie Feasts: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook

Splendid Soba Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Asian Noodle Dish Ideas!

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“A helpful cookbook! This is the best one in my collection so far. Love Asian cuisine and always curious about this amazing food culture”- Amazon Customer

Talking about Asian noodles, it will be a big imperfection if we don’t pay special attention to Soba noodles. Therefore, this cookbook will focus on tasty and healthy recipes to make this amazing type of Japanese noodle. The book will help you to make Soba noodles in an authentic way with proper cooking techniques and ingredients.

Cold or hot Soba, with or without side dishes, all recipes in this book will fulfill your palate and become an inspiration for you to dive further into the beauty and uniqueness of Japanese cuisine.

About the author: Anthony Boundy is a cookbook author. He is obsessed with Japanese food and cuisine. Most of his cookbooks are about popular dishes in Japan. His love and knowledge about this wonderful cuisine have made his books unique and be welcomed by many readers.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • Japanese Soup Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Knockout Asian Soup Ideas!
  • Mouthwatering Miso Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Asian Miso Dish Ideas!
  • Get Your Stew On!: The Best Stew Cookbook for Any Occasion

Ramen Obsession: The Ultimate Bible for Mastering Japanese Ramen

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“I learned a lot from this lovely cookbook. I thought I would be getting some ideas for noodle dishes with veggies, meat or seafood, and broth, and the book delivers on that front. What I wasn’t expecting was the amount of work involved in doing ramen right”- Amazon Customer

Another Asian noodle dish from Japan that we cannot skip is Ramen. Instead of going through different recipes for different noodles dishes from Asian countries, let’s just focus on this one-of-a-kind Japanese noodle. This book includes 130 wonderful recipes for Ramen. Each recipe goes with detailed techniques, steps, ingredients needed, and nutritional info. Although Ramen is a delicate dish, the process to cook a tasty and classic one is not too complicated to follow, especially with the help of this book.

Besides, you can also learn more about the history of Ramen-making not only in Japan but in many countries all over the world after finish this book.

About the Authors:

Naomi Imatome-Yun is a food editor, author of many bestselling cookbooks, and also the founder of a popular website about Asian food.

Robin Donovan is a recipe creator. She is also a cookbook author who has a special passion for Japanese food

The Pho Cookbook: Easy to Adventurous Recipes for Vietnam’s Favorite Soup and Noodles

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“I like pho so I had been thinking about learning to make it. I searched for recipes but didn’t find them very helpful. I looked for a book on Amazon and found this one. It has a lot of great information, not just recipes”- Amazon Customer

If we have mentioned Sobe and Ramen, it’s no doubt that Vietnamese Pho must be on the list of popular Asian noodles. This book offers you mouth-watering and unforgettable Pho recipes that are simple to make at home. Detailed guides and techniques are included in each recipe.

Especially, the author starts the book with the interesting history of Pho and explanations why this dish is an important element of Vietnamese cuisine.

About the Author: Andrea Nguyen is a cookbook author and culinary teacher. She was born in Vietnam but then moved to the US at a very young age. Despite that, her obsession for Vietnamese food always grew bigger and bigger in her. She has published several Vietnamese cookbooks worldwide.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Asian Noodle cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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