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10 Most Authentic Israeli Palestinian Cookbooks To Buy On Amazon

’What,’ you might ask, ‘do Israeli food and Palestinian food have in common?’ Plenty! In the north of Israel, there is a region known as the Galilee, which is located in both Syria and Lebanon. The land is hilly, and it has three rivers running through it: The Dan River, the Kishon River and the Kineret (Qhabur). All of this land makes for an environment rich in minerals and water.

The meals of Northern Galilee are basically the same as those of south Lebanon. Ingredients in Israeli cuisine are very similar to those in Lebanon. It is safe to say that the family gatherings in Israel, with its remarkable hospitality are very similar to those of Lebanon. The inhabitants of the northern Galilee region of Israel are under French, Italian and Eastern Mediterranean influence – which is why traditional Israeli Palestinian cuisine is similar to Lebanese cuisine. The Galilee specializes in a number of meals based on the combination of bulgur, spices and meat, known as kubbi by Arabs. Although there was an Arab boycott against Jews between 1922-1941, they were not forbidden to sell their products to them.

Perhaps at one point you were craving Israeli Palestinian recipes or perhaps you are now. When that time came, I’m sure that you went on Youtube, Google or somewhere else on the internet and typed in Israeli Palestinian recipes to see what would come up. Here is the list of best Israeli Palestinian cookbooks to buy on Amazon – a collection of the bestsellers, the all-time classics and recipes from professional chefs to help you master cooking skills!

Shuk: From Market to Table, the Heart of Israeli Home Cooking

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  • Save time cooking complicated recipes by following the simple instructions
  • Learn how to make your own Israeli dishes
  • Get delectable new recipes and a complete introduction of an unknown cuisine
  • Experience variations of Jewish food that you can’t find in America

It’s hard to replicate the flavors of Israeli food at home. The ingredients are unfamiliar, and the recipes are often complex and time-consuming.

Shuk is a cookbook that makes it easy to recreate authentic Israeli dishes in your own kitchen. With this book, you can make everything from piquant salads with fresh herbs to hearty meat stews flavored with fragrant spices. You will also learn how to prepare homemade pickles, dairy-free spreads, and other specialties that are beyond the scope of most cookbooks. This comprehensive guide includes more than 100 recipes for breakfasts, appetizers & snacks (mezzes), salads & sides (tzimmes), soups (cholents), fish & seafood (gutens), poultry (kotniyot), grains & legumes (mishmisheh), vegetables (tovbotim), eggs (bamidbarot), and desserts.

You will also learn some great tips on how best to store these ingredients, so they stay fresh until you need them. Grab this book today and you will realize that cooking turns out to be very easy.

Classic Palestinian Cuisine

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  • Learn 100+ authentic recipes
  • Get easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions
  • Relearn traditional Palestinian dishes
  • Access a vast collection of delicious recipes
  • Support Palestinian cuisine

The Palestinian cuisine, with its flavors and aromas, has not yet been able to reach the international audience.

This unique publication brings together traditional recipes from different regions of Palestine in a single book for the first time. It is an excellent guide for cooks who wish to learn more about this wonderful culinary tradition.

With “Classic Palestinian Cuisine”, you can discover a new world of tastes and smells that will surprise your senses! Whether you are looking for classic dishes or want to try something new, they have it all here.

Divine Food: Israeli and Palestinian Food Culture and Recipes

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  • Delivers a diverse range of recipes from all over Israel and Palestine
  • Inspires readers to explore the wide variety of cuisine in Israel and Palestine
  • Conveys a strong sense of authenticity combined with beautiful, glossy images

The Middle East has been a region of great food for centuries. However, the cuisine remains underrepresented in global cookbooks.

“Divine Food” was created to change that. This book brings together recipes from both Israeli and Palestinian chefs with the aim of creating an inclusive narrative about regional cooking—a comprehensive collection that represents not only Jewish-Israeli and Arab-Palestinian traditions but also other communities who have lived in this area for generations or even just visited briefly.

The author brings together more than 70 recipes from Israel and Palestine into one beautiful volume, complete with stunning photography by acclaimed chef Dan Perlman (who worked on projects including “Modernist Cuisine at Home”) as well as essays by leading scholars exploring issues related to food culture in Israel/Palestine. This book will allow you to explore an amazing culinary culture through dishes that are accessible and delicious. You won’t find any politics here; just good food!

The Palestine Recipes: Amazing and Delicious Palestinian Dishes: Palestinian Dishes

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  • Learn how to cook the traditional Palestinian dishes
  • Only recipes written by an expert Palestinian chef
  • Unique and home-friendly versions of traditional Palestinian cuisine
  • Written with a tempting, inviting tone of voice

Palestinian cuisine is a delicious and healthy diet. Unfortunately, it’s not very well known outside the Middle East region. Many people have never even heard of it!

There are many reasons why this ancient cuisine deserves more attention. Not only does it taste amazing, but it has been shown to promote good health too. In fact, there are many scientific studies that suggest that eating a Mediterranean-style diet can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 30 percent!

As you will see in this book, there is an abundance of recipes for delicious traditional dishes inspired by the Palestinian culture and heritage—and they all come with step-by-step instructions so you can recreate them at home easily and effortlessly. You don’t need special equipment or ingredients either; everything is easy to find and affordable. So what are you waiting for? Start cooking some authentic Palestinian food today!

Falastin: A Cookbook

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  • Get 120 of the unique and mouth-watering Palestinian recipes
  • Enhance your cooking skills with this traditional cuisine
  • Enjoy these original, authentic dishes
  • Learn about an underrepresented culture through food

The Palestinian culinary tradition is a rich and diverse one, but it is also disappearing.

Sami Tamimi was born in Beit Sahour, Palestine’s most famous village for its olive oil soap and olives. He grew up surrounded by the tastes of his family’s heritage, and the flavors of the Mediterranean seeping into every of his meal. He has dedicated his life to preserving that legacy through food.

Falastin is a cookbook with 120 recipes from across the Levant (Palestine), written by Chef Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley. This book explores how Palestinians have adapted their native cuisine to fit new surroundings while maintaining its authenticity, as well as how they have integrated flavors from other cultures into their own cooking traditions over time. Each recipe includes an introduction about its cultural significance along with step-by-step instructions on preparation and presentation accompanied by beautiful photographs documenting these processes throughout history.

Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking

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  • Save loads of time and energy with a cookbook that doesn’t require endless hours in the kitchen
  • You’ll test out new flavors from the Middle East, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe
  • Learn how to make food your own by learning more about other cultures
  • Tons of recipes for every occasion

Zahav is a restaurant in Philadelphia with some of the best Israeli food you can find on this side of the Atlantic. It has been named one of America’s most exciting restaurants by Bon Appetit, it was nominated for James Beard awards four years running, and it won Philly’s Best Restaurant award two years running.

But how do you make such good food at home? Solomonov and Cook have written “Zahav,” a cookbook that will show you how to make their dishes yourself.

The recipes are clear and easy to follow with the full-color picture added bonus in every recipe. You may not be able to get everything from your local store (you might need to go online), but once you get all the ingredients together, these recipes will bring your kitchen alive with flavor like never before.

Zaitoun: Recipes from the Palestinian Kitchen

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  • Taste the flavors and fragrances of Palestine with this cookbook
  • Cook from a variety of different regions in the country
  • Learn about new dishes and techniques for Palestinian cuisine
  • Discover delectable, authentic recipes

The cuisine of the Palestinian people is one of the most vibrant and exciting in the Middle East, but it remains largely unknown to outsiders.

Zaitoun is a celebration of this remarkable food and culture. Yasmin Khan has traveled throughout Palestine to uncover its many hidden gems – from family-run restaurants serving home-cooked meals, to secret bakeries filled with fragrant bread, sweet pastries, and desserts such as ma’moul (date-filled cookies) or knafeh zaribin (custard cheesecake). She shares her discoveries in stunning photography and evocative stories that bring alive these extraordinary dishes for readers around the world.

In Zaitoun , Yasmin Khan unlocks all the secrets behind traditional Palestinian cooking by introducing more than 80 modern recipes along with captivating stories about life across Palestine today. With this book in your collection, you will not only learn how to cook but also improve your exotic cultural knowledge.

Palestine on a Plate: Memories from My Mother’s Kitchen

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  • Give your cooking an exciting new flavor and a unique gourmet touch
  • Learn about the culture of Palestine through traditional family recipes
  • Personalize your food for guests to give them a glimpse into Palestinian culture
  • Explore cultures from around the globe using 120 delicious international recipes in each book

Palestinian food is often misunderstood, misrepresented, and under-appreciated.

The recipes in this book are the window into the real Palestinian cuisine and culture to demonstrate that the culinary tradition from this region is rich and diverse, as opposed to the distorted image of it that you see so often.

This book will make you fall in love with Palestinian cooking – not only because of its amazing flavor but also because of its rich history. It’s easy to cook these dishes at home and treat your loved ones with the most stunning meal ever.

The Palestinian Table (Authentic Palestinan Recipes)

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  • Introduces the definitive collection of 150 authentic Palestinian recipes
  • Cookbook is rich with tried and true family tradition, history, and culture
  • Recipes are easy to follow with stunning color photos from Palestine
  • Comprises three generations of family traditions

There are many cookbooks out there, but they often lack the authenticity that Palestinian cuisine is known for.

The recipes in this book are not watered down or simplified versions of authentic dishes. Every recipe has been tested and perfected by professional chefs with years of experience in Palestinian kitchens to ensure that you will be able to recreate them at home with ease.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to prepare your favorite traditional dish or want something new and exciting, this book will provide an array of options from which you can choose. These recipes bring the warmth and hospitality of Palestinian culture into your kitchen so that anyone will love to visit here right after they try the first bite of your resulting dishes.

The Gaza Kitchen : A Palestinian Culinary Journey (Paperback)–by Laila El-Haddad [2013 Edition]

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  • Get a rare look into the lives of Palestinians
  • Takes you on an immersive culinary tour through Gaza
  • Beautifully written content that educates and informs readers
  • Culinary history is explored at the same time as recipes are shared, giving readers access into the kitchen of this ancient culture

The Gaza Kitchen is the cookbook that brings together Palestinian recipes from all regions of the country, showcases a wide variety of delicious dishes that are easy to prepare.

The book will open your eyes to this region and its cuisine with recipes from renowned chefs who are native Gazans as well as those who have lived there but fled during times of war or political strife. This book will make you rethink what you know about Middle Eastern cooking while introducing you to new flavors and ingredients like sumac, za’atar, tahini, pomegranate molasses, basil seeds (called “dried green tears”), coconut milk powder (aka “soap on a rope”), dried yogurt balls (“cheese on a stick”), date syrup (“liquid gold”), and many others.

In addition, those interested in understanding the social history behind Palestinian cuisine will find this cookbook enlightening as well.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Israeli Palestinian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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