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10 Best Armenian Cookbooks: Discover The Secrets To Cook Authentic Armenian Meals Like A Professional

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Armenian cuisine has been influenced by culinary cultures imported from traders and conquers from the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. That wonderful blend makes Armenian food become one of the most unique in the world.

Using techniques dating back thousands of years also contributes to the creation of hearty, delicious dishes with their own unique flavors. You can refer to the list of 10 best Armenian cookbooks below to have more new experiences and bring satisfaction to family members.

Lavash: The bread that launched 1,000 meals, plus salads, stews, and other recipes from Armenia (Armenian Cookbook, Armenian Food Recipes)

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“This is an amazing book of Armenian food! While lavash is served with an awful lot of dishes in the book, the book has a huge variety of Armenian recipes. And they are delicious!”- Jennifer Guerrero

This comprehensive cookbook not only reveals how to make the popular UNESCO-recognized flatbread lavash but also includes over 60 recipes that can be eaten with it, from salads and soups to hearty stews paired with lots of fresh herbs.

The stunning photography will also give you an insider’s look at Armenia, a small but attractive country with its sun-drenched fields, dramatic mountains, and welcoming people.

About the author: Kate Leahy is a recipe developer, collaborator, and award-winning food writer. She currently lives in San Francisco.

Ara Zada ​​is a talented chef, recipe developer, and television personality. He lives in Los Angeles.

John Lee is a well-known food and lifestyle photographer. He lives in San Francisco and regularly shoots for the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Armenian Cookbook

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“Easy simple directions and a favorite for all”- Joan McClendon

You will find all the dazzling variety of authentic Armenian dishes through this cookbook, from piquant appetizers to stirring the taste buds; yummy, rich soups to nourish the soul, to delicious meat, fish, and poultry dishes for hearty lovers; and an interesting combination of whole grains and vegetables.

About the author: Rachel Hogrogian is the author of this book and has extensive experience in making as well as displaying Armenian recipes. This is the only book, so it contains the essence of Rachel Hogrogian’s culinary art.

Taste of Persia: A Cook’s Travels Through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan

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“Beautiful photographs and excellent accounts, and interesting recipes”- E. N. Anderson

You will find over 125 recipes framed with pictures and stories about people and places. The author will also introduce us to a culinary paradise with ancient legends and ruins.

This book will appeal to tourists, chefs, and anyone yearning for a wider world’s culinary experience by its multitude of fascinating culinary histories and traditions.

About the author: Naomi Duguid is a teacher, photographer, writer, cook, and world traveler. She owns many award-winning cookbooks, such as:

  • Burma
  • Flatbreads & Flavors: A Baker’s Atlas
  • Seductions of Rice
  • Hot Sour Salty Sweet

Ultimate Armenian Cookbook: TOP 111 Armenian traditional recipes you can cook right now (World Cuisines Book 1)

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“The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. My favorite in this book is the lamb with cumin dish. It is really authentic and perfect cooking for dinner parties, my friends and family love it!”- Amazon Customer

This cookbook will provide you with 111 of the best, most traditional dishes from Armenian cuisine. The book’s meals are delicious, balanced, and nutritious in every day and every occasion cooking. Besides, this delicious collection of recipes will help you discover the myriad benefits of Caucasian cuisine, and be able to love cooking at home.

Whether you are an experienced chef or a beginner, with thorough, detailed, and complete instructions on the recipes, you can still confidently master these dishes.

About the author: Slavka Bodic was born in the Balkans, and lives in the former Yugoslavia. The author has tried to present only recipes that mothers have been making for decades, without adding “modern food”. Visit so you can continue to see traditional Armenian recipes from Slavka Bodic.

Simply Armenian

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“Excellent, easy and delicious!!!”- FoodiePhilly

The culinary secrets about the Armenian table will be revealed through more than 150 classic recipes ranging from cheap but delicious rustic dishes to special occasion dishes. Her recipes will work and cause your family and friends to scramble for a seat at the table.

About the author: Barbara Ghazarian is an experienced chef in demonstrating Armenian cuisine. Her cookbooks combine the information a chef needs with the wisdom of grandparents’ generations. Besides “Simple Armenia”, Barbara Ghazarian also has another book titled “Simply Quince.”

Armenian Vegan: A Pure Vegan Cookbook With 200+ Recipes Using No Animal Products

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“Best Armenian cookbook I have!!!”- XYZ5

This vegan cookbook contains over 200 recipes that do not use animal products. You will easily find recipes for all meals and snacks, from Breakfast, Desserts, Salads, Soups, Breads, delicious Entrees, etc.

In addition to classic Armenian vegan recipes, the book also includes new recipes created by the author. No matter you’re preparing meals for any occasion, these recipes can satisfy and delight your family and friends.

About the author: Dikranouhi (Hovsepian) Kirazian was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and immigrated to the United States in 1959. Here, she starts Armenian classes at the Armenian Holy Cross Church in Union City, New Jersey.

Dikranouhi was married in 1962 in Los Angeles and settled with her husband in San Diego, where they have three daughters. You can refer to Dikranouhi’s website:

Complete Armenian Cookbook

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“Great book. Great recipes.”- Samir Saaty

This book will bring you Middle Eastern recipes that are not easy to find in other cookbooks. Some special recipes for dishes like Ayesh-el-Sa-Raya (bread baked in syrup and topped with clotted cream), lokoom (a fruit powder), Russian-Armenian Easter bread, paska, with or snail-shaped fritters with syrup or pudding with chicken breasts.

About the author: To get a cookbook that crystallizes the best Armenian recipes, it’s the result of Alice Bezjian’s quest and collection. The author is an expert with extensive knowledge of cuisine, especially about Armenian cuisine.

The Armenian Table Cookbook: 165 Treasured Recipes that Bring Together Ancient Flavors and 21st-Century Style

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“Very authentic recipes and looking forward to following them and eating the results, of course!!! Armenian hubbie loves this book.”- sunshine

The author’s The delicious culinary legacy will be featured in this collection of passionate recipes. You will take part in a comprehensive tour of the typical Armenian pantry, filled with herbs, seeds, spices, nuts, fragrant extracts, and a wealth of fresh ingredients.

The book is divided into chapters; and each chapter begins with advice and commentary on essential elements, such as fresh yogurt, breads, pilafs, salads, starters (maza), meatballs, and other meat, fish, and vegetable dishes as well as sweets.

About the author: Victoria Jenanyan Wise is the author of 14 cookbooks, including the bestseller The Well-Filled Tortilla (1990); The Gardeners’ Community Cookbook (1999); The Pressure Cooker Gourmet (2004); and Bold: A Cookbook of Big Flavors (2013).

Her husband is the cinematographer Rick Wise, who took the food photos for the cover of this book. Her husband currently lives in Oakland, California.

The Armenian Lady’s Cookbook

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“Amazing cookbook really good recipes and pictures.”- Jasmine M.

“The Armenian Lady’s Cookbook” is an enchanting, interesting, and unique cookbook. In these pages, you will find almost everything you need to cook Armenian cooking with traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations. Furthermore, the author offers a wide range of colorful photos that truly represent the essence of the Armenian kitchen.

About the author: Christina Nersesian was born and lives in Los Angeles, California. She also enjoys relaxing on the beach, singing, traveling, and dancing. Christina Nersesian switched many careers before really finding a passion to write this cookbook.

The Recipes of Musa Dagh – an Armenian cookbook in a dialect of its own

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“Excellent recipes, easy to follow language, good job.”- Amazon Customer

This book holds recipes from the mountain villages of Musa Dagh, Syria. This wonderful cookbook has been created by three authors (three sisters) and provides you with recipes made by their mothers. At the same time, stories about the village where they lived as children will be included to make the book more accessible and interesting.

About the author: This book is a compilation of three authors who are also three sisters to record how Armenian cooking is performed in the villages of Musa Dagh. During Anna Magzanian’s nearly ten years of cooking, Alberta Magzanian plays the role of measuring and writing, and Louisa Magzanian is involved in the editing and formatting of recipes.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Armenian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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