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2 Authentic Matty Matheson Cookbooks & Recipe Books

If you feel like you need to be motivated to enter the kitchen or simply update and learn more about culinary trends, don’t miss the classic cookbook. Many books have become the “secret” of many young chefs on their journey to conquer the culinary world.

Although today you can easily search for recipes from Google, to become a professional chef, researching knowledge through books is still the best way to learn and find inspiration at any time.

Hone your knowledge as well as the chef’s soul through two interesting and useful cookbooks by famous chef Matty Matheson.

About Matty Matheson

Matty Matheson is known as a Toronto-based chef and restaurateur and former roadie for heavy metal band At the Mercy of Inspiration. In 2017, he worked with the role of an executive chef of Parts and Labour and sister restaurant P&L Burger.

Besides, he is also in charge of Matty Fest – a new food and drink festival that debuted in September 2019. In 2013, Matheson started recording the Hangover Cures and Keep It Canada video series for YouTube channel Munchies.

In early 2019, he launched his self-produced web series Just a Dash and was aired in the fall of 2019. Matheson had a heart attack after a period of alcohol and drug abuse but luckily eventually became sober.

Matty Matheson: Home Style Cookery: A Home Cookbook

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“This is, by far, the best cookbook I have ever bought. The book itself is built to last (hardcover, strong binding). Every recipe has colored photos (plus cute pics of him and his fam) and CLEAR instructions.”-Erin

This book is Matty Matheson’s 135 most favorite collection of recipes. These recipes are to serve at home to family and friends, so you have the option to cook a great meal for those you love.

“Home Style Cookery” includes everything from pantry staples (stocks, breads, and pickles) to party favorites (fried foods, grilled meats, and dips), to special occasion show-stoppers (smoked meats, roasts, and desserts), and weeknight go-to’s (salads, stews, pasta).

Starting, you’ll find basics such as Molasses Bread in an Apple Juice Can, Thanksgiving Stuffing Butternut Squash, Kitchen Sink Salad, Beef, and Bone Marrow Stock, and the tallest Seven-Layer Dip you have ever seen.

Next, you’ll find comforting recipes like Pho Ga, Littleneck Clam Orecchiette, Double Beef Patty Melt with Gruyere, Sichuan Newfoundland Cod, and Molasses Bread. And finally, the book closes with steaks like Texas-Style Prime Rib, Fish Sticks with Kewpie Tartar Sauce, T-bone Steak and Fine Herb Chimichurri, Salt Crust Leg of Lamb and Yukon Golds with Creamed Spinach, and Lobster Thermidor with Bearnaise and Salt and Vinegar Chips.

Matty Matheson: A Cookbook

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“Excellently put together a book, high quality from cover to cover, nice wide margins on the recipes for making notes and personal alterations, photography is very well done. The recipes themselves are unique and wonderful.”- Joshua Roberts

In this special cookbook, you will find not only delicious recipes but also interesting stories about the Matty Matheson family and beautiful scenes in the town where he lives.

The book is divided into two parts. He first tells the story of his family life and the dishes cooked by his grandparents, parents, and in-laws. In the second part, the author reveals stories about his career.

You will find lots of simple, easy-to-access recipes that can become favorites like baked rigatoni and blackberry coffee cake. In addition, some delicious recipes sure to please all diners will also be included in this comprehensive cookbook such as lobster pie, rabbit stew, pot roast, molasses bread pudding, Italian wedding soup, Nashville hot chicken, pigtail tacos, rappie pie (layered grated potato, a crispy, and chicken bake), lamb dan noodles, and the P&L burger.

The easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions in 2 Matty Matheson cookbooks are easily accessible by everyone, whether professional chefs or beginners.

Above are 2 cookbooks of author Matty Matheson that we want to introduce to you in this article. Hopefully, these books, they both help you have meaningful relaxation hours and help you increase your knowledge of cuisine.

Although the number of books published is not much, with these two famous books, this is still a treasure of knowledge and experiences that are extremely interesting and necessary that you should own for yourself.

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