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10 Best Nepalese Cookbooks: These Authentic Nepali Recipes At Your Fingertips

Referring to Nepal, people not only think of the famous trekking destination but also think of a place with many unique delicacies with bold cultural identity. Each dish here impresses visitors by their unique and distinct flavor. Below is a list of the 10 best Nepalese cookbooks that we’ve collected to share with you. Check out your favorite books to bring authentic Nepali flavor to your own small kitchen.

Taste of Nepal (Hippocrene Cookbook Library (Paperback))

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“Excellent book, I have compared recipes that I have cooked with a local Nepalese restaurant, and they are the same, can’t get better than that”- Michael S. Leahy

Nepal has a surprisingly diverse cuisine with influences from both neighboring India and Tibet. This cookbook will introduce the popular daal-baat-tarkaari (rice served with vegetables and lentils) with healthy variations, as well as a variety of fares made from potatoes, meat, and fish.

You will be provided with over 350 authentic, easy-to-follow recipes. This small book offers a complete culinary journey with a guide to Nepali ingredients, traditional meal planning, and kitchen equipment, Nepali-English glossary, and delightful illustrations by a Nepali artist.

About the author: Jyoti Pandey Pathak was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, and immigrated to the United States in 1970. She taught at the National Vocational Training Center in Sano Thimi, Nepal, and holds a degree in Home Science from the MS University of Baroda, India. Jyoti Pandey Pathak currently lives in western New York.

The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book

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“The instructions were easy to understand. More pictures, along with each recipe, would have been better. A great book to try Nepali Cuisine”- Amrita Thapa

This book brings you a unique collection of traditional Nepalese recipes and unprecedented cooking methods. All recipes are presented and explained very simply and easily to follow.

Turn the pages of this cookbook to open up a whole new Nepali traditional and modern cooking world. The book also contains many illustrations to help you find the ingredients more accessible.

About the author: Pemba Lama is an ex-Gurkha soldier who has served in the British Army for 23 years and retires as a senior Gurkha Catering Officer.

Pemba had the opportunity to experience a variety of cuisines and cultures and became a Catering Instructor in Hong Kong in 1993 after completing the Advanced Chef Training in Higher Culinary Skills at the Army School of Catering the UK.

He currently cooks and teaches ethnic cooking to Armed Forces chefs and many clients in the UK. Pemba has been prepared for many prestigious clients, including Her Majesty The Queen, the Dalai Lama, and Jamie Oliver.

Lands of the Curry Leaf: A Vegetarian Food Journey from Sri Lanka to Nepal

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“The photographs look really appetizing, the recipes look authentic but not daunting, most or all of the ingredients are easy to find, sensible information about cooking time and difficulty (or not) appear at the head of each recipe.” – DailyShot

All of the dishes in the collection carry flavors of the author’s life and travels while reflecting the diversity of regions, rich history, extraordinary landscapes, legendary hospitality, and energy and excitement.

Peter Kuruvita shares over 100 vegan recipes that take you on a culinary adventure across the subcontinent – from Nepal, Bhutan, and Afghanistan to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and homeland Sri Lanka. Peter favors using simple, honest, healthy ingredients, and a range of delicious spices to make them a complete meal.

About the author: Peter Kuruvita was born in London to a Sri Lankan father and an Austrian mother. He spent most of his childhood in Sri Lanka before moving to Australia with his parents. Here, Peter began his career as a chef, bringing him from Sydney to famous restaurants in London, USA, Fiji, the Hayman Islands, and Bali.

Memories of his idyllic childhood in Sri Lanka are a powerful inspiration for the book Serendip – his first book published in 2009. In addition, Peter has also produced several TV series. In addition, Peter has been the ambassador for Tea Dilmah for many years and is also the host of culinary tours to Sri Lanka for World Expeditions.

The Nepal Cookbook

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“The momos recipe is divine; the tomato chutney is excellent. All of the other recipes are pretty great too, so many curries.”- Yeahthatpaula

This cookbook shows the best food collection from the members of the Association of Nepalis in the Americas. From simple daily favorites to festive dishes, all reflect the many facets of Nepal’s colorful and diverse cultures.

The author will provide you with the essentials of a full-dish Nepali meal; appetizers, vegetables, meats, pickles and chutneys, soups and lentils, rice and breads, and desserts. Nepali dishes are simply prepared and flavored with popular flavors such as cumin, garlic, ginger, cilantro, red and green chilies, Szechwan pepper, and scallions.

About the author: “The Nepal Cookbook” is produced by the members of the Association of Nepalis in the Americas. They are people who wish to foster friendly relations between the Nepalese and Americans as well as promote the preservation of Nepali identity and culture in the Americas.

50 Nepalese Recipes: A Nepalese Cookbook for All Generation

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“A good cookbook that delivers a wide range of delicious dishes.”-Amazon Customer

Cooking and experiencing dishes from another country can develop your sense of taste or lead to better health. In addition, it also helps you to have a deeper understanding of the cultural characteristics as well as the cuisine of different countries.

With the book “50 Nepalese Recipes”, almost all of the ingredients can be found from the local market, making it easy to enjoy the great flavors in your kitchen. The recipes are all guaranteed to be healthy, quick, and easy to follow.

About the author: Hailey Ward is a writer with a great passion for gastronomy. It was a great source of inspiration for her to publish many recipes every year. Typically some of her other cookbooks are:

  • 101 Native American Recipes: Save Your Cooking Moments with Native American Cookbook!
  • 150 Mussel Recipes: The Best-ever of Mussel Cookbook
  • 500 Mushroom Recipes: Cook it Yourself with Mushroom Cookbook!
  • 500 Muffin Recipes: Welcome to Muffin Cookbook
  • 250 New Year Appetizer Recipes: Keep Calm and Try New Year Appetizer Cookbook
  • 150 Nacho Recipes: Nacho Cookbook – All The Best Recipes You Need are Here!
  • 500 New Year Recipes: The Highest Rated New Year Cookbook You Should Read

The Best Selection of Nepal Recipes: Middle-Eastern Dishes Made Simple for Everyone

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“I love the recipes in this cookbook, love instructions of the author. Perfect!”-PH Yong

The sumptuous cuisine of Nepal will surprise you by its quite different and unique flavor. You will learn and discover how local spices are and how to incorporate them into local dishes. You may find that corn, lentils, rice, and wheat are the most used ingredients because it’s available anywhere.

About the author: Valeria Ray was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and began her passion for cooking while studying English Literature at Oakland City University.

After graduating, she worked in French restaurants in the Indianapolis area until she became a head chef at a 5-star establishment. Valeria Ray lives in Indianapolis with her husband (Tom) and her daughter (Isobel).

The Nepal Cookbook

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“Instructions were straightforward to follow, will recommend to friends and family” – MaryJane

It can be said that “The Nepal Cookbook” is an ideal reference for the gourmet. You will find a unique collection of Nepali family recipes, from simple everyday dishes to festive dishes. With this book, you can fully recreate the delicate taste of Nepali cuisine right in your kitchen. The book is covered with full-course Nepali meals ranging from appetizers to desserts.

About the author: Padden Choedak Oshoe is the author of this cookbook and has extensive experience in processing traditional dishes of Nepal. This is the first and only book containing all the essence of the author’s culinary art.

Mangoes & Curry Leaves

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“This is a beautiful book with stunning pictures, detailed explanations, and fascinating stories…Fresh ingredients are used, instructions are easy to follow, and outcomes are consistently tasty.” – Eruna Schultheiss

You can fully explore the Tibetan-influenced food of Nepal, the central Asian grilled meats and clay-oven breads of the northwest frontier, the Southeast Asian tastes of Sri Lanka, and more. All of these dishes will be accompanied by detailed, easy-to-follow instructions from the author.

About the author: Jeffrey Alford is a writer and photographer living in northeast Thailand and Cambodia. Besides the books written together with Naomi Duguid, “How Pea Cooks: Food and Life in a Thai-Khmer Village” is a book entirely produced by Jeffrey Alford. The author is currently developing a series of intensive culinary tours (titled Heritage Food Thailand) through Northeast Thailand and Western Cambodia (Angkor Wat area).

Naomi Duguid is a teacher, photographer, writer, cook, and world traveler. She owns many award-winning cookbooks, such as:

  • Burma
  • Flatbreads & Flavors: A Baker’s Atlas
  • Seductions of Rice
  • Hot Sour Salty Sweet

Curry 101: 100+ delicious curries from kitchens around the world

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“Really great book with tons of interesting recipes that we cannot wait to try out!”- Brian

This book features 101 of the best curry recipes from around the world. The recipes in this book, well-known or little-known, are all delicious and taste great.

Whether it’s a simple dal served with warm and buttery naan bread, a fiery jungle curry from Northern Thailand, a serving of the famous South African bunny chow, a mild Japanese katsu curry, or world-famous Indian such as madras, a filling laksa from Malaysia or Singapore, tandoori, jalfrezi, or biryani, there really is a curry out there for everyone.

About the author: Penny Chawla, who calls herself “curry queen,” is a food writer and chef living in Sydney, Australia. “Curry 101: 100+ delicious curries from kitchens around the world” is her first cookbook.

Cardamom Days Cook Book: Recipes from Nepal

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“These recipes are well-explained, and it’s a great collection of Nepal recipes.” – Lauren

Nepal is a country that brings together many different ethnic groups, which is the factor that creates a wide variety of foods, from Newari dishes in the Kathmandu Valley to Tibetan dishes of the higher regions. During the journey around Nepal, the author had the opportunity to taste many different dishes, and this book is a compilation of his favorites.

About the author: Derek was born in 1952 in South Wales. Previously, he worked as a photographer and then worked in sales and marketing for many years. In 2013, Derek gave up his job and a comfortable lifestyle to begin his journey around the Indian Subcontinent.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Nepalese cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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