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10 Authentic Hawaiian Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Known as the pearl of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii has always been the top resort paradise with blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, and unique culture.

There is a unique ecosystem with rows of attractive stretching coconuts, sweet fragrant pineapples, and struggling sea fish, so that Hawaii cuisine has a unique tropical color.

In this post, we want to share with you a collection of 10 Hawaiian cookbooks from professional chefs with in-depth knowledge of this beautiful island’s cuisine.

Begin your journey to discover and experience traditional Hawaiian dishes that you should definitely try and bring to your family’s dining table.

Aloha Kitchen: Recipes from Hawai’i [A Cookbook]

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“Not only are the recipes simple and easy to follow, but one taste transports you back to a fond memory growing up in Hawaii.”- Amazon Customer

Here, the author takes you into Hawaii’s homes, restaurants, and farms to discover the cultural and agricultural influences that make their crave-worthy culinary sensations.

You will learn more about Hawaii’s culinary and multicultural history.

Interweaving with regional history, the book also introduces you to some of the archipelagic staples such as shaved ice, saimin, loco moco, and chicken shoyu.

In it, the author will share recipes from local Hawaiian people, which have blended cultural influences to create richness in Hawaiian cuisine.

With attached professional illustrations, compelling writing, and accessible recipes, the author has portrayed a true and vibrant portrait of Hawaiian culture and cuisine.

About the author: Alana Kysar is the author of this book, who was born in Hawaii and currently lives in Los Angeles.

She started blogging in 2015 to share recipes inspired by her heritage and her travels and the award-winning Fix Feast Flair.

Until now, her photos and recipes have been selected to appear everywhere from Saveur and Food & Wine to Country Living, BuzzFeed, and Yahoo Food.

The ‘Ohana Grill Cookbook: Easy and Delicious Hawai’i-Inspired Recipes from BBQ Chicken to Kalbi Short Ribs

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“I love the recipes in this book very much. In particular, the instructions were simpler than I imagined.”-Amazon Customer

You don’t have to take a long trip to get a taste of the tropical Pacific! With this book, you can easily make a party with delicious authentic recipes.

The author will provide you with the necessary instructions to master your equipment as well as choose the best ingredients to achieve perfect cooking results.

At the same time, the book also includes many beautiful color illustrations and intriguing culinary creations. Some of the recipes will be included in the book:

  • Guava Chicken
  • Pulehu Tri-Tip
  • Spicy Li Hing Mui Pineapple
  • Furikake Party Mix
  • Grilled Mahimahi
  • Shoyu Hot Dogs
  • Adobo Pork Belly Bao with Won Bok Slaw

And more!

About the author: Adrienne Robillard was born and raised in Kailua, Hawai’i, and Fresno, California. She is an English writer and lecturer at Windward Community College in Kaneohe, Hawai’i.

Robillard is a contributing writer to Hawaii Business and a member of the Hawai’i’s Association of Children’s Book Writers and Illustration Program.

Robillard now lives with their husband and two children in Kailua on O’ahu.

Ottolenghi Flavor: A Cookbook

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“This book Flavor includes beautiful photos and LOTS of inspiration. I highly recommend it!!”-Wideopenseas

In this groundbreaking cookbook, the authors wanted to demonstrate easy techniques like baking and battering.

At the same time, you will learn the secret to unlocking new flavors by combining vegetables with sweet, fatty, or sour flavors.

You can easily find just about anything for every meal from main courses, side dishes, and desserts.

The book will include specific dishes such as Curry stuffed Eggplant and Spicy Mushroom Lasagne, Dal Coconut, and Romano Pepper Schnitzels.

Furthermore, a range of dishes with little effort will make a delicious and outstanding meal for your family.

About the author: Yotam Ottolenghi is the author of many New York Times cookbooks. He also contributes to the Food section of The New York Times and the weekly column on The Guardian.

His book “Ottolenghi Simple” was voted the best book of the year by the NPR and the New York Times.

Yotam Ottolenghi lives in London and owns a group of restaurants and upscale dining destinations Nopi and Rovi.

Ixta Belfrage started his culinary career at Ottolenghi’s Nopi restaurant before moving to Ottolenghi Test Kitchen.

She lives in London and regularly appears as a guest chef at some of the city’s top restaurants.

Kau Kau: Cuisine and Culture in the Hawaiian Islands

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“So many beautiful photographs and illustrations with stories of history. Many recipes that are so inexpensive and simple to make, and very delicious.”-Nurture Learners and Able Observers

In this book, the author takes you on a journey to discover the rich history and heritage of Hawaiian cuisine, along with a treasure trove of rare photos and illustrations.

The author will give you a guide to 100 esoteric, local dishes. In 2010 “Kau Kau: Cuisine and Culture in the Hawaiian Islands” received the Hawaiian Book Publisher Association’s Excellent Cookbook Award.

About the author: Arnold Hiura was born and raised in the town of Papaikou, is an independent writer, author, and editor.

In addition, he is also the president and executive director of the Hawaii Japanese Language Center in Hilo, Island of Hawaii, and curator of the National Japanese American Museum.

Hawaii a Vegan Paradise: Over 120 Plant-Based Recipes from the Islands

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“Beautiful pictures, easy to understand directions”- Lynn S. M.

Today, vegan dishes sweep over Hawaiian eateries. This book will be a perfect introduction to vegan cooking shared by one of Honolulu’s top vegan chefs.

You will find a dazzling list of recipes with colorful delicious dishes that make your gatherings or celebrations special.

Besides the basics of vegan cooking, each page is also richly illustrated with colorful pictures.

About the author: Lillian Cumic is a famous vegan chef who has created many plant-based recipes.

She often shares her passion for the miracles and virtues of vegan cooking with clients, friends, and colleagues. Lillian lives in Honolulu with her husband.

Hawaii’s Best Local Dishes

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“I LOVE THIS RECIPE BOOK. EVERYTHING that I’ve made so far is authentic local Hawaii comfort food.”-Amazon Customer

Hawaiian cuisine reflects influences from Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Filipino, and other international culinary flavors.

The author will introduce you to more than 140 recipes ranging from Oxtail Soup and Honey-Glazed Walnut Shrimp, savory Pork Adobo, to Portuguese Bean Soup, Lazy Style Laulau, and the island-style Loco Moco.

All of these recipes are passed down from friends, colleagues, and relatives.

In particular, this book is extremely convenient and essential for those who want to prepare a meal in 30 minutes or fewer thanks to the many quick and easy recipes.

About the author: Jean Watanabe Hee is the author of this book and a great cook.

The author has a deep understanding of Hawaiian cuisine, which is clearly reflected through many other Hawaiian cookbooks such as:

  • Hawaii’s Best Mochi Recipes
  • Jean Hee’s Best of the Best Hawaii Recipes
  • Tastes & Flavors of Mochi
  • Hawaii’s Best Local Desserts
  • Hawaii’s Best Quick & Easy Recipes
  • Little Hawaiian Cookbook

Little Hawaiian Ohana Cookbook

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“Very interesting recipes.”- Amazon Customer

This unique cookbook is a collection of the best recipes shared by families in Hawai’i.

The author will reveal more than 30 recipes representing the cooking treasures, know-how, and traditions that unite family and friends – Kalua Pig, Chinese Sweet, and Sour Spare Ribs, Lu’au Stew, Mango Bars, ‘Opakapaka with Chinese Cabbage, and Panipopo. In addition, you can find traditional Hawai’i favorites to enrich your family’s dining table.

About the author: Joleen Oshiro author of this book, has many years of experience in collecting and preparing typical Hawaiian cuisine.

This is also the first cookbook containing the quintessence of Hawaiian cuisine that the author has.

Hawaiian-style Musubi Cookbook

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“This is a great book on Musubi recipes. Love that the wording is not small and is easy to read.”-Alexander Rivera

You are approaching a unique collection of over 80 delicious recipes inspired by the local island’s cuisine.

This is the first cookbook dedicated to making a variety of rectangular musubi, as it’s becoming a hot trend and perfect for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and appetizers.

The step-by-step instructions provided by the author will save a lot of time preparing daily meals for your family.

About the author: This book has been written by two authors, Ashley Oshiro and Tom Kowach.

They are all people who not only have a great passion for Hawaiian cuisine and want to bring to everyone’s table the authentic taste of this place.

Easy Hawaiian Cookbook: Authentic Tropical Cooking

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“She loved it, recipes are very simple”- denise_santi_simmons

In this collection of recipes, the author will offer approximately 50 Tropical Recipes, reflecting a fusion of Hawaiian, Asian and Caribbean cuisines.

The book will teach you Hawaiian cooking to create amazingly delicious and engaging meals.

The author will provide you with detailed instructions to prepare some classic tropical dishes such as:

  • Multiple Hawaiian Breads
  • Hawaiian Fried Rice
  • Wontons from Hawaii
  • Pineapple Chicken
  • Hawaiian Chicken Stew

Much, much more!

About the author: Maggie Chow is the author and creator of your favorite Easy CookBooks and The Effortless Chef Series. She is not only the master of vegetable-based recipes but also delicious meat dishes.

The author is always interested in finding new recipes as well as cooking them himself to make the dishes more delicious and easier to make.

The Most Famous Aloha Recipes: The Best Flavors of The Hawaiian Cuisine Gathered in One Cookbook

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“Simple and delicious”-

With this carefully selected collection of Aloha Recipes, you can easily recreate the most famous Hawaiian dishes.

What’s special about this island’s cuisine are fresh ingredients and locally produced vegetables.

This cookbook will provide you with the simplest step-by-step homemade instructions possible that will make your cooking so much simpler.

Besides, the author offers you a varied menu of favorite tropical dishes. There is no time for postponing, make sure you have this helpful cookbook today!

About the author: Valeria Ray was born in Indianapolis, Indianan, and developed a passion for cooking while studying English literature at Oakland City University.

After Valeria graduated, she started working at French restaurants in the Indianapolis area.

After that, she started her second career as a cookbook author to share her passion with everyone.

Valeria Ray currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband and daughter.

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