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10 Authentic Epicurean Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Do you consider food and cooking as a kind of a sophisticated art? Do you desire each and every meal you have or you make for your family has to be delicious, stunning, and good for the body? You want to know about the most elegant and sophisticated ways of cooking? Want to taste the luxurious flavors of incredible combinations of ingredients?

Then welcome to this post! In this post, we will offer you 10 Epicurean cookbooks that help you to make amazing, professional-quality dishes right in your familiar kitchen.

The Epicurean: The Classic 1893 Cookbook

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“Excellent and informative cookbook. The history behind The Epicurean is depicted excellently”- Amazon Customer

If you are looking for a high-quality Epicurean cookbook which was written by a professional chef, this book will be the first and the best choice. This book is a detailed and large book about the gastronomy of the French back in 1893.

You will not only find in this book incredible recipes for every course from appetizers to desserts but also learn a lot about various ways of preparing and cooking familiar ingredients in elegant and professional methods. Could you imagine that there are more than 90 ways to prepare an egg? Well, after reading this book, you will find out!

However, don’t be too worry about the level of the book, it is for everyone interested in epicurean cooking. Clear instructions and detailed ingredient indexes as well as gorgeous illustrations will help your experience with this book become more amazing.

About the author: Charles Ranhofer is a master chef. He used to work in the kitchen of Napoleon III’s court. He has also spent many years working in the restaurants of Delmonico. Many famous dishes of Delmonico are created by Ranhofer and become the special signatures of this food brand.

Epicurean Cuisine: A Philosophy & Cookbook All-In-One

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“Not just a cookbook anymore. This book teaches me many things that I’ve never known before. Amazing recipes though.”- Amazon Customer

This book provides you just 10 recipes but they are all incredible and unique recipes that can feed your body and nourish your soul. Each recipe comes with interesting pieces of information about the philosophy field. You can widen your knowledge about the subject of ancient philosophy to more modern philosophy while still being able to cook extraordinary dishes.

About the author: Robert Woolston has written many books about the philosophy field. His writings indicate how philosophy can improve your life in both physical and mental aspects. His extensive knowledge about this field was the key to the success of his books. 

The Zenbelly Cookbook: An Epicurean’s Guide to Paleo Cuisine

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“This book has been revolutionary for me; it has renewed my love for cooking”- Amazon Customer

If you are a gourmet who always wants elegant and high-quality food on your table, this book will help your cooking process become a lot easier. It contains more than 100 professional quality recipes that you can make right in your kitchen for your family on any occasion.

The recipes emphasis on the cooking techniques to keep the original flavors of ingredients. You now can create luxurious tastes at home just by following simple íntructions offered in the book. Besides, the beautiful layout and images make this book become a must-have item for anyone who wants to try out high-end dishes.

About the author: Simone Miller is a chef who has more than 17 years of working in the food and cooking industry. She has worked for many famous restaurants in New York City. Her recipes focus on the number of nutritions that food can provide the body.

Raw Epicurean Cookies – 20 Raw Vegan Cookie Recipes

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“These cookies are amazing! My entire family loves them, even those who are not raw. They can’t believe that the ingredients of these cookies are so healthy”- Amazon Customer

The book includes 20 delicious recipes for raw vegan cookies. If you are always concern about the quality and health effects of treats like cookies, this book will bright a new light for you. All the ingredients in each recipe are organic and plant-based which are, of course, like vitamins for your body.

And the results will amaze you with its tasty and unforgettable flavors. Not just kids, but adults will love to try out all the cookies made from recipes in this book. 

About the author: Ingrid A.Weithers-Barati has a strong passion for cooking, especially creating new recipes. All recipes which are credited by the author are very simple yet good for your health.

Gourmet’s Menu Cookbook: a Collection of Epicurean Menus and Recipes

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“A wonderful item. This would be a treasure in my cookbook collection. Can’t wait to try all the recipes in it”- Amazon Customer

This amazing book offers you not just recipes but also menus for Epicurean cooking. All the recipes in the book come with elegant ways of cooking and serving, go along with gorgeous illustrations for each dish.

The menus make sure that each and every food in your meals are combined in a perfect way to create incredible flavors.

About the author: Gourmet is a magazine which specializes in cooking and food-related topics. Gourmet’s dishes are usually for “high” classes who consider food as a kind of art. These dishes tend to be served in very small portions, and of course, very expensive.

YUM: “appetizers”

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“This is a fantastic book for any level of the home or professional cooks! Creative, delicious, and well-tested recipes. I would recommend this book to anyone who entertains”- Amazon Customer

This is an appetizer cookbook written by an Epicurious author. It is a collection of excellent recipes for simple and quick appetizers that are suitable for any occasion from cozy home parties to big weddings.

Besides, each recipe comes with beautiful pictures of mouth-watering appetizers and detailed instructions on how to make it. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this book will not pose any difficulty for you in following the cooking steps.

You are still looking for recipes to make sophisticated appetizers to impress your friends and family? Don’t hesitate to give this book a try. 

About the author: Michel Vejar is a passionate chef, blogger, and traveler. She also has her own youtube channel where she shares her tip for an Epicurious life in traveling and cooking aspects.

500 Dash Diet Instant Pot Cookbook 2020

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“This book has been great. It’s easy to read, understand, and follow. Has been a great help”- Amazon Customer

If you still think “Epicurious dishes” are just something with a stunning look to fulfill your eyes, this book will change your mind. Epicurious can be a savior for your health and soul. This book will help you to follow the Dash Diet successfully to achieve a healthy body and peaceful mind. 

In the very first parts of the book, you will be given all necessary information about the Dash Diet, what it is and how it can change your life forever. Then, you will go to incredibly delicious and elegant recipes for every course in a day.

About the author: Dr. Jimmy Dam. Although his field has nothing to do with food and cooking, Jimmy still has a special passion for cooking methods and healthy diets. His recipes are especially good for those who are struggling with health problems related to an unbalanced diet.

Chocolate: Reference to Go: 50 Luscious Indulgences

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“I love these recipes. I’ve made almost all of the recipes over the years”- Amazon Customer

The book provides 50 mouth-watering recipes for treats and cakes with chocolate as the key ingredient. It teaches you how to deal with different types of chocolate to create a perfect flavor for each recipe.

The photos of the food only can already make you want to try the food right away. Chocolate lovers can’t skip this wonderful book!

About the author: Lori Longbotham is a cookbook author. She has written a bunch of books sharing amazing and tasty recipes for sweets and desserts. One of her favorite ingredients is chocolate – the soul of any dessert.

My Pinewood Kitchen, A Southern Culinary Cure: 130+ Crazy Delicious, Gluten-Free Recipes to Reduce Inflammation and Make Your Gut Happy

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“I Loved every bit of this book. Not your everyday cookbook. The outline, story, and education, and suggestions, open up a whole new world of LOVE for the Good Real food. Truly a joy”- Amazon Customer

This book is on the list to make sure everything you eat will not turn out to be poison damage to your own body. You need to know what food your body allows you to eat and how to eat them.

The book includes over 130 recipes that can improve your health situation and keep you fit. There are recipes for vegans, those who cannot consume gluten, those with some health issues related to eating habits, and those who want to try out a more balanced and healthier diet.

About the Author: Once Mee is a cook and book author. She owns a farm that supplies ingredients for her restaurant. The farm also provides green and fresh goods for the local area where she lives.

Ethiopian Foods and Drinks for Your Taste, Pleasure and Good Health

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“A very informative book about the most healthy kitchen in the world”- Amazon Customer

This book is a must-have cookbook for Epicureans who concern about their health. Ethiopian cuisine is not only famous for its unforgettable flavors thanks to the use of various herbs in each dish but also for its unique and sophisticated cooking methods. In this book, you will be led through the history and culture of Ethiopian culinary and then learn about amazingly healthy recipes.

Ethiopian dishes should be in the first choices of Epicureans who want to enjoy the elegance of food while still make sure they are good for their health.

About the author: Getty Ambau is a writer. He has written many books about health and nutrition-related topics. These books have become bestsellers and being used as research materials for many others. Although he was born in Ethiopia, he now lives in the US.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Epicurean cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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