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10 Best Healthy Asian Cookbooks & Recipe Books You Should Not Miss

In the gastronomy world, there is no denying the rich and attractive variety of Asian cuisine, even many fares have never been outside the list of the world’s most delicious dishes. Asian cuisine has a strange attraction as it brings both irresistible taste and sophistication in the unique crafting and décor of each country. Here is a collection of the best 10 healthy Asian cookbooks that you should not miss! This article will guide you to explore the admirable authentic Asia culinary.

The Healthy Wok Chinese Cookbook: Fresh Recipes to Sizzle, Steam, and Stir-Fry Restaurant Favorites at Home

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“Amazing recipes and lovely photos!”- P. Gaye

This cookbook will show you how to create nutritious, satisfying versions of Chinese restaurant favorites in just one wok. With this versatile pan, you can steam veggies, stir-fry meats, simmer soup, and more.

This Chinese cookbook uses low sodium and sugar and suggestions for heart-healthy oils and lean cuts of meat. Many recipes include many variations, so you can choose and customize the flavor the way you like it.

About the author: Charmaine Ferrara grew up in Malaysia. This is also where she learned cooking for the first time from her mother and grandma. Besides, she is known as the author of the food blog Wok & Skillet, where she shares her passion for creating simple and delicious recipes with the world.

The Honeysuckle Cookbook: 100 Healthy, Feel-Good Recipes to Live Deliciously

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“The recipes are fun, the pictures are well done, easy to follow, good food.”-Livelovelaugh

“The Honeysuckle Cookbook” will provide you with fun ideas for making Asian dishes easy and accessible at home. The author offers 100 recipes, from favorites to original dishes.

In this book, the author’s familiar recipes will be transformed to stand out such as: 

  • Marinara sauce adds umami when adding fish sauce
  • Mac and cheese are refreshed with kimchi
  • Vietnamese coffee and sweet, floral lavender
  • Quinoa pilaf is mixed with a creamy curry-miso

In addition, the author also teaches you how to plan seasonal meals. With impressive recipes, quick-food ideas, great tutorials, and genius tips to present beautifully, this book will be your kitchen guide.

About the author: Dzung Lewis was born in a Vietnamese household and began cooking at the age of 12. After college, she started creating a YouTube channel to share her culinary creations. Dzung Lewis regularly collaborates with major brands such as California Avocados, Target, TULA, and Le Creuset. The author lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two young children.

The Asian Keto & Low-Carb Cookbook: A Healthy Guide to Authentic Asian Cuisine

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“Best cookbook ever! Simple and delicious recipes!”-Christie1223

Having access to a diet centered around rice, coupled with a sensitivity to dairy, the author has adapted family recipes passed down for generations to adhere to the keto diet. A handful of the best-tested recipes have been selected for inclusion in this book.

You will get 40+ handcrafted authentic Asian recipes such as fried rice, sauces, stir-fry, soups, etc. In particular, the book will bring a new and exciting explosion in Asian cuisine from Laos, Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc.

About the author: Tippy Wyatt is an entrepreneur and cooking author who regularly shares personal life experiences with everyone. Tippy Wyatt often shares his content through popular YouTube channels (Tippy Tales), Instagram (@tippywyatt), and website (

Asian Paleo: Easy, Fresh Recipes to Make Ahead or Enjoy Right Now from I Heart Umami

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“Great recipes, easy to follow for any dietary restrictions”- DS

In this cookbook, the author shares 75 new, bold recipes, inspired by the author’s favorites from China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and more.

Here, you will find the perfect dishes for any occasion. The book will cover many easy recipes that you’ll want to try, ranging from Low Carb Chinese Scallion Pancakes and Brisket Pho to Sweet and Sour Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, and Hot Spicy Beef Steak. Smart tips and tricks and 75 vivid photos make Asian food even more delicious.

About the author: ChihYu Smith is the cookbook author, the creator of the blog I Heart Umami and the program Cook Once Eat All Week. She graduated from Columbia University College of Education. Some of her recipes appear on Huffington Post, Country Living, Chowhound, Good Housekeeping, and Greatist. The author lives with her husband in Brooklyn, New York.

Korean Paleo: 80 Bold-Flavored, Gluten- and Grain-Free Recipes

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“The recipes look delicious and the book is very easy to follow!”-Amazon Customer

Coming to this version of the cookbook, the author will take you to Korea to enjoy her family’s favorite creations and traditions. All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free like Bulgogi (tender barbequed beef), Quick Kimchi (a traditional spiced-vegetable side), Bibimbap (savory steamed rice and marinated vegetable dish), and more.

This delightful cookbook will satisfy you with a strict Paleo diet or simply ordinary dishes. This book promises to bring you the feeling of wanting to experience healthy Korean cuisine.

About the author: Jean Choi is a Certified Nutrition Therapist and founder of What Great Grandma Ate. Her articles have been published on websites such as Better Homes & Gardens, Buzzfeed, and Greatist. She lives in Long Beach, California.

Nong’s Thai Kitchen: 84 Classic Recipes that are Quick, Healthy, and Delicious

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“It’s a great book with lots of helpful information about ingredients and techniques”- Michelle

In this cookbook, the author will share with you the tips for creating the most beloved Thai dishes at home – using ingredients found in most grocery stores.

In “Nong’s Thai Kitchen,” the author will show you how to cook classic Thai dishes with a balance of sweet, sour, salty, and hot flavors such as:

  • Shrimp Soup in Coconut Milk
  • Spicy Beef Salad with Mint Leaves
  • Chicken with Thai Basil
  • Roasted Duck Curry

About the author: Nongkran Daks is a cookbook author, chef, and owner of Thai Basil restaurant in Chantilly, Virginia. She has taught Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese cooking in Bangkok, Vientiane, Laos, Beijing, Honolulu, and Washington, DC.

Alexandra Greeleyl is a cookbook author, culinary critic, writer employee, editor, reporter, freelance writer, and editor. In addition, she is also a culinary editor for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, restaurant reviewer, and editor for Alexandra Greeley is furthermore a member of Les Dames d’Escoffie.

Whole Food Asian Instant Pot Recipes for Two: Traditional and Healthy Asian Recipes for Pressure Cooker. (+ 7-Days Asian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss!)

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“Very easy to follow recipes in this step by step Asian Instant Pot cookbook. Tasty and impressive looking meals and most are cooked in a very short amount of time.”- LT

In this remarkable recipe collection, you will find a wide variety of healthy recipes from every major country in Asia – Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Suggested complete menus for each dish include:

  • Chicken/Meat/ Fish and Seafood Recipes
  • Curries and Noodle Recipes
  • Salads, Vegetarian and Tofu Recipes
  • Sauces
  • Rice Recipes
  • Side-Dishes Recipes
  • Asian Soups and Stews
  • Asian Desserts and Snacks

About the author: Henry Wilson is a cookbook author and chef with over 15 years of experience in American restaurants. He is married to a wife of Chinese descent. He often publishes cookbooks with recipes that are easily accessible to any novice chef.

Steamy Kitchen’s Healthy Asian Favorites: 100 Recipes That Are Fast, Fresh, and Simple Enough for Tonight’s Supper

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“Delicious recipes with thorough instructions that are EASY.”- IVY Greene

This book will bring a healthy and inspiring overhaul with more than 120 classic Asian recipes inspired by authentic Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes.

The collection of flavorful recipes are mostly natural gluten-free and light meats. You will learn how to prepare a number of dishes such as: Seafood Curry Noodle Soup, Chicken-Mango Lettuce Cups, Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Grilled Tofu, Korean Tacos My Way, and more.

About the author: Jaden Hair is the author of the cookbook and the creator of the award-winning blog. In addition, the author has also been featured on the Today Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and on Father magazine.

Jaden has become one of the best food bloggers by,, and The Daily Meal. She also has recipes posted on the TLC Parentables blog and on the Tampa Tribune.

The Everything Easy Asian Cookbook: Healthy Meal Recipes for Everyone Includes Meal Plan, Food List, and Getting Started

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“The recipes that I randomly selected to enjoy are all very delicious with a distinctive flavor. I love it.”- Amazon Customer

This book will guide you through a healthy Asian-style diet and will show you how to buy the right ingredients, plan your meals, and more. The author will also provide a 14-day meal schedule for faster dinner or table meals.

In addition, shopping tips, as well as food preparation, are the key to success with every item in this book even if you are just a beginner.

About the author: Leticia Page is the author of the cookbook. “The Everything Easy Asian Cookbook: Healthy Meal Recipes for Everyone Includes Meal Plan, Food List, and Getting Started” is the author’s first English-language cookbook. In addition, he also has a number of books in Spanish versions such as:

  • Mi Viaje a Rusia (Spanish Edition)
  • Las pieles de Anna (Spanish Edition)
  • Los juegos del hombre (Spanish Edition)

The Plant Paradox Inspired Korean Cookbook – Plant Paradox Inspired Ethnic Cuisine

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“This book has a ton of recipes, and all the ones I’ve tried have been great!”- Amazon Customer

This cookbook helps you explore gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free Korean dishes. In particular, the full index at the end of the book allows you to search for recipes easily such as: nut-free, nightshade-free, soups, stews, salads, sauces, vegan, vegetarian, and even meat types like beef, chicken, and seafood.

The author will provide food processing techniques as well as professional advice at the end of each recipe so you can create the quintessential, healthy, and delicious Korean recipes such as:

  • Bulgogi with succulent meats or vegan proteins
  • Galbi Ribs that fall of the bone
  • Japchae with savory sweet potato starch glass noodles
  • Pajeon scallion pancakes with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce
  • Bibimbap layered neatly and filled with superfoods
  • And so many more!

About the author: Jules Fox is from Hawaii and is an award-winning author. He’s an explorer, Parkour Generations Level 1 trainer, PADI Air Tank Rescue Diver, and Certified Waldorf Educator.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Healthy Asian cookbooks cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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