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This Is The Best Togolese Cookbook You Can Find On Amazon (Reviewed!)

Togolese cuisine is a blend of African, French and Caribbean flavors. The people mainly rely on root vegetables in their cooking traditions – the most popular being yams (Dioscorea alata) which are boiled or roasted with salt to make them more flavorful; cassava roots that can be eaten raw as well but usually they’re cooked by boiling then frying before serving for breakfast ; plantains also called “green bananas” because when ripe it turns yellowish color like our regular banana’s skin.

They grow all year round so you’ll find plenty at markets during any time period! Plantain chips have become very trendy lately too! You might want try making your own from scratch if possible since store bought ones tend not.

The best Togolese cookbooks are the ones that can teach you how to make your favorite dishes. You might not know what ingredients to buy, but you do know what tastes good – and that’s what matters when it comes to cooking! If you want to enjoy this unique culture at home with your family or friends then check out these best Togolese cookbooks!

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  • A cookbook based on the diverse cooking styles of West Africa
  • Get to know 20 different traditional dishes from West Africa through this unique book
  • Experience a variety of flavors found in Togo and its influence on African cuisine
  • These recipes are easy to prepare, and all ingredients can be found at your local grocery store

The book is a collection of 20 dishes and culinary recipes from West Africa, in general, and Togo, in particular, written by Tchagnirou Abdel-Nazif ZIMARI. You will discover there purely African dishes and very popular with the populations.

It is unfortunate that most people do not know anything about West Africa or its cuisine. They only have an idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAfrican food through foreign restaurants serving African inspired meals such as chicken tikka masala or vegetable korma. However, these are not African foods; rather they are Indian dishes adapted to the taste buds of non-Indian diners.

This book provides you with authentic recipes from real Africans who live on this continent every day! From now on you can prepare your favorite meal without having to travel to Africa! In addition it includes Portuguese Edition and Spanish Edition for those interested in learning more about cooking from different countries around the world!

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