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10 Laos Cookbooks To Get A Taste Of Lao Delights In Your Own Home!

Laos cuisine is unique and reflects many different nuances like the people here. With typical flavors in dishes such as spicy, citrusy, and funky, Laos food is definitely a delightful adventure for your palate. For most people, the only way to get a taste of a country’s culinary delights is to go to that country. Well, the truth is you don’t even have to leave the house but can still experience the authentic taste and flavors; you just need the right guide. In this list of 10 best Laos cookbooks, you can easily add Laos cuisine to your home recipes.

Hawker Fare: Stories & Recipes from a Refugee Chef’s Isan Thai & Laos Roots

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“Holy cow – this is a GREAT book. Not just because of the superb, unique recipes, but also because of the excellent instructions. Please write more books like this!”- Mayangod

This cookbook was inspired by the open-air “hawker” markets of Laos and Thailand, as well as the fine-dining sensibilities of James’s career beginnings. The book contains chapters. Each chapter opens stories from Syhabout’s roving career, beginning with his mother’s work as a line cook in Oakland, the turning point in his culinary life, to his travels at his parents’ homelands when he was an adult.

Hawker Fare helps you discover the ingredients and many dimensions of James Syhabout’s unique cooking style. At the same time, the author also brings a new definition of the meaning of food processing in America, with the full and vibrant colors of Laos, Thailand, and California.

About the author: James Syhabout is a professional chef born in northeastern Thailand and raised in Oakland. In 1999, he graduated from the California Culinary Academy and later became the chef de cuisine at Manresa with David Kinch. He opened his first restaurant, Oakland’s Commis, in 2009, and it kept two Michelin stars. James is the founder of Hawking Bird and a co-owner of Old Kan Beer and Co.

John Birdsall is an ex–restaurant cook and a food writer living in Oakland. He has received two James Beard Awards for writing on food and culture and is currently working on a new biography of James Beard.

Laos Style Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Tempting Asian Dish Ideas!

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“Just bought this book. I like it. I wish it has more Laos recipes. It would be nice.”- One Soungpeu

Laostians often enjoy spicy food, dipping food, and salad. Most dishes in Laos will include vegetables and herbs, noodles or rice and beef, chicken, pork, or fish. Sticky or glutinous rice is a staple food used in the region. Although located very close to areas of northeastern Thailand and Asia, Laos recipes differ from the similarities in many other Asian dishes.

Through this book, you will find that most Laos dishes strive to strike a balance between sweet and sour, light, fresh, bitter, spicy, ripe, and salty. Color and texture are also two significant factors in Laos dishes. The recipes provided by the author use the freshest available ingredients so you can find local alternatives.

About the author: Barbara Riddle is the author of this book and also has various types of books with titles such as:

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  • Super Seasonal Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of Year-Round Dish Ideas!
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  • Asian Cookbook: Simple Asian Recipes from throughout the Asian Continent

Food From Northern Laos: The Boat Landing Cookbook

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“Beautiful photographs accompany every recipe, showing what the finished dish should look like. The recipes are clear and easy to follow, and often explain how the finished dish should taste, which is great…”- ColoradoCaver

Through this cookbook, you will have access to an encyclopedia resource for Laos food lovers everywhere. The lesser-known culture and cuisine of Northern Laos (Laos PDR) will be featured via recipes by local ethnic groups and Luang Namtha Province’s premier ecotourism lodge.

This unique cookbook contains more than 80 recipes, 28 photos illustrated pages with more than 400 color photos of Laos ingredients with suggestions of Western alternatives. The method describes a detailed description of Laos preparation and cooking techniques.

This book has won two Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: Runner up Best Asian Cookbook (World) 2010 and Best Cookbook for Laos PDR 2010.

 About the author: Dorothy Culloty is a culinary specialist and has extensive expertise in public sector human resource and organizational change management in New Zealand and has also worked for international consulting organizations on change management and career counseling.

Her husband, Kees, and she regularly trips to Luang Namtha to document the dishes and national religious ceremonies. They now live in Thailand by the sea and periodically visit Laos PDR to promote Laos cookbooks and cuisine.

Laos Recipes: When in Doubt of Whose Recipes to Try, Choose Laos’!!!

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“What a gorgeous book! It is a gorgeous cookbook indeed.”- Zozo

The local dishes of Laos are not only delicious but also contain attractive and flavorful ingredients that, when combined in meals, will awaken and thrill your taste buds.

In this book, the author will reveal 30 recipes for fantastic and mind-blowing Laos dishes. The recipes are straightforward, easy to follow, but the results are impressive.

About the author: Ivy Hope is a food writer with a deep understanding of many different cuisines in the world. The author has published a lot of books, some of which are:

  • The Empanada Cookbook: The Sweet and Savoury Hand-held Pie Recipes
  • Bunch O’ Brunch: Nice and Filling Meals to Perk up your Day
  • The Absolute Best Chicken Recipes: A Guide to Help You Master the Best Chicken Recipes!
  • Sweet Treats for Every Sweet Tooth: Best Nutella Recipes to Die For
  • The Art of Spices: The Complete Homemade Seasoning Blend
  • Sugar-Free Recipes to Make for Your Family: Easy and Great Tasting Sugar-Free Recipes

Simple Laostian Cooking (The Hippocrene Cookbook Library)

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“Easy to use, great traditional recipes that I grew up eating (for the most part). I’d recommend it!”- Seth

Laostian often like to flavor their dishes with a variety of spices and herbs. Instead of the primary consumption of meat, they also eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. That is the reason why Laos cuisine is such a healthy but delicious choice for home cooks.

Simple Laostian Cooking presents 172 recipes, of which you will find a section on traditional Lob, which is usually made with beef but also fish, chicken, or wild animals, intended for holidays or special occasions. The glossary in this book defines staple ingredients such as bamboo shoots, coconut milk, cilantro, kaffir lime leaves, fresh ginger, and lemongrass. In particular, the author also incorporated Western ingredients to make Laos food easier to cook.

About the author: Penn Hongthong is a native, born and raised in Laos. Her family has 19 children, in which she and her sister are in charge of cooking for the whole family.

Hongthong immigrated to the United States when he was 18 years old but has supported and pursued the traditional Laostian diet. She regularly works as an instructor for Laostian and Thai cooking classes near her home in Long Island, New York.

Traditional recipes of Laos

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“Great recipes that include both the classics and obscure recipes.”- BerkeleyReader

By owning this book, you can confidently prepare Laos food like the dishes you will find in Luang Prabang, Mekong River, Pakse, and more. With a very thoughtful approach from a Master Chef, you can find some alternative ingredients outside of Southeast Asia to make regional variations if needed.

About the author: Phia Sing was the royal chef and master of rituals for Laos’s kings. In this capacity, he was employed at the Royal Palace in Luang Prabang.

His other “Traditional Recipes of Laos” cookbook will also be presented below.

Traditional Recipes of Laos

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“Great cookbook and great recipes. Brought back memories of when I lived in Laos and the food I ate while I lived there.”- Ann Ozanne

This cookbook will offer a variety of exciting recipes to fill your palette for many years to come. You will find authentic recipes and lots of delicious recipes from fish. In addition to the original Laos language, the book has an English translation so that people worldwide can easily access Laos cuisine at home.

To Southern Asia and Back: The Most-Mouthwatering Laostian Recipes in one Book

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“Wonderful recipes”- Janet Cousineau – London, ON

Laos dishes are often thought to be very exotic and sophisticated, but they are made accessible to find herbs, spices, noodles, and rice. Laostians are known for their sweet sticky rice, and it is often said that wherever they go in the world, they will always be reunited and stick together with their love for sweet sticky rice.

Another particularly staple Laostian meal is larb, a spiced mix of meat or fish with herbs, vegetables, and spices. If you want to enjoy these two perfect dishes and many more, then taking this cookbook and discovering a whole new world of culinary possibilities is all you need to do.

About the author: Angel Burns is the author of this cookbook. Here are some other impressive books that you can refer to:

  • The Revolutionary Keto Diet: The Ultimate Cookbook for Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Welcome to the World of Best Muffins: The Ultimate Cookbook Guide with Easy and Tasty Recipes
  • The Simple Anti Inflammatory Diet: A Complete Cookbook with Healthy and Tasty Recipes
  • The Healthy World of Plant-Based Diet: The Easy Cookbook with Recipes to Revitalize Your Body
  • Hadrosaurs (Life of the Past)
  • Healthy Dog Food Cookbook for Every Owner: Dog Food Recipes to Keep Your Pet Living Longer

The Complete Asian Cookbook Series: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Burma

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“If you’re an inspired chef like me who lives Southeast Asian cuisine like me, then order this! Don’t think, just order. Awesome!”- Micah L

Asian cuisine contains a range of wonderful dishes that can be mild, tantalizing, simple, complex, and fiery. With page after page of perfect and authentic Asian cuisines, the recipes in this book have been tested and re-tested to ensure that each dish’s flavor and character are preserved. Sophisticated and labor-intensive traditional preparation methods have been cut back to make them easy to perform for home cooks.

In Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, and Laos, you will find an invaluable introduction to the culture, cuisine, and cooking methods and ingredients popular with these countries.

About the author: Charmaine Solomon used to be a journalist and feature writer for an English-language newspaper in Sri Lanka, where she wrote a cookery column dispensing recipes and food ideas.

She comes from a family with many generations of talented chefs and is recognized as one of the world’s most knowledgeable teachers and Asian cooking writers. In 2007, Charmaine became a member of the Order of Australia.

Asia, The Beautiful Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos and Kampuchea, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia, India, Burma, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka

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“What a great book…lots of recipes from all over asia….i am so excited to have this book…great photos too!”- Tari

In order to capture the essence of Asian cuisine, author Jacki Passmore has spent more than fifteen years learning and collecting the best recipes from hundreds of professional chefs.

She shares her findings in this book with more than 200 memorable dishes ranging from appetizers to desserts that are beautifully photographed in glorious detail. Every recipe comes with helpful notes describing the food’s features and origins, as well as tips on ingredients and utensils.

More than a simple collection of recipes that you see, this book provides an evocative look at the people of Asia and the magical lands they live in.

About the author: Jacki Passmore is a talented culinary writer who owns many cookbooks such as:

  • The Vegetarian Table: Thailand
  • Williams-Sonoma Savoring China (Savoring Series)
  • The Noodle Shop Cookbook
  • The Book of Ice Cream and Sorbets

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Laos cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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