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5 Authentic John Wayne Cookbooks & Recipe Books

When it comes to John Wayne, you are no longer too unfamiliar with the role of an actor with classic movies like The Shootist (1976) or Wake of the Red Witch (1948). However, you will be surprised to learn that he is also considered a talented chef.

It would be great if you are a fan of John Wayne and can prepare his own shared dishes. These 5 John Wayne cookbooks we provide below will introduce you to the simple yet nutritious home-style recipes of Duke’s Family.

About John Wayne

John Wayne was born on May 26, 1907, in Winterset, Iowa, and died June 11, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. His birth name is Marion Mitchell Morrison and is of Scottish-Irish descent. The nickname “Duke” that he received while still, a child was for his love of a dog named that. In 1914, his family moved to California, where his father opened a pharmacy.

Besides his culinary skills and experience, he is also known as a talented actor. In this article, we’ll present you with 5 of the greatest cookbooks by John Wayne.

The Official John Wayne 5-Ingredient Homestyle Cookbook: Simple Recipes and Heartfelt Stories from Duke’s Family Kitchen


“I’ve made several of the recipes and they are simple but delicious, awesome”- Anne Wiser

In this first John Wayne book, you will discover a warm, pleasant cookbook featuring Duke’s many favorite home recipes. This list of over 100 recipes all made with five or fewer ingredients will get your family asking for seconds and thirds, no matter what they like to eat. You can easily create the perfect menu for Sunday dinners, family gatherings, tailgate parties, or even a picnic lunch.

100 mouth-watering photos along with images from Duke’s long career and heartwarming family life will also be included in this comprehensive book. It will bring you great dining experiences at Duke’s table, from his kitchen to yours.

The Official John Wayne Family Cookbook: Recipes and Recollections from Duke’s Kitchen to Yours


“I liked looking at all the full-page food pictures. Very explicit. The words are very easy to understand for the making of the food.”- Strozy

For many people, the most cherished memories in life are often felt around the table and the plate of home-cooked food. Through this book, you will learn how to create meals that bring the whole family together, including recipes like Pilar’s Soufflé that the Duke’s wife often makes for him when he is on business.

The book introduces you to over 200 recipes that are sure to appeal to any lover of delicious dishes. Most recipes follow simple rules that are easy to follow for even beginners. In particular, the beautiful photos attached by the author contribute to making the cookbook more impressive.

John Wayne Cast Iron Official Cookbook


“This is the best cookbook I’ve ever had. I had never used cast iron before, and this book is so easy to follow”- Ronald M. Mills

Have you ever cooked with a cast iron pan? The cast-iron pan is also one of the most versatile kitchen tools used in the US because it is perfect for preparing meals in the kitchen, on the grill, or the open fire.

“The John Wayne Cast Iron Official Cookbook” will introduce recipes that utilize the unique characteristics of a cast iron pan. Thereby, it allows you to create meals that make everything else easily pleasing. You might think that it takes hours to prepare such a sumptuous party, but in fact, most of the dishes in this book are almost easy to make and easy to eat. This perfect cookbook is sure to make every meal an adventurous party.

The Official John Wayne Way To Barbecue


“This cookbook has delicious recipes and great pictures. Also contains great facts about the Duke throughout.”- Amazon Customer

John Wayne has always pursued perfection whether working on the classic Hollywood set or enjoying an afternoon with loved ones especially when it comes to barbecue. “The Official John Wayne Way to Barbecue” includes over 100 Duke’s favorite recipes.

You’ll be shown with not only a collection of barbecue recipes and tips but also filled with rare shots of Wayne’s films and family. At the same time, the author also suggests choosing the right ingredients and the most effective way to bring delicious barbecue dishes.

The Official John Wayne Way to Grill: Great Stories & Manly Meals Shared By Duke’s Family


“This book was a pleasant surprise, packed both with tasty looking recipes but more importantly for my pictures and tidbits of information about the Duke.”- N. Kilbey

“The Official John Wayne Way to Grill” presents more than 100 Duke’s favorite recipes, from the Tex-Mex classics to the best of the West. The author will provide detailed step-by-step instructions for making delicious dishes and good timing. However, this book not only contains a collection of luxurious recipes but is also filled with rare photos, heartwarming stories, and personal anecdotes.

It is not easy for us to prepare “restaurant-style dishes” at home because of the strict requirements of its space, ingredients, tools, or processing process. Simplifying processing steps and complex ingredients, as well as focusing on preserving the full flavor and color of dishes, John Wayne created the “delicious cut on the chopsticks” that satisfies them both visual and taste bud. Through his 5 best cookbooks, you can bear nothing without choosing the right book to test John Wayne’s unique culinary style.

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