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10 Authentic Barcelona Cookbooks & Recipe Books

Besides France and Italy, Spain has long appeared on the world culinary map with fine Mediterranean dishes.

Especially in each region, the cuisine of Gaur country brings its own characteristics and flavors, making diners remember to eat once.

In particular, the city of Barcelona – the capital of the Calantha community, is a great culinary paradise for you to enjoy the best and delicious dishes.

If you are curious about Barcelona’s culinary culture, save 10 Barcelona cookbooks below to sample delicious dishes with authentic flavors at home.

Boqueria: A Cookbook, from Barcelona to New York

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“A superb book with delightful recipes.”- Gerrett Snedaker

In this cookbook, the author takes you to explore the bustling restaurant life and offers a fascinating insight into its culinary inspiration: markets, bars, and cervezerias.

Besides, the dazzling portrait of the Spanish city will be reproduced so authentically that you can almost smell the salt air of the Mediterranean.

This cookbook will provide you with step-by-step instructions for crafting authentic Barcelona dishes and delicious home-made variations.

In addition, you will learn more about the origins of the dishes, which will inspire you to experience new things.

About the author: Marc Vidal was the author and chef at his family’s Barcelona restaurant, which inspired the author to join Escola deosystemración at the age of sixteen. In 2010, he joined Boqueria as the Executive Chef.

After studying and living in Spain, Yann de Rochefort created Boqueria to pay homage to Barcelona’s dining scene.

Zack Bezunartea is the Director of Operations of all Boqueria restaurants. He started his restaurant career at the age of ten flipping burgers at his parents’ fast-food restaurant in New Mexico.

The Barcelona Cookbook: A Celebration of Food, Wine, and Life

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“This is a nice book and has illustrations as well.”- Sunny Day

With this cookbook, you can bring the taste of Barcelona into your home through 110 perfect recipes.

This book also specifically recommends wine suggestions to incorporate into recipes, menu recommendations, and party plans, as well as tips on applying restaurant tips to your home kitchen.

A variety of delicious recipes will give you a great feast with delicious, rich, and satisfying dishes. In particular, the attached 175 beautiful photos will stimulate you to enter the party.

About the author: Sasa Mahr-Batuz is a cookbook author of Argentine origin. He used to run a restaurant business and did a restaurant business. Right now, the author is in charge of all the designs and ideas for restaurants in Barcelona. Sasa Mahr-Batuz lives in Weston, CT.

Williams-Sonoma Foods of the World: Barcelona: Authentic Recipes Celebrating the Foods of the World

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“This is a beautiful book. Not only is it a great cookbook, but a great coffee table book.”-Trudie Hughes

To give you the most comprehensive view and authentic experience of Barcelona cuisine, the author has included many interesting things in this book.

The author not only describes the culinary traditions of Catalonia and Barcelona, but also offers 45 recipes for main courses, appetizers, vegetable dishes, and desserts. The instructions revealed by the author will be the key to your success and mastering the dishes.

About the author: Paul Richardson has included his knowledge and experience on Barcelona cuisines in one this cookbook to enrich your dining table. In addition, there are some other books that you can find and read like:

  • Late Dinner: Discovering the Food of Spain
  • Our Lady Of The Sewers: And Other Adventures in Deep Spain by Paul Richardson (1998-04-02)
  • Cornucopia
  • Indulgence: Around the World in Search of Chocolate

Barcelona Cult Recipes

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“I absolutely love the cult recipes series, Barcelona is chock full of wonderful recipes, along with beautiful photos that urge you to make everything in this book.”- Lucy B

Coast, artwork, bustling boulevards, or gothic streets are interesting signs of Barcelona that await your discovery. “Barcelona Cult Recipes” will bring the bustling city atmosphere of Catalonia into your family kitchenette through its famous local dishes.

The author will lead you on a journey to discover many cultures and enjoy 120 wonderful authentic recipes of Catalan cuisine. You’ll find lots of things to enjoy from rustic wine cellars to hidden kitchens and stylish tapas bars.

About the author: The author of this cookbook is Stephan Mitsch. He lives in Barcelona and works as a part-time tour guide.

He has published a number of books focusing on the specialties of his favorite city and tour guides about Barcelona.

Catalan Food: Culture and Flavors from the Mediterranean: A Cookbook

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“The directions in the recipes are clear and I appreciate the practical suggestions that appear throughout. There are lots of color photographs both to inspire and to let you know if you prepared the recipe correctly”- MDB

In this book, simple recipes are designed for you to cook leisurely and with love. The fastest way to know a culture is to taste it; There doesn’t seem to be a richer and more delicious place than Catalonia’s.

These recipes will bring legacy into the kitchen of any home chef. Some traditional dishes will be included in this book such as:

  • Paella Barcelonata (Seafood Paella)
  • Llom de Porc Canari (Slow Roast Pork Filet)
  • Tiradito amb Escalivada
  • Amanida de Tomàquet amb Formatge de Cabra

About the author: Daniel Olivella is a famous author and chef with 38 years of experience in Spanish cooking. As a Spanish culinary authority, he has acted as the ambassador for the Luxury Grocery Central Market.

Caroline Wright is a cookbook author living in Seattle, Washington. Her recipes have appeared in Food Network Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Life in the South, and Better Homes & Gardens.

Catalonia: Spanish Recipes from Barcelona and Beyond

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“Beautifully produced book. Recipes are fun, including traditional and eclectic dishes.”-Carrie L.

Here, the author will guide you on how to create some of the most beloved dishes from Catalonia at home.

In addition, the author also offers menus and beverage suggestions to help you plan, cook, and enjoy great dining and socializing.

About the author: Before coming to London to found the restaurant Brindisa, José Pizarro worked at the award-winning Meson de Doña Filo in Madrid. He often appears in food magazines like Delicious and BBC Good Food.

A Taste of Barcelona: The History of Catalan Cooking and Eating

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“Excellent and up-to-date overview of Barcelona and Catalonia’s cooking and eating”- Jordi F.

This book narrates the culinary development of Barcelona from the Middle Ages to the present, tracing the origin and development of the region of Catalonia.

Barcelona is always well-stocked with food and has a strong and lively culinary tradition thanks to the exposure to the cuisines of the surrounding countries.

You will find an unforgettable culinary history of one of Spain’s most famous cities.

About the author: H. Rosi Song is the author, editor, and professor of Spanish at Bryn Mawr University.

Her frequent travels to Barcelona for almost two decades have helped her appreciate and understand Catalan culture and its culinary traditions.

Anna Riera teaches Food Studies at Abat Oliba CEU University and teaches Food & Communication at the University of Barcelona. Besides, she is also a writer, a regular speaker at culinary conferences in Spain, and a member of the management board of Gourmets.

The Catalan Kitchen: From mountains to city and sea – recipes from Spain’s culinary heart

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“This book is filled with super flavorful dishes.”-Jennifer Guerrero

Catalonia is blessed with one of the richest cuisines in Europe by nature. Its cuisine is considered unique in Spain and is home to the most concentrated Michelin star restaurant in the world.

This cookbook includes some of the famous dishes like unique paella dishes, calçots, sauces like aioli and picada, as well as a wide variety of pastries and desserts including Catalan crème (a version of crème brûlée).

Beautifully packed with beautiful food photos, “The Catalan Kitchen” is definitely an indispensable cookbook for Spanish and Mediterranean lovers.

About the author: Emma Warren Rodriguez is a writer and chef based in Melbourne. She earned her chef’s side in Barcelona, ​​where she trained in Catalan cuisine.

Easy Spanish Cookbook: Recipes to Bring Home the Flavors of Spain

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“The recipes are straightforward and absolutely delicious”-Amazon Customer

You don’t need to be a native Spaniard to cook authentic delicacies. This book helps chefs of all skill levels bring home classic Spanish flavors through delicious treats that anyone can make.

“Easy Spanish Cookbook” is extremely beginner-friendly because it can help you achieve long-term culinary success. The book also offers many useful tips to help you integrate many traditional ingredients and create regional variations.

About the author: Norema Salinas specializes in Spanish cuisine, culture, and entertainment. Norema Salinas Catering is the author’s pioneering Spanish catering company.

Although she lives in the San Francisco Bay area, she spends a lot of time traveling with her husband and three children around Spain.

Original Tapas Cookbook for Everyone: Prepare Authentic Spanish Tapas with The Help of This Cookbook

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“Great book, great ideas!”- Staycnoe

This book will reveal the secrets behind traditional Spanish recipes. In addition, the author will provide you with some simple tips to prepare dishes easily. Through the simple instructions provided by the author, you can become a professional chef in no time.

You will find some popular authentic recipes in this book like:

  • Original Catalan spinach recipe
  • Potatoes With Aioli Sauce
  • Original patatas bravas recipe
  • Chorizo a la Sidra
  • Spanish tortilla recipe
  • Shrimp Tapas With Garlic
  • Pinchos Morunos
  • Homemade Croquetas de Jamon

About the author: Nancy Silverman is known as a chef and succeeds cookbook author. She got a degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences from the University of Vermont. She is also a member of the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont. 

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