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10 Best Algerian Cookbooks: Learn To Cook Traditional Food From Algeria Today!

Algeria is a North African country located in the Mediterranean Sea and a part of the Maghreb subregion. Therefore, Algeria’s cuisine is a blend and exchanges with many cultures and nations over the centuries, such as Arab, Berber, Turkish, Spanish, Roman, and French. Gifted a variety of dishes depending on the region and the season both from land and sea, Algerian food uses vegetable&cereals, lamb, seafood, fruits, and spices to make its own unique flavors in national dishes like couscous, jwaz, mechoui, dolma, and bagita. To help you cook food from this culinary at home, we will introduce you to 10 Algerian cookbooks in this article.

A Kitchen in Algeria: Classical and Contemporary Algerian Recipes

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About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Umm Maryam, who considers herself a lover of culture. Most of the time, her work is writing books about different countries in the Arab and Asian. In terms of cuisine, Umm Maryam is known for beautiful cookbooks such as Arabia & Asia: A Cookbook With Recipes From Egypt, Morocco, Persia, & Pakistan that offer the best and most savory cultural dishes. Besides, she also shares exciting adventures and recipes on her blog from her traveling and cooking, which is her passion as always.

North African Recipes: Moroccan Recipes, Algerian Recipes, Tunisian Recipes and More in 1 Delicious African Cookbook

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Simply wonderful” – Kitty Pierce

Published by a unique, natural, and healthy cookbook publisher, the point of books from BookSumo Press is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply. In this North African Recipes cookbook, the author introduces a complete set of simple but very unique North African dishes from Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian, and more.

Through this book, readers will find that simple recipes with easy-to-find ingredients can still create a fantastic taste. Divided into four specific chapters, it is effortless for home cooks to find the exact cuisine they desire.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is BookSumo Press, which is a publisher of unique, natural, and healthy cookbooks. Their cookbooks expand all topics and subjects from possible ingredients, pressure cooker recipes to authentic ethics, and cultural food. BookSumo Press situates in the Garden State (NJ) and works as an independent publisher of books.

Algerian Recipes: From Algiers to Constantine, Taste all of Algeria, in One Easy Algerian Cookbook

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“Bought as a gift for my Algerian husband who only discovered his love of cooking after moving to the U.K. He is very impressed with it.” – MrsBuysTooMuch

As shown in the title, this cookbook is all about food all over the Algerian regions. From the capital as Algiers to other areas, this cookbook carries all the signatures in one book that readers do not have to tiredly lookup.

Like other books published by BookSumo Press, the recipes provided here are quite easy and straightforward that requires the least effort from home cooks. With step-to-step instructions from the author, everyone is sure to be able to cook delicious Algerian meals for friends and family.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is a publisher named BookSumo Press. Including a team of food lovers devoted to releasing unique, healthy, yet simple books, this printer brings along several cookbooks to help people making food with ease.

A Pied Noir Cookbook: French Sephardic Cuisine From Algeria (Hippocrene Cookbook Library)

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“Excellent book” – Jacob

Pied-Noirs are the given name for white French and other European origins such as Spain, Italia, Malta, and Sephardi Jews who were born and lived in Algeria under the French rule. Therefore, A Pied Noir Cookbook leads readers to this fascinating cuisine through rustic family recipes with the story of the author’s family and cultural anecdotes of Algerian Jews.

Being gone through a lifetime of expelled from Spain and forced to flee Algeria, Pied-Noirs cooking was influenced by the nations they inhabited and the trade routes that passed through these areas. Over the centuries, they collected recipes and flavors that have formed a unique and little-known collection of dishes with Spanish and North African flavors mixed with French culinary techniques.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Chantal Clabrough, who works as an event manager and freelance writer in Montreal, Canada. She is an art bachelor in Latin American&Caribbean Studies from McGill University and also studied archaeology and anthropology at the University of Veracruz, Mexico, where she taught English.

A taste of Algeria

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“Good Book to Buy, to taste some of the dishes of Algeria” – Kindle Customer

Initially, “A taste of Algeria” is the book produced for a fundraising initiative named Algerian Action founded by Emma Waller. However, it does not mean that all people buy them for kindness but its helpful, informative content with an introduction to Algeria’s delicious food in both sweet and savory. The sales of the book will go to assisting poor children and families living in Algeria.

All of fifty recipes are contributed by Algeria-related women through birth, background, or marriage. As a result, they are authentic dishes of the country favorites that have been tried and tested many times.

About the Author: The authors of this cookbook are Algerian Action and Emma Waller. Algerian Action is a charity program founded by Emma Waller devoted to helping relieve some of the difficulty that poverty brings to children and adults living in Algeria. This project starts from a trip to his husband’s hometown and is implemented in her maternity leave by collecting unwanted toys and clothing for needy children.

Heavenly Bites: The Best of Muslim Home Cooking

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“We can see why this book has been so popular. It’s like a travel guide of taste! Each page beautifully shows the dishes with the “how-to”. Delicious!” – Linda-loves-Amazon

Heavenly Bites is the first multinational Muslim cookbook to feature the best of Muslim cuisine from Morocco to Bangladesh. It is brought up by Karimah bint Dawood, a television presenter and cook, after converting to Islam.

In this book, readers will find fifty recipes for soups, salads, snacks and starters, smoothies, main courses, and sweets. Dishes for all occasions are gathered from the international Muslim world and an index is also included for quick and simple referencing.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Karimah bint Dawood. Ever worked as a make-up artist for Gucci, Revlon, and Bride magazine and a fashion model traveling worldwide, Karimah discovers her interest in world cooking. With a diverse background from Asian, African, Scottish, and English, Karimah has a chance to travel widely and is considered acclaimed in global cuisines and cultures.

The Tagine Dream: Classical and Contemporary Tagines from Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria

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“Love it. Also has recipes for spice mixes” – Kindle Customer

Mentioning Algerian cuisine symbols can not skip tagines, one of the best-tasting signatures and unique types of meals with special earthenware pot. A tasty tagine is a stunning medley of unique spices, meats, and veggies. Focusing on this kind of dish, The Tagine Dream is an innovative cookbook that introduces a unique cooking style that will show you how to make beautiful, unforgettable tagines.

In this book, home cooks will be taught classic tagines from Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, where they are invented and enjoyed popularly. However, these background recipes are just the beginning and you are sure to be ready to make your own unique tagines.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Umm Maryam. Besides this book, her other cookbooks are Arabian & Asian Cookbook Box Set, Easy Lamb Cookbook, Classical Lebanese Cooking, Classical Turkish Cooking, Classical Indian Cooking, etc.

North African Cookery

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“I have found several recipes that I tasted in different occasions and wonder how to make them. I can appreciate and enjoy food from all over the world.”

Drawing on Arto der Haroutunian adventure on a tour of the cuisines of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya into text, this comprehensive North African Cookery is a guide to North African food. Over 300 recipes are for traditional dishes using classic ingredients such as fiery spices, jewel-like dried fruits, lemons, and armfuls of fresh herbs.

This collection represents the region’s cooking with refreshingly uncomplicated techniques, ingredient shortlists, and the comforting, elementary aromas of various spices and seasonings. The easy-to-follow recipes ranging from simple street fare to elaborate banquet food will bring to mind the region’s spicy and enticing flavors.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is a multi-talented person, Arto der Haroutunian. Besides his passion for cooking, he was an internationally reputed painter with exhibitions worldwide and composing music and translating Turkish, Arab, Persian, and Armenian.

Cooking With Harissa: Delicious Recipes With a Spicy North African Style

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“Sounds really delicious” – Eogeaux

In North African cuisine, harissa is a delicious spice paste made from chili peppers and oils. Once you have known about the existence of this paste, it will absolutely change the way you prepare dishes. Nowadays, buying this packaged sauce is very convenient but making home-made harissa is also very simple with instructions in this book.

Through this book, you will learn the classical style of harissa and the way harissa is enjoyed in Tunisia as well as culinary classics from all of the best North African countries, including Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia, and of course Morocco. These recipes are uniquely created from the use of ingredients like apricots, plums, ginger, cinnamon, and oils.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is Umm Maryam, who considers herself a lover of culture. She is known for beautiful cookbooks such as Arabia & Asia: A Cookbook With Recipes From Egypt, Morocco, Persia, & Pakistan that offer the best and most savory cultural dishes.

Besides, she also shares exciting adventures and recipes on her blog from her traveling and cooking, which is her passion at all times.

Algeria: An Algerian Cookbook with Delicious Algerian Recipes (2nd Edition)

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“Bringing different aspects of Algerian dishes” – Nemo

In comparison with other same-topic books, this cookbook is specialized in delicious Algerian recipes. If some books offer Algerian cuisine in the context of North African culinary or regional food all over Algeria, this guidebook brings readers an entire collection of tasty food from this nation.

Containing 79 delicious yet straightforward recipes, home cooks can enjoy meals with Algerian food anytime.

About the Author: The author of this cookbook is BookSumo Press. This publisher has released several unique, natural, and healthy cookbooks, including the Algerian cookbook series.

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Algerian cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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