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10 Authentic Burmese Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Officially called Myanmar, Burma is known as a country with a national identity shaped by many influences from different countries. Burmese cuisine is prized for its beauty: an Asian cuisine fused from Southeast Asian, Indian, and Chinese influences. Besides its impressive blend of culture, spices, and rich flavors, Burmese cuisine also leaves behind its unique qualities.

In this post, instead of introducing you to places to taste the delicious foods in this country, we will share 10 best Burmese cookbooks so that you can truly experience their traditional dishes at home with your family.

Burma Superstar: Addictive Recipes from the Crossroads of Southeast Asia [A Cookbook]

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“The book itself is gorgeous: beautifully-bound and printed, and on excellent-quality paper. The numerous photos are luscious. The writing is heartfelt, unpretentious, and crystal-clear. Recipes are very easy to follow.”- bunny saves

Burma Superstar” is a cookbook that gives you the chance to savor the delicious flavors of Myanmar. The book includes outstanding dishes that reflect unique flavor blends like the iconic Tea Leaf Salad, Pork and Pumpkin Stew, Chili Lamb, Spicy Eggplant, Platha (a buttery layered flatbread), and Mohinga – a fish noodle soup that is arguably Myanmar’s national dish.

The 90 recipes in the book have been streamlined to suit home cooks of all levels. Besides, the author also provides many stunning photos, and essays about the country bring a captivating view of this jewel of Southeast Asia.

About the author: Desmond Tan was born in Burma and moved to San Francisco when he was 11 years old. Burma Superstar has been developed into four unique and thriving locations (the fifth is underway). In 2014, he founded Mya Foods – the first Bay Area company to import Burmese ingredients. In particular, you can see laphet – Burmese famous fermented tea leaves.

Kate Leahy is a cookbook writer in San Francisco. She published A16 Food + Wine (Ten Speed Press, 2008), the IACP 2009 Cookbook of the Year, Cookie Love – an NPR Best Book of 2015, and a book about Armenia. In addition, she has written for Eating Well, CNN Parts Unknown, Food52, Chicago Magazine, Epicurious, and Plate. You can visit for information on recipes and cookbook projects.

Burma: Rivers of Flavor

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“This is an essential cookbook on southeast Asian cuisine to add to your collection.”- ThatsWhatJenniSaid

Burma: Rivers of Flavor” will bring 125 recipes and intriguing tales from the author’s many trips to this wonderful but little-known land.

In “Burma: Rivers of Flavor,” you will be attracted by the splendor of an ancient and wonderful country where the owner of simple recipes that please and delight you.

About the author: Naomi Duguid is a teacher, photographer, writer, cook, and world traveler. She owns many award-winning cookbooks, such as:

  • Burma
  • Flatbreads & Flavors: A Baker’s Atlas
  • Seductions of Rice
  • Hot Sour Salty Sweet

Mandalay: Recipes and Tales from a Burmese Kitchen

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“This is my second copy. The first was for me. Classic Burmese recipes and great photography.”- K. L. Gallaher

Burmese cuisine is still little known and not really popular in the world. In this book, MiMi Aye attempts to change that by revealing secrets and providing stories from her time in Burma in each recipe.

In these pages, the author brings up 100 great recipes, allowing you to create authentic Burmese flavors in your own kitchen. You will be given advice on how to choose the ingredients to make your Burmese dish unique, as well as suitable alternatives. In addition, you’ll also find tutorials on the special techniques and equipment needed before diving into chapters like rice and noodles, fritters, meat and fish, salads, and sweet snacks.

About the author: MiMi Aye is the British Burmese book writer at and the author of NOODLE! 100 Great Recipes (Absolute Press). At the same time, she is the founder of the supper club and community Burmese Food and Beyond.

MiMi has appeared on the BBC TWO show A Question of Taste, as well as BBC Radio 4’s award-winning Woman’s Hour and Food Programme. She has many recipes that have appeared in Woman & Home, The Evening Standard, METRO, and Red magazines.

Collection of The Most Authentic Flavors of Burma: Burmese Cookbook with The Finest Recipes

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“All the recipes in this book is lovely as I have tasted in Burma”- Henry Sarsfield

If you are looking forward to discovering a more delicious and exotic cuisine, this book will delight all of your senses. Not only can you enjoy mouth-watering dishes but also experience Myanmar’s culture and traditions.

Here is a shortlist of the recipes you’ll find in this book:

  • Burmese Shan Noodles with an extraordinary taste
  • Golden Egg Curry that tastes the same as the one prepared by a local chef
  • An Instagram-worthy Burmese Rainbow Salad
  • Coconut Noodle Soup that will impress you with the unique taste

About the author: Valeria Ray was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and began her passion for cooking while studying English Literature at Oakland City University.

After graduating, she worked in French restaurants in the Indianapolis area until she became a head chef at a 5-star establishment. Valeria Ray lives in Indianapolis with her husband (Tom) and her daughter (Isobel).

The Burmese Kitchen: Recipes from the Golden Land

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“It was written, and rich in anthropological detail”-

In “The Burmese Kitchen”, you will admire the unique talent of Copeland Marks in processing exotic dishes for home cooks. This is the first cookbook examining the delicious cuisine and culture of this Central Asian country.

You will be sharing a variety of recipes that reflect the regional differences of Burma. Not only the delicious recipes but also the great cooking techniques will surely win praise for everyone.

About the author: Copeland Marks is a food historian, a world traveler, a well-known writer, and the author of 16 cookbooks on little-known exotic cuisines. The author lived in New York until his death in 1999

Aung Thein is a health educator practicing the Burmese Buddhist system of medicine and used to be a lecturer at Rangoon University, Myanmar (Burma), and Hamburg University, West Germany. He lives in Queens, New York.

My Burmese Cookbook: Part 1

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“Easy to follow instructions and wonderful results!”- tetseinkyin

This is a book reflecting the rich and vibrant cuisine of Myanmar. The recipes with clear instructions in this book are written for either beginner or experienced cooks alike. In addition, you will also find metric measurements and recipes that are easy to follow.

In addition to My Burmese Cookbook: Part 1,” “My Burmese Cookbook: Part 2 will also be mentioned in this post. These are rare books containing many popular Myanmar recipes. They will bring you happiness and a great opportunity to enjoy yourself with family and friends.

About the author: Myint Myint Soe was born in Myanmar and has settled in the UK with her family since 1977. She is a passionate and acclaimed cook who is praised and can create sensational via provoking dishes to give you a lasting impression of Burmese cuisine. Myint Myint Soe is living in London after retiring her job as a doctor.

My Burmese Cookbook: Part 2

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“The ingredient lists are generally short, the instructions are clear and not that complex. There are many excellent half-page color photos. There is a lot about the background to the recipes.”- K. L. Gallaher

Myanmar has recently opened up to the world but their cuisine is still very little known. Although located between Bangladesh, India, China, and Thailand and influences from all of those countries, Myanmar’s cuisine still carries subtle differences.

Whatever your level, this book can delight you with its detailed instructions. With the comments and cooking techniques provided, you can easily satisfy all diners’ palates.

Bountiful Burmese Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Tasty Asian Dish Ideas!

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“I love all the recipes in this book. Amazing tastes.”-Amazon Customer

The Burmese dishes are unique, however, you can also easily recreate many of their native flavors in your own kitchen. “Bountiful Burmese Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Tasty Asian Dish Ideas!” will direct you to delicious authentic Burmese dishes through simple detailed instruction descriptions.

About the author: Anthony Boundy is a food blogger with a deep understanding of many cuisines in the world. If you love her recipes, you can read some of her other popular books:

  • German Style Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of European Dish Ideas!
  • Scrumptious Skillet Recipes: Your Go-to Cookbook of Quick & Easy Dish Ideas!
  • Southern-Style Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Down-Home Dish Ideas!
  • The Polish Style Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of European Dish Ideas!
  • Mouthwatering Miso Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Asian Miso Dish Ideas!
  • The Soup for Everyone Cookbook: Enjoy the Comfort of Soup

The Burma Cookbook: Recipes from the Land of a Million Pagodas

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“This beautifully written and produced book about Burma(Myanmar) is just that. Much more than a cookbook. The photographs and literary quotes… A unique travel experience. Highly recommended.”- Dr Keith Mayne

This cookbook presents 175 tested and verified recipes, all of which are authentic and easy to follow. A cookbook is included with lavish photos, historical quotes, as well as unique and interesting travel experiences.

About the author: Robert Carmack is a writer on food and travel, and author of five books, of which two books on Vietnamese and Thai cooking have been published continuously for more than a decade. His “Fondue” has been translated into French, German, Dutch, and Swiss editions, plus several original English editions.

The Complete Asian Cookbook: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Burma

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“I love the recipes, simple to follow, and the outcome mouth-watering every time.”- Amazon Customer

Since its first release in 1976, this comprehensive cookbook has become a culinary classic, introducing Asian cuisine to more than a million readers worldwide and attracting numerous enthusiastic followers across the globe.

Recipes from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma will also be found in this single volume. Now you can conveniently explore Southeast Asian cuisine through this book. From popular favorites such as Cambodian green peppercorn crab or aromatic Burmese curries to Vietnam’s fragrant pho or Thailand’s banana flower salad, these diverse dishes will inspire a new and delightful generation of cooks.

About the author: Charmaine Solomon used to be a journalist and feature writer for an English-language newspaper in Sri Lanka, where she wrote a cookery column dispensing recipes and food ideas.

She comes from a family with many generations of talented chefs and is recognized as one of the world’s most knowledgeable teachers and Asian cooking writers. In 2007, Charmaine became a member of the Order of Australia.

 We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Burmese cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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