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7 Afghan Cookbooks To Explore The Most Delicious And Popular Recipes From Afghanistan

Afghan cuisine is famous and attracts people all over the world with its fragrant and flavorful dishes. Here you will be offered several iconic Afghan dishes including baked items, main course items, fast food, and desserts, along with their regional names, and basic ingredients. Especially with our list of 7 Afghan cookbooks that we present, you can easily and quickly create authentic traditional Afghan dishes in the comfort of your home.

Parwana: Recipes and Stories from an Afghan Kitchen

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“This cookbook it’s honestly a piece of art. You can tell that so much thought, detail, and love went into creating this. It’s so beautifully done and written!”- Tamim S.

This Afghan cookbook will be intertwined with a family’s stories about an area long-affected by family war and stunning illustrations.

This collection of recipes has been in the family for generations and includes rice dishes, chili sauce, and pickles, Afghan pasta, sweets, curries, meat, dumplings, drinks, soups, and bread. Besides the everyday dishes, you can also find some special dishes to celebrate.

Featuring stunning images of finished dishes and locations, this collection provides useful information about the origins and heritage of Afghan cuisine as well as a fresh perspective to one of the oldest civilizations.

About the author: Durkhanai Ayubi is a restaurant owner and freelance food writer. In addition, the author has also written for a number of international newspapers and websites. In particular, she received a Fellowship for Social Justice sponsored by the Atlantic Institute in New York. This is her first book

Afghan Cookbook Mary’s Kitchen: Cook for Afghanistan

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“Love the Recipes and the photos! Afghan food is the BEST!!! Can not wait to try all of the recipes.”- Barbara N.

Let “Afghan Cookbook Mary’s Kitchen: Cook for Afghanistan” feed your soul with its collection of authentic Afghan dishes. Family recipes over generations are easy to make and bring fresh experiences.

In each chapter, besides the traditional recipes, the author will give you short stories and heartfelt insights into the typical Afghan cooking, living and loving ways.

About the author: Mary Bay and Monik Bay have extensive experience in processing and displaying traditional dishes of Afghan. This book contains the essence of authors’ culinary art.

Afghan Food & Cookery: Noshe Djan

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“Marvelous, easy-to-use book!”- bunnysaver

This cookbook presents more than 100 recipes, all tailored to North American kitchens, for favorites like and “Qabili Pilau” (Yellow Rice with Carrots and Raisins), “Mantu” (Pasta filled with Meat and Onion), and “Shinwari Kebab” (Lamb Chops Kebab).

In the introduction, information on traditional Afghan holidays, festivals, and celebrations will also be presented. There is also a section called “Afghan Kitchen”, which provides cooking utensils, spices, ingredients, and methods. Complete with b / w map and illustrations.

About the author: Helen Saberi lives in Afghanistan and is married into an Afghan family. For the past seven years, she has worked for The Oxford Companion to Food, Alan Davidson on his magnum opus, for the last seven years, and has written a number of entries in that book. She has also written articles on Afghan cuisine, traditions, and culture for the Oxford Symposium, which she has attended annually for the past ten years. She lives in London with her husband and two sons.

Afghan Cuisine

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“This book really is great for novices (such as myself) who want to learn traditional delicious Afghan dishes but without the complications. The recipes are simple and easy to understand.”- MajesticMacaron

“Afghanistan Cuisine” is a collection of traditional Afghan recipes that have been gathered and translated into English. The recipes and instructions are carefully laid out and clear for easy follow-up so that even the most inexperienced chef can prepare healthy and delicious Afghan food. “Afghanistan Cuisine” received the 2011 bronze medal for the Living Now National Book Award.

About the author: Nafisa Sekandari currently lives with her family in California. The author recognized the importance of preserving Afghan culture and traditions for future generations, after 30 years of immigration to the US.

Award-Winning Low-Fat Afghani Cooking

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“This is is a very good cookbook, which I recommend, there are many delicious recipes and helpful hints. I really like this cookbook.”- Kate Runyan

This book introduces a wide range of traditional dishes from appetizers to desserts that don’t have to be a gourmet chef to create. Natural foods are low in fat, cholesterol, sugar, and salt. “Award Winning Low-Fat Afghani Cooking” includes a section on special cooking techniques, what ingredients to have on hand, and a brief history of Afghan cooking and traditions.

About the author: Asad Gharwal is the founder and former owner of the critically acclaimed Da Afghan Restaurant in Minneapolis, which has been known as the best ethnic restaurant by local and national newspapers and magazines.

Simply Afghan: An easy-to-use guide for authentic Afghan cooking made simple for the American home cook, accompanied by short personal stories from the author. (Volume 1)

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“Wonderful cookbook with easy recipes”- Heidi

In this book, the author will share her personal amazing stories and delicious recipes. This book serves as a manual for an easy-to-use guide to authentic Afghan cooking at home in America.

About the author: Kochai Farhad was an Afghan refugee during the war in the early 1980s. After touring for nearly 4 years in Afghanistan recently, she worked with the US military as an Kochai’s linguist, and passion for cooking only heightened.

Foods of Afghanistan (A Taste of Culture)

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“Amazing! I really like the recipes of this book”- Amazon Customer

A country’s culinary experience is one of the best ways to learn about other countries and their other cultures. Similar to each book in the A Taste of Culture series, this one helps you explore different foods, cooking traditions, customs, eating habits, and food sources of a different country or region.

About the author: Barbara Sheen Busby is the author of this comprehensive cookbook. In addition, you can find some other his books on the author’s A Taste of Culture series:

  • Foods of Colombia (A Taste of Culture)
  • Foods of Chile (A Taste of Culture)
  • Foods of Morocco (A Taste of Culture)
  • Foods of Korea (A Taste of Culture)
  • Foods of Israel (A Taste of Culture)
  • Foods of Mexico (A Taste of Culture)

We hope you like this post and finally find out your favorite Afghan cookbooks. Meanwhile, we welcome you to explore our site and discover more cookbook recommendations from the same cuisine below.

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