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10 Best Southern Cast Iron Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Cast iron cookware is a favorite kitchen appliance of many people thank to its outsanding pros such as durable, naturally non-stick, and inexpensive. However, some people still don’t know how to make the most of this wonderful multitasker to cook various dishes for savory and healthy meals. That’s why in this post today, we will lead you to the world of the South’s rich culinary heritage with 10 fantastic Southern cast iron cookbooks that will bring you a whole new experience of cast iron cooking.

The Southern Skillet Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes to Make Comfort Food in Your Cast-Iron

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“The recipes use easy-to-find ingredients and are written clearly so they’re easy to follow. There’s not much room for improvement here”- Amazon Customer

This book explores the rich and uniqueness of Southern cuisine with one of the most popular kitchen appliances in any American home: cast iron skillets. It provides you more than 100 incredible recipes for cast iron cooking that are super suitable for any part of a meal. You will find in the book delicious recipes for Bacon Cheddar Cornbread, Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Pie, Fried Okra, and so many more.

There are also recipes for vegetarians or people who follow a gluten-free diet to make the most of their cast iron skillet at home. This book is indeed a perfect choice for both novice and professional cooks.

About the Author: Cider Mill Press is a popular publisher. It offers amazing content and great information in beautiful and affordable books. Many bestsellers from this publisher have been featured in New York Times magazine.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • Bourbon, Ribs, and Rubs: The Magic of Cooking Low and Slow
  • The Air Fryer Chicken Wings Cookbook: Take Flight with Over 100 Recipes
  • The Best Cast Iron Cookbook: 125 Delicious Recipes for Your Cast-Iron Cookware

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The Modern Cast Iron Cookbook for Beginners: Comforting, easy, delicious, and southern cast iron recipes for family

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“This book is incredible! I have learned a lot from it. Delicious recipes as well”- Amazon Customer

This book will open a new level of cast iron cooking and turn your cast iron skillet at home into a multitasker pan in no time. It will inform you everything you need to know to make tasty and simple Sothern dishes with cast-iron cookware.

If you want to make delicious steak, pizza, pies, or scrambled eggs, and many other dishes with just a skillet, you can find the answer in this book. The book is a good start for the amateur cooking level.

About the author: Wanda C. Ivey is a food writer. She doesn’t have many cookbooks that have been published but all her cookbooks on the market so far have made a big hit and received positive feedback from readers.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • Gastroparesis Relief Cookbook
  • Gastroparesis Cookbook

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Cooking Good For 2: Cast Iron Recipes To Cook, Amazing Ideas To Cook Meals: Southern Cast Iron Recipes

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“My new favorite cookbook! I have had this book for only a few days and have already made many recipes out of it. All incredible, simple and fast! “- Amazon Customer

The book offers 150 mouth-watering cast iron skillet recipes that are popular across the South. Most of the recipes take no more than 30 minutes to make but they are still delicious and nutritious. That’s why these recipes all suitable for busy people. If you are looking for a simple and friendly-budget cookbook that teaches you hơ to make the most of your cast iron skillet, this book is a great pick.

Especially, the book also teaches you many helpful tips for buying, using, and cleaning your cast iron cookware so that you can use it for a long time.

About the author: Madelaine Wooward. In her very first cookbook, she has shown her special love for Southern cuisine and her admiration for the cooking techniques of this region. In terms of food writing, she is always a passionate writer.

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The New Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook: 150 Fresh Ideas for America’s Favorite Pan

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“Love the format, nice concise recipes, beautiful pics, each section has recipes together i.e. all chicken dishes together whereas other cookbooks spread everything all over the place. Most of the recipes are quick and easy”- Amazon Customer

This book is promised to impress you with amazing traditional recipes across America including the South. The book guides you to make incredible dishes with cast iron that we can assure you never considered using your cast iron skillet for. You will be amazed by a wide range of recipes for tortillas, pancakes, bread¸ and so many more.

Especially, recipes offered in the book make the most of fresh and healthy ingredients so that you can keep your meals delicious but still super good for your body.

About the Author: Ellen Brown works for the USA Today magazine as a food editor. She is also one of the leaders of the New American Cuisine movement. Besides, she is a passionate cookbook author who has had more than 40 cookbooks under her name. She now resides in Providence, RI.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • The Bloody Mary Book: Reinventing a Classic Cocktail
  • Sausage Cookbook Bible: 500 Recipes for Cooking Sausage
  • Meatball Cookbook Bible

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Lodge Cast Iron Nation: Great American Cooking from Coast to Coast

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“It is ideally suited for people who want to learn how wonderful an experience it is to cook on cast-iron cookware. I rate this book “A+.”- Amazon Customer

The book focuses on American regional cuisine and you can find many familiar classic Sothern recipes as well. The special thing about this book is that it’s not only a recipe book but also a great storyteller. Along with delicious cast iron recipes for every meal of a day from breakfast to dinner, the author gives you amazing stories about the Lodge family. Besides, there are also tips for cast iron cooking that you may find helpful.

About the Author: Lodge Manufacturing is an American company producing and distributing cast iron products. It is founded in 1896. The company is one of the oldest manufacturers of cast iron cookware.

Other books by the author:

  • The Best of Lodge: Our 140+ Most Loved Recipes
  • The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook: A Treasury of Timeless, Delicious Recipes

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SOUTHERN LIVING Best Cast Iron Recipes: 115 Southern Favorites

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“You will find lots of ideas and tips for using your iron skillets. I highly recommend this book to everyone”- Amazon Customer

The book is a collection of 115 fantastic Southern recipes for cast iron skillet. Through the book, you will learn how to make perfect Southern dishes such as Chicken Pot Pie, Cowboy Steak, Southern Pecan Pie, and many more. They are all so simple to make with friendly and accessible ingredients. You will have no difficulty in following this wonderful cookbook.

Besides, the author also offers you 11 helpful tricks for cast iron care to maintain your cast iron skillet always in the best quality.

About the author: The Editor of Southern Living is a popular cookbook publisher. Their books are always filled with joy and inspiration to bring positive energy to readers. More than 16 million readers are waiting for their books to release each year.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • Container Gardens: Over 200 Fresh Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Inspired Plantings
  • The All-New Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook: Over 1,250 Of Our Best Recipes
  • Southern Living Ultimate Book of BBQ: The Complete Year-Round Guide to Grilling and Smoking

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Southern Cast Iron: Heirloom Recipes for Your Favorites Skillets 

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“Great book, I love it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it”- Amazon Customer

This book will show you that you can cook anything just by using your cast iron skillet. It includes over 65 traditional Southern recipes for cast iron skillet that anyone can make right in their kitchen. The book starts with a brief history of how cast iron is used in the past and present. Then, incredible recipes will be provided to you in a beautiful and clear layout with detailed information about the steps and ingredients needed. You can find in the book recipes for Chicken Pot Pie¸ Coconut Pecan Pie, cornbread, cobblers and so much more.

About the author:  Brooke Michael Bell is an editor who has worked for many popular organizations such as the Taste of the South, the Louisiana Cookin, and Hoffman Media. She is also a cookbook author.

Other cookbooks by the author:

  • Fall Baking: Southern Harvest Favorites
  • Southern Desserts: Classic Recipes for Every Occasion
  • Taste of the South: Southern Christmas 2015

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The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook: Comforting Family Recipes to Enjoy and Share

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“Every single recipe has been a hit. I especially love the buttermilk drop biscuits. They’re easy to make and they turn out perfectly soft and pillowy every time”- Amazon Customer

This book will help you to create the authentic taste of Southern cuisine by using one of the most favorite cookware of American: cast iron skillets. You can find in the book 100 delicious classic recipes for any course of a day from breakfast to dinner, appetizers to desserts. The author also includes in the book instructions on how to use and restore your cast iron skillet.

This cookbook is truly a game-changer for those who are new to cast iron cooking.

About the Author: Elena Rosemond-Hoerr is a Southern cookbook author and photographer. She was born and spent her childhood in North Carolina. She has a strong passion for Southern food and cooking. In 2008, she founded the Southern food blog Biscuits and Such.

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Cast-Iron Cookbook for Beginners: Easy Recipes for the Greatest Skillet of All

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“Great beginners cast iron cookbook! These recipes are super accessible and super delicious! We made the “sausage, peppers and rice” recipe for dinner tonight and there were no leftovers! The entire family loved it!”- Amazon Customer

Written by a passionate Southern food writer, this book should be recommended for anyone who wants to know more about Southern cuisine and learning how to cook delicious recipes with their cast iron cookware. The book is full of 100 amazing recipes for dishes such as honey mustard pork chops, huevos rancheros, strip steak, apple pie, and many more.

Come with these recipes are useful tips and tricks to make the most of your kitchen appliance, especially cast iron cookware.

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The Complete Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook: 150 Classic and Creative Recipes

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“And the recipes are fantastic! The flavors are often a little exotic, but almost every dish is made with ingredients that are easy to find without visiting a specialty store”- Amazon Customer

This is the last cookbook of a Southern food lover we want to share with you on the list today. With this book, you can unlock the full potential of your cast iron cookware at home to make tasty and beautiful Southern dishes for your friends and family. Over 150 recipes for a wide range of dishes such as pizza, pies, sandwiches, pancakes, and so much more are waiting for you to explore.

Don’t hesitate to give this book a try to make your cooking time a lot easier and enjoyable.

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We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Southern Cast Iron cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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