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10 Authentic Italian Dessert Cookbooks & Recipe Books

It could be said that Italian dessert is so diverse with numerous textures and flavors in comparison to other country’s dessert cuisine. If you are an Italian or once have a chance to enjoy Italian dessert after a feast or celebration, we bet that you will be impressed and desire to make them at home. This post will introduce you 10 Italian dessert cookbooks.

Authentic Italian Desserts: 75 Traditional Favorites Made Easy

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“A great cookbook to add to my collection. The recipes are easy to understand. Great for home cooks.” – Amazon Customer

With the book, Rosemary Molloy takes you on a culinary trip through Italy’s cities and countryside. You will find out how to make incredible classic desserts like biscotti and tiramisu that could be dunk in the morning coffee by turning over pages of this book. 

The diverse baking traditions of Italy that the author brings could satisfy a crowd or even a sweet tooth. The recipes are simple to apply and require little time to prepare.

About the Author: Rosemary Molloy is the creator of An Italian in My Kitchen, the popular Italian food blog. After moving from Toronto with her husband, she has lived in Rome for more than 25 years. 

Dolce Italiano: Desserts from the Babbo Kitchen 

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“Great Italian Dessert Book” – DJD

“Follow the seasons. Keep the flavors pure and straightforward. Use proper yet simple techniques.” That is the art of making desserts that Gina DePalma applied in her cookbook based on the background of Italian tradition. Her deserts have astonished diners at Babbo, New York’s most envy reservation since it opened eight years ago. 

With offbeat imagination, she has created spring deserts such as Sesame and White Corn Biscotti, Little Grappa Soaked Spongecakes, and Chocolate and Tangerine Semifreddo classic-updated like White Peach and Prosecco Gelatina. 

Beyond a cookbook with recipes simple, Dolce Italiano shares the ten ingredients you need to know to make Italian desserts. This guidebook is the first cookbook that gives home cooks a chance to experience full variety and elegance of Italian desserts. Mario Batali has called Dolce Italiano “pure inspiration.”

About the Author: This book is created by author Gina DePalma and foreword Mario Batali. 

Gina DePalma was the praised pastry chef at Babbo in Greenwich Village. In 2008, Bon Appétit magazine gave her the title The Best Pastry Chef of the Year. She lived in New York City.

Mario Batali is a chef and award-winning author. He has been ever star of Food Network’s Molto Mario and Iron Chef America programs. Batali currently co-owns and manages restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Singapore.

Dolci: Italy’s Sweets

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“Can’t thank this author enough. Good read along with fantastic recipes I’ve used hundreds of times. Some of the best authentic Italian recipes ever.” – E

Dolci: Italy’s Sweets is valued as a lavishly illuminated Italy tour through more than 100 recipes for cookies, cakes, pudding, pastries, and more. 

To draw a gastronomy panorama of all Italy regions, Dolci gathers recipes from grandmas in remote villages to young bloggers, small local coffee shop, and acclaimed pastry chefs. Some classics like Cannoli and Zuppa Inglese are highlighted along with exceptional local beloveds like Sweet Rosemary and Chocolate Eggplant. 

Dolci collects recipes from grandmas in remote villages as well as hip young bloggers, world-renowned pastry chefs, and small local cafés. Classics like Cannoli and Zuppa Inglese are featured alongside unique regional favorites like Sweet Rosemary and Chocolate Eggplant. 

This cookbook also renews few historical recipes in Italian food lore as offering “updated” Tiramisù recipe that doesn’t use raw eggs or unexpected frozen delights like Spumone with Homemade Hazelnut Brittle and many other alluring Italian treats.

In the end, the book is wrapped up by a chapter about after-dinner drinks providing “a canon of authentic recipes collected from the people who use them” (The Wall Street Journal).

About the Author: Francine Segan is a food historian and the author of four cookbooks, and her The Opera Lover’s Cookbook was nominated for James Beard Award and went to the IACP award finalist. She lives in New York City and works as the food and home editor for Betty Confidential. 

Great Italian Desserts

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“The Great Italian Desserts cookbook is awesome; I purchased to add to my collection of hard to find vintage cookbooks.” – Helen Keller

Like Italian food of all kinds, Italian desserts are increasingly popular. Nick Malgieri has drawn his culinary heritage and collected authentic recipes from both professionals and home cooks while traveling from Sicily to Milan. The result is a groundbreaking book that will introduce Americans to a dessert-making tradition to rival that of France or Vienna.

Recipes for all kinds of dessert from pastries, pies, strudels, cream puffs, cakes, biscotti, cookies to frozen desserts are mentioned in this book.

About the Author: Nick Malgieri is a former Executive Pastry Chef at Windows on the World and introduced to Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America in 1996. Currently. He is the director of the baking program at the Institute of Culinary Education.

Among nine other cookbooks, including the James Beard winner How to Bake and the IACP/Julia Child Cookbook award-winner Chocolate, Nick’s recipes have been posted widely in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, Food & Wine, Gourmet, and Bon Appetit.

He is a supporting editor of Dessert Professional and writes a monthly article for Tribune Media Services. Nick has appeared on national morning shows and local television throughout the United States, as well as Food Network and Martha Stewart. Visit him on

Sweet Sicily: The Story of an Island and Her Pastries

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“I have many Italian dessert cookbooks, but this is fast becoming a favorite. The recipes are wonderful and not typical “run of the mill” found in other dessert books. Molto gusto!: M. Cervi

In Sicily, every holiday and festival has it fits sweet, such as marzipan lambs at Easter, delicious pastry fritters at Christmas, crunchy, clove-scented cookies called “bones of the dead” for All Soul’s Day. Granof has explored these traditions and festivals, collecting heirloom recipes, along with local tales and tips. Besides some sweets that Americans already got familiar like cannoli, cassata, and lemon ice, she introduces readers to dozens of delightful pastries, cookies, and cakes that are born to become favorites as well.

With nearly 100 recipes planned for use in American kitchens, Sweet Sicily is an extraordinary discovery of the desserts of the world’s most enticing island.

About the Author: Victoria Granof is a food stylist who was trained at Le Cordon Bleu. She has worked as a pastry chef and cooking instructor at numerous restaurants in Los Angeles. She has done recipe development or food styling for enormous cookbooks as well as for Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Vogue, and InStyle and film and television. She lives in New York City and Taormina, Sicily.

La dolce vita: Enjoy life’s sweet pleasures with 170 recipes for biscotti, torte, crostate, gelati, and other Italian desserts

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“Owning this and Nick Malgieri’s Italian dessert book, I choose this one for the better. A must-have for your collection.”- Nik

This perfect cookbook includes 170 recipes for biscotti, torte, crostate, gelati, and other favorite Italian desserts that are simply served both at home and in trattorias and cafes throughout Italy. 

More than two dozen cookie recipes include authentic almond-laced Biscotti di Prato, classic sesame cookies known as Biscotti Regina, and lemony Venetian Butter Rings. Similarly, creamy Italian cheesecakes are made with ricotta or mascarpone and candied fruits. Cooling, delicate Italian ices are flavored with mint, sparkling white wine and peaches, and raspberries.

To wrap up this mouth-watering collection, Michele Scicolone has presented recipes for dessert sauces, pure fruit, and cheese desserts. The thorough explanations of Italian dessert wines and after dinner drinks and how to brew a perfect cup of Italian coffee are also included. This compelling cookbook will surely delight everyone, even those with the sweetest tooth.

About the Author: Michele Scicolone is an award-winning author and the food writer of 16 cookbooks. She also contributes her article in the 75th Anniversary edition of the classic Joy of Cooking. She mostly writes about food, wine, and travel for many newspapers, including Prevention Magazine, The Washington Post, The Wine Spectator, and Bon Appetit.

Previous books include The BLT Cookbook with Chef Laurent Tourondel, and The Sopranos Family Cookbook ranks the first New York Times Best Seller translated in 9 languages and. 

Michele has been on air on Emeril Live, The CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America, and Cooking Live with Sara Moulton, as well as many local television and radio programs.

Many schools around the country, including De Gustibus at Macy’s, Sur la Table, and the Institute for Culinary Education, are places where she works as a cooking teacher. Michele is also a menu consultant for several restaurants and food companies. Explore more about her website at

Italian Desserts & Pastries: Delicious Recipes for More Than 100 Italian Favorites

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“Very nice book. Well worked out recipes of well-known desserts and pastries. And very fast delivery!” – HenK

Coming from the most trusted kitchen expert in Italian cuisine, Academia Barilla, these 100 authentic dessert recipes vary from every region of Italy. For example, classic tiramisu from Veneto, zuppa inglese from Emilia-Romagna, cannolis from Sicily, plus cakes, pastries, cookies, and puddings from Piedmont, Tuscany, Campania, and more. Every traditional recipe all conquers the distinctive taste of its origin, and some of them even provide a new explanation for the delicious surprise ingredient. 

With simple, step-by-step guides and cooking tips, we ensure that you will succeed every time applying the book. Whether you’re preparing a special treat for a party, making dishes during the holidays, or merely indulging yourself a little this weekend, Italian Desserts & Pastries is sure to satisfy you.

About the Author: Academia Barilla found one of the most distinguished capitals of Italian cuisine in 2004 in Parma that promotes Italian culinary art protection from imitations and counterfeits while encouraging the Italian restaurant industry’s great traditions. 

Academia Barilla organizes cooking classes and teaches for culinary enthusiasts. Here the best Italian products are distributed and spread Italy’s gastronomic culture through publications.

La Dolce Vita: Sweet Things from the Italian Home Kitchen (Mitchell Beazley Food)

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“We tried several recipes and all of them were absolutely wonderful. This is by far the best dessert cookbook I have ever owned. I’m looking forward to trying one of her other cookbooks.” – Amazon Customer

In terms of sweet Italian treat from the Italian table, you can find all of them in this fabulous cookbook by a highly famous Italian chef and baker Ursula Ferrigno. Ranging diversely from bread, cakes, and biscuits to tarts, ice cream, and other puddings, here are all the traditional favorites as well as some unique recipes. With nearly 120 authentic dessert recipes, you could feel free to choose one that suits every of your purpose from a picnic to a Christmas tea.

About the Author: Ursula Ferrigno is one of Britain’s most well-known Italian bakers and cooks and a celebrated author. She is the author of several books, including Truly Italian, Bringing Italy Home, Italy Sea to Sky, Trattoria, Sainsbury’s Italian Cookbook, and Bread.

Ursulas Italian Cakes and Desserts

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“This is a super paperback book – very clearly laid out recipes – all of which you would want to try. There is a separate colour page section with photos of the cakes and desserts. Although I usually like glossy cookbooks – and this isn’t – it’s definitely one I shall be using a lot.” – Shirley Isaacs

In this book, Ursula gathers and brings together the best of Italian family cooking with Italian-inspired pastries, puddings, and cakes for the 90s. Approximately 120 recipes is written with a passion for fresh ingredients and easy food.

About the Author: Ursula Ferrigno is a famous experienced chef food writer who embodies the Italian and Mediterranean passion for good food using the freshest natural ingredients. She worked as a trainer at the Auguste Escoffier School of the Culinary Arts and leading cookery schools in both the UK and Italy. 

Being the author of more than 17 cookbooks, Ursula also made numerous appearances on British television and contributed writings for many publications such as Olive, BBC Good Food, Taste Italia, and American Gourmet. She also toured the runs classes in Sur la Table stores and is a consultant chef to popular Caffe Nero restaurant chain in the UK.

SWEET THINGS: I DOLCI (Anna Del Conte’s Italian Kitchen)

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“Lovely Italian desert cook book, perfect for a gift.” – Amelia Bluestocking

Sweet things: I Dolci is a charming guidebook about Italian dessert providing historical information that often skipped in so many ethnic recipe books. With a collection of more than 50 recipes covering of Italy’s three main regional traditions in sweets from Creme di Mascarpone to Cassata Siciliana, readers are easy to follow and apply. The preparation and usages are clearly presented, but some photos of food need to be added.

About the Author: Anna Del Conte was born in Milan, the Italian cookery authority. She won the Duchessa Maria Luigia di Parma award for Italy’s Gastronomy and the Guild of Food Writers. In 2010 the president of the Italian Republic gave the honor of Ufficiale Ordine al Merito Della Repubblica Italiana in recognition of the work she does for Italy and Italian food in this country. In 2011 Nigella Lawson prized her with the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Guild of Food Writers. She lives in Dorset

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Italian dessert cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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